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  • The Prinsu Roof Rack: The Perfect Addition to Your Toyota Tacoma

    by Ryan Horton August 28, 2023 6 min read

    Are you utilizing your Toyota Tacoma to the best of your ability? You're missing out on essential storage space if you haven't installed a roof rack yet.

    Known for being an off-road beast, your Tacoma has the potential to take you on even the toughest of adventures. Whether you spend week-long stints camping off the grid, plan cross-country road trips, or use your truck to transport heavy equipment, a roof rack is a must-have.

    Are all roof racks built the same?

    No. Some roof racks are made with low-quality material, while others are built to last.

    So, how do you find superior roof racks?

    That's where we come in. At Truck Brigade, we know what your Tacoma needs to do the heavy lifting, so we recommend Prinsu roof racks.

    Key Takeaways

    • Roof racks increase your Tacoma's overall storage capabilities.
    • The roof rack your Tacoma requires is based on its year and the other accessories you have installed.
    • Prinsu is an industry favorite for both roof and top racks.

    Why Your Tacoma Needs a Roof Rack

    Picture it. You and the family decide to embark on a last-minute camping trip. As you load your truck bed with coolers, your grill, tent, and sleeping gear--you realize you're about to run out of room. Even with Tacoma's mighty storage space, there's still a limit to what you can and can't bring.

    Do you have kayaks, bicycles, or canoes? Without a roof rack, you'll be short on space in your truck bed after you pack up your camping essentials.

    Wouldn't you like to make it to your destination without unloading a tent and setting it up? Without a roof rack, you probably aren't aware of the endless possibilities they provide. With a Prinsu roof rack, you can swap your ground tent for a rooftop abode.

    Say you're traveling to an adventurous location with too many bike trails to count. Do you have multiple travelers with you? No problem.

    Store your bicycles safely and securely on your roof rack and out of precious storage space in your truck.

    These are just a few reasons why a Prinsu roof rack can elevate your Tacoma truck, transform your travels, and provide next-level convenience that makes you want to hit the road every chance you get.

    An Overview of Prinsu Racks for Toyota Tacoma

    Prinsu Roof Rack (2005-2023)

    The Prinsu Roof Rack for Tacomas 2005-2023 is a fantastic accessory built for any adventure. The Prinsu rack features heavy-duty aluminum material while still maintaining a lightweight composition.

    Prinsu Tacoma Roof Rack

    This Prinsu rack is also designed to prevent wind noise and resistance, cutting down on excess fuel loss while transporting heavy equipment. If you're looking for a Prinsu cab rack with an easy installation, this rack installs directly into your factory mounting holes and doesn't require drilling.

    The great thing about roof racks is that you can customize them any way you like. Prinsu offers a convenient bottle opener attachment that installs directly onto your rack. Say goodbye to scavenging through camper drawers or storage boxes; simply use your rack to crack open a cold one whenever you'd like.

    Prinsu 4th Gen (2024+) Tacoma Roof Rack

    Toyota recently launched their 2024 4th Gen Tacoma. Prinsu is considered a leader in the Tacoma Roof Rack market and we are certain that the 2024 Tacoma Prinsu Rack will be just as or more impressive than their 3rd Gen Tacoma offering.

    We don’t have an availability date, but we are expecting the 4th Gen Tacoma Rack to be ready this summer. Stay tuned for more information!

    Prinsu Desert Air Intake Roof Rack

    Prinsu Tacoma Desert Air Intake Roof Rack

    If you live in the desert or travel to barren areas frequently, you know firsthand how important clean air is. The Desert Air Intake Rack from Prinsu is designed for Tacomas manufactured between 2019-2023. These racks are completely modular and perfect for anyone looking to increase their storage functionality.

    If you have a desert intake snorkel installed on your truck, finding a rack specifically designed to support these accessories is best. Tough terrains also mean you experience tougher roads, less stability, and need all the support you can get. Consider installing the Prinsu Tie Down Rings. The rings provide extra tie-down support to keep your haul safe on even the toughest road conditions.

    Toyota Tacoma Prinsu Roof Rack (1995-2004)

    The Prinsu Double Cab Roof Rack for Tacomas 1995-2004 is designed for first gen trucks. This rack is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum material without weighing down your vehicle. So, if your Tacoma has been around the block a few times, you're still in luck.

    How much wind noise does a Prinsu rack generate while on the road? The rack is made with wind deflector material to help diminish resistance while keeping wind noise at a minimum.

    How much does the Prinsu rack hold? These roof racks carry between 300-400 lbs of dynamic weight. Need a little more support?

    Here's our solution.

    You increase your rack's carrying capacity and support by installing an additional Prinsu crossbar to your top or roof rack.

    Prinsu HABITAT Roof Rack

    Do you have an in-bed camper installed on your Tacoma? You lose precious cargo space with a cab camper, so having a partial rack is essential to store items too large to fit in your camper. The Prinsu HABITAT Roof Rack for models 2005+ is designed to fit securely across your truck while leaving room for your camper. The partial rack has been tested and works well with the AT HABITAT and 4Wheel Camper.

    Prinsu Habitat Roof Rack

    Want to customize your roof rack? Add a Prinsu Wind Reflector Decal. These decals come in four rugged designs and complement the overall aesthetic of the rack system.


    Prinsu Access Cab Rack

    The Prinsu Access Tacoma Cab Rack is designed for trucks manufactured between 2005 - 2023. These racks are completely bolt-together and modular to fit your truck's needs. With this rack, you'll have no problem hauling gear to and from any destination, knowing that your truck has the trusted support that all of Prinsu's products provide.

    If you have a leer topper, Prinsu offers mounting feet, which allows you to install a Prinsu TOPRAC to your track topper.

    Looking to add a tent to your Tacoma cab rack? Check out these Prinsu Tent Mounting Feet, designed to install a tent to your Prinsu top rack or roof rack. These mounts are easy to use and include all the necessary hardware to complete the job right the first time.

    Prinsu Top Rack Toyota Tacoma (2005-2023)

    The Prinsu Top Rack for Tacomas 2005-2023 is a completely modular rack designed to provide powerful storage support. It is designed to be installed on fiberglass toppers (A.R.E. SnugTOP, LEER, etc.) and is built to last for many years to come.


    Need to move heavy equipment? This rack makes transportation a breeze. You can haul hundreds of pounds without compromising the support of the rack. Plenty of tie-down options are located around the rack, so you can secure just about any accessory or piece of equipment you have.

    The Prinsu Top Rack is also an excellent choice for installing an awning on your Tacoma. The Prinsu quick-release awning brackets let you install or remove your awning in less than a minute!

    Prinsu Quick Release Awning Bracket

    Trucks and Prinsu Go Hand-In-Hand

    Prinsu Roof Rack Accessories

    Prinsu racks transform your truck into a powerhouse for storage and transportation. Forget about other rack systems; Prinsu is a leading industry brand with a proven track record for providing trucks and SUVs with high-quality, durable, and next-level products. Not only do they manufacture top racks, but they also have a long list of other products available. You can find a functional Prinsu maxtrax mount, Prinsu shield plates, and even a Prinsu rack stand.

    At Truck Brigade, we offer mounting accessories for just about every function. Whether you're looking for roof rack mounted products, mounting pins, or a wind deflector decal, we've got you covered. 


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