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  • Explore The Top Tacoma Rear Bumper Options That Offer Protection and Functionality

    by Ryan Horton June 11, 2024 21 min read

    CBI Tacoma Bumper

    Looking to upgrade your Tacoma with the perfect Tacoma rear bumper? Or maybe you need a rear bumper to match your Tacoma front bumper and other top tacoma accessories. This guide zeroes in on what matters: selecting a bumper that provides both protection and functionality that suit your specific needs. Learn about the different features, how to ensure a perfect fit for your Tacoma model, and explore the top Tacoma rear bumpers on the market—all crafted to provide protection, safeguard your adventures, and enhance your truck’s capability.

    Key Takeaways

    • Tacoma rear bumpers provide excellent protection, and many come with the ability to add accessories, including lights, to increase their overall functionality.
    • When choosing a bumper, consider the design, materials, finish, compatibility with accessories, and the installation process to find the right match for your Tacoma.
    • There are numerous Tacoma rear bumpers available from very well-respected brands like C4 Fabrication and RCI Offroad, each offering unique features and customization options.

    What is a Tacoma Rear Bumper and Why Should You Get one

    The purpose of a Tacoma rear bumper is simple: it provides protection. This is true for stock bumpers as well as aftermarket rear bumpers, with the latter being far superior in terms of protection. Imagine it as an ally, continuously scanning for any potential hazards both on-road and off-road. Yet, many of the rear bumpers that we will look at offer far more than protection. From adding accessory lights to mounting oversized spare tires on a swing-out, there are endless opportunities for customizing your rear bumper to suit your specific needs. This multi-functionality elevates your Tacoma and can set you up better for those multi-day trips.

    A Tacoma rear bumper is far more than just a part—it truly is an investment that could end up saving you money in the long run. These are some of the compelling reasons why a Tacoma rear bumper might be right for you.

    • They offer excellent impact resistance compared to stock bumpers, which can help shield your vehicle from a rear collision.
    • They provide substantial improvements to the carrying capacity of your Tacoma with the ability to mount accessories, spare tires, fuel/water, and more.
    • Most feature a much higher clearance, allowing you to tackle more challenging trails.
    • Many agree that an aftermarket Tacoma rear bumper can enhance the appearance of your vehicle and make your ride stand out.

    Things to Consider When Looking for a Tacoma Rear

    Before diving into the specifics of each rear bumper for your Tacoma, it’s important to reflect on various elements that are crucial to finding the best-suited rear bumper. These considerations include:

    • Identifying the specific style of bumper that fits your needs and desires. For example, a more traditional bumper is desirable for some, while others might want a bumper with a single swing-out or dual swing-out.
    • Exploring the different materials and finishes available. While most Tacoma bumpers are constructed from steel, material thickness differs, and you also have different finish options available.
    • Identifying what specific accessories you would like to mount to the bumper. From spare tires to Jerry Cans, many of the Tacoma bumpers in this list will accept accessories, but each of these differs in minor ways.
    • Being aware of the installation process, as some of the high-clearance bumper options require trimming the bedside. For more challenging installs, you might consider having a shop complete the install.

    We will break down these aspects further to ensure you have all the information you need.

    Types and Styles of Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    In the realm of Tacoma rear bumpers, there is no universal solution. The dozens of bumper designs available on the market provide a wealth of options that vary in both looks and functionality. Whether you prefer a more traditional stock look or something more aggressive, there are numerous options to consider.

    Aside from making sure the rear bumper will fit your specific model year Tacoma, there are also some design features that you should identify before considering specific models. Aftermarket Tacoma rear bumpers can be categorized into a few different groups: stock-like rear bumpers, rear bumpers with a single swing-out, and rear bumpers with dual swing-outs. While there are many nuances within these categories, we suggest first identifying what style will suit your needs best and going from there.

    Material and Finish Options of Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    As previously mentioned, most of the Tacoma bumpers we will explore are made from steel. But the kicker is that not all steel is created equal, and the thickness of the steel can make a big difference in the total weight and the protection that the bumper affords. Keep in mind materials and weight when considering your options.

    Additionally, finish options can vary by manufacturer. Some manufacturers, such as C4 Fabrication, don't allow any finish options and all their bumpers ship raw, while others offer optional black powder coat finishes. Powder coat can differ, and if you are looking for more of a customized look, you can always order the bumper with a bare finish and ship it directly to a local powder coating company.

    Accessory Capabilities and Accessorizing a Tacoma Rear Bumper

    Protection should be the primary reason you are considering a Tacoma rear bumper, but the optional accessories should be a close second. A vast array of accessories is available that can elevate the functionality of your bumper significantly. Some popular accessories include:

    • Accessory lighting options
    • Spare tire mounts
    • Hi-Lift and Pro Eagle jack mounts
    • MAXTRAX and recovery board mounts
    • Fuel and water can mounts
    • Integrated D-Rings
    • Tow hitch compatibility

    The ability to accessorize the Tacoma rear bumper depends on the specific bumper, with some offering more options than others. It is important to understand what your necessary accessories are and then tailor your search for rear bumpers that offer those options.

    Installation Overview of Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    It is understandable that installing a Tacoma rear bumper might be a daunting or scary task. While we aren't here to soften the reality, we can offer some advice that might help.

    Many of the stock Tacoma-looking rear bumpers feature an easy installation, with the bumper directly replacing the stock bumper and utilizing the same mounting points and brackets. As you go further down the customization route into the swing arm and dual swing arm rear bumpers, the installation gets a bit more involved with the additional components that will need to be installed. High-clearance Tacoma rear bumpers are the most advanced in terms of installation because of the need to trim your bed sides.

    Regardless of the bumper you go with, if you are not comfortable and/or don't have the appropriate tools, we can certainly recommend installation shops near your location. The bumpers reviewed in this post will come with instructions, the necessary hardware, and some even have in-depth installation videos available that will walk you through the process from start to finish.

    Top Tacoma Rear Bumper Options

    Now that we have a good understanding of what to look out for, let’s dive into some of the premier Tacoma rear bumpers. We will explore a variety of bumpers, each offering distinct characteristics, visual appeal, and practical uses to cater to different preferences. This near-exhaustive list should get you ready for making the best-informed choice.

    C4 Fabrication Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    C4 Fabrication is a household name in the industry, offering bumpers, rock sliders, skid plates, and more. All their products are made with the finest materials and come with a raw finish. In terms of Tacoma rear bumpers, C4 Fabrication offers their Overland Rear Bumper, Overland High Clearance Rear Bumper, and Rock Runner High Clearance Rear Bumper.

    Let's look at each of these in more detail.

    C4 Fabrication Overland Rear Bumper

    The C4 Fabrication Tacoma Overland Rear Bumper is an ultra-strong stock-like bumper constructed out of 3/16-inch steel with 1/4-inch steel mounting brackets. This bumper features more of a stock look and includes recessed light cutouts capable of mounting Baja Designs S2 flush mount, Rigid SR-M 2×3 flush mount, or Extreme LED 2×3 flush mount lights.

    While this bumper does not have a high-clearance design and does not come with swing-outs, it does feature a much better departure angle than the stock bumper because of its low-profile design and integrated hitch. In addition, this bumper is far superior to stock in strength alone. Another benefit of the C4 Tacoma Overland Rear Bumper is that it weighs only 100 lbs.

    C4 Overland Rear Bumper Tacoma

    C4 Fabrication Overland High Clearance Rear Bumper

    The Overland High Clearance Rear Bumper from C4 Fabrication features many of the same benefits found on the C4 Tacoma Overland Rear Bumper. However, the main differences are its high-clearance design and ability to order the bumper with a single full-length swing arm. You also have the ability to add side tubing for enhanced protection and numerous swing arm accessories such as a dual Jerry can holder, RotoPaX/MAXTRAX mount, vertical or horizontal Hi-Lift jack mount, reverse camera relocation kit, and/or HAM antenna bracket. We also cannot forget the ability to mount a full-size spare to the swing-out.

    The listed features above are totally customizable, and C4 Fabrication offers the ability to customize this bumper to fit your specific needs and desires. With the added accessories and protection, this bumper weighs 150 lbs. without the swing-out and 250 lbs. with the swing arm and accessories.

    C4 Overland High Clearance Rear Bumper Tacoma

    C4 Fabrication Rock Runner High Clearance Rear Bumper

    The C4 Fabrication Rock Runner High Clearance Rear Bumper for the Tacoma is C4's newest and most minimal option. It can be ordered in multiple configurations, including with plate sides, single tube sides, double tube sides, and wide double tube sides.

    In addition to the side options, every Rock Runner C4 Rear Bumper features a 3-piece design where the sides bolt to the center piece. This unique design results in the bumper weighing between 80 lbs. and 88 lbs., depending on the configuration. Included are integrated light cutouts designed to fit Baja Designs S1 lights. 3/4-inch D-Ring tabs are also included and fully welded front to back.

    C4 Rock Runner High Clearance Rear Bumper Tacoma

    RCI Offroad Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    RCI Offroad is a Colorado-based company that is largely known for its skid plates, rock sliders, and bed racks. Lately, RCI has been designing and developing new front and rear bumpers that are impressive. RCI currently offers one rear bumper option for the Tacoma, but we wouldn't be surprised to see more offerings from RCI in the near future.

    Let’s take a closer look at what the RCI Offroad Rear Bumper for the Tacoma has to offer.

    RCI Offroad Rear Bumper

    The RCI Offroad Rear Bumper is crafted for a perfect fit and finish, specifically tailored to complement your Tacoma seamlessly. With that being said, the bumper features more of a stock-like design in that it does not come with swing-outs and does not feature a typical high-clearance design. Despite this, the bumper is far from stock in terms of quality and the protection that it offers.

    Constructed from 3/16-inch steel, this bumper will handle anything thrown its way and more. Additionally, the bumper comes with 1/4-inch heavy-duty frame mounts and receiver structure with 1/2-inch shackle mounts that are fully welded through the main structure and welded to the frame mounts. In addition to the strength, the RCI Tacoma Rear Bumper improves ground clearance by over 4 inches thanks to the built-in receiver hitch, which makes for an impressive departure angle compared to stock.

    In terms of finish, RCI offers their Tacoma rear bumper with a bare finish or optional heavy-duty black textured powder coat. With the sleek design and minimal additional weight (85 lbs.), the RCI Tacoma Rear Bumper is a great choice and features an easy installation with no drilling or cutting required.

    RCI Offroad Tacoma Rear Bumper

    CBI Offroad Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    CBI Offroad is an Idaho-based company pumping out awesome products for a variety of vehicles. The Toyota Tacoma is one of those vehicles, and their rear bumper offering is impressive and features many options. From the CBI Classic Series Tacoma Rear Bumper to the CBI High Clearance Swing Arm Series Tacoma Rear Bumper, the options are vast and can be tailored to your specific needs.

    Let's take a deeper look at the CBI Tacoma rear bumpers.

    CBI Offroad Classic Series Rear Bumper

    The CBI Tacoma Classic Series Rear Bumper is their most basic offering in that it does not come with swing arms. Don't let that fool you, though, as this bumper is packed with excellent features and comes with some awesome additions such as an integrated receiver hitch, integrated recovery points, and an optional black powder coat.

    In addition to the included features, the CBI Classic Series Tacoma Bumper is constructed from some of the finest materials, namely steel, and is built by some of the best craftsmen in the industry. Like all CBI products, the CBI Classic Tacoma bumper is built for adventure and the trail ahead.

    CBI Classic Rear Bumper Tacoma

    CBI Offroad High Clearance Classic Series Rear Bumper

    CBI Offroad also offers their Classic Series Rear Bumper in a High Clearance version, with the only difference being just that. This can be a great option for those not wanting swing-outs and who often find themselves on more challenging trails where there is a need for maximum clearance.

    Due to the high-clearance nature of this bumper, trimming is required.

    CBI Offroad Swing Arm Series Rear Bumper

    CBI also offers their bumpers with optional swing arms, perfect for those needing a place for their oversized spare and/or those needing to mount excess fuel or recovery gear. Similar to the Classic Series, the Swing Arm Series from CBI is constructed from high-quality steel, comes with an integrated receiver hitch, and comes with an optional black powder coat finish.

    One unique feature of CBI's Tacoma Rear Bumpers is the ability to order them with either a straight or angled tire carrier. The angled option provides a better departure angle.

    CBI Offroad High Clearance Swing Arm Series Rear Bumper

    The CBI Swing Arm Series Rear Tacoma Bumper also comes in a high-clearance design. While the bumper is nearly the same with the options of a tire carrier and finish, the high-clearance version is ideal for those who find themselves pushing their Tacoma to the limits. The high-clearance design allows you to navigate even the most challenging trails and does a great job of protecting the Tacoma from damage.

    Due to the high-clearance design, you must cut the bed sides on the Tacoma. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, we recommend taking it to a shop that can complete the install.

    CBI High Clearance Rear Bumper Tacoma

    Expedition One Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    Expedition One is a Utah-based company that has long been known for its quality bumpers and accessories. This includes their standard rear bumper, single swing rear bumper, and dual swing-out rear bumpers. One thing that sets Expedition One apart from some of the others is their optional accessory bundles. There are a total of 6 to choose from, and they range from a base tire mount up to the Denali Bundle, which includes a universal tire mount, Geri Flat Panel, and 2 can mount. These accessory bundles are a great way to customize the bumper to fit your needs.

    Expedition One Rangemax Rear Bumper

    The Expedition One Rangemax Rear Bumper for the Tacoma is what we would consider more of an entry-level bumper. That is because it does not contain any swing-outs or accessories, with the exception of optional port lights.

    Don't let this bumper fool you, though. It is built from 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch steel and comes with 1-inch thick 3/4 recovery shackle mounts and only weighs 80 lbs. total. This means you can provide your Tacoma with excellent protection while not adding a ton of weight, which most Tacomas don't like. Expedition One offers this bumper in bare metal or with a textured black powder coat.

    Expedition One RangeMax Tacoma Rear Bumper

    Expedition One Dual Swing Out Rear Bumper

    For those looking to maximize the functionality of their Tacoma, you might want to consider the Expedition One Dual Swing-Out Rear Bumper for the Tacoma. With the ability to hold a 35-inch tire and the universal mounting plate allowing for limitless mounting configurations, this could be the most customizable Tacoma rear bumper we have seen.

    As indicated by the name, this EXP1 bumper features dual swing-outs, allowing you to maximize your personal configuration. Dual swing-outs can be a beneficial option as they latch in the middle of the bumper and give you the ability to open only one side. This can be helpful if you just need to utilize a pop-down table—you simply open that side as opposed to opening the whole bumper.

    In terms of construction, there is nothing to be concerned with here. Expedition One has been making quality products for well over a decade, and this Tacoma dual swing-out rear bumper is built from a 3/16-inch and 1/4-inch inner structure with a 3/16-inch outer skin. In total, this bumper weighs approximately 200 lbs.

    Expedition One Tacoma Dual Swing Arm Bumper

    Backwoods Adventure Mods Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    Backwoods Adventure Mods is another name you might be familiar with. Well known for their van products, Backwoods in recent years has been developing products for the Tacoma and Tundra. This includes the Backwoods Tacoma rear bumper, which is a quality-built, made-in-the-USA bumper designed to perform.

    Backwoods Adventure Mods Hi-Lite High Clearance Rear Bumper

    The Backwoods Hi-Lite High Clearance Rear Bumper for the Toyota Tacoma is crafted to endure the rigors of the trail while still maintaining an excellent low-profile look. It boasts a high-clearance design that considerably enhances the departure angle, crucial for taking on the most challenging terrain.

    Backwoods has designed their Hi-Lite rear bumper to feature a one-piece steel design that will not only take impact well but also hold up to the rigors of the trail. In addition, Backwoods builds this bumper with steel braces that strengthen the bumper by reinforcing the side of the bumper with the center of the bumper. Weighing only 140 lbs., the bumper also comes with edge trim, license plate tag lights, a trailer wiring plug on the inside of the bumper, grade 8 hardware, an integrated 2-inch receiver hitch, and 3/4-inch thick recovery shackle mounts.

    Please note, since this bumper features a high-clearance design, you will need to cut your bed sides to properly install this bumper.

    Backwoods Tacoma Rear Bumper

    Bay Area Metal Fab Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    Bay Area Metal Fab is a Benicia, CA-based company that is consistently pumping out quality bumpers, skid plates, rock sliders, and more. Their expansive Tacoma product line features quality construction and is designed to protect your rig from trail hazards. They use the finest materials, and everything is built in the USA by skilled fabricators.

    Let's dive into the Tacoma rear bumper options that Bay Area offers.

    Bay Area Metal Fab Rear Bumper

    The BAMF standard Tacoma rear bumper features improved departure angles and is one of the best-priced standard bumper options on the market for the Tacoma. It features a main shell constructed out of .188-inch steel plate with the mounting points and recovery points constructed out of .500-inch plate. These heavy-duty materials ensure the bumper protects and will hold up to anything thrown its way. The universal cube light mounts are an added touch, allowing you to mount various lights.

    BAMF Tacoma Rear Bumper

    Bay Area Metal Fab High Clearance Dual Swing Out Rear Bumper

    BAMF also offers their high-clearance dual swing-out rear bumper for the Tacoma, which inherits many of the material features of the standard bumper. This includes added swing-outs that are constructed out of .188-inch thick laser-cut and CNC-formed box with web stiffeners designed to reduce bounce and any shaking while on the road.

    The BAMF dual swing-out design allows you to customize your accessory mounting with the ability to mount dual spare tires, jerry cans, RotoPaX, MAXTRAX, and more. One added feature that is nice about the BAMF high-clearance rear Tacoma bumper is that the swing-outs latch at 90 and 180 degrees. With the high-clearance design, you will need to cut the bed sides to properly install this bumper.

    BAMF High Clearance Tacoma Rear Bumper

    All-Pro Off-Road Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    All-Pro Off-Road is part of the Trail Gear family of companies, which has a long history of producing quality products that perform in the most challenging environments. This includes their Tacoma rear bumpers, which are often in stock and ready to ship. Whether you are considering a more traditional style bumper or a dual swing-out rear bumper, All-Pro has something worth considering.

    Let's dive into the APEXG3N and dual swing-out offerings from All-Pro.

    All-Pro Off-Road APEXG3N Rear Bumper

    The All-Pro Off-Road APEXG3N is a traditionally styled bumper designed for the Tacoma that features a bolt-on design and is constructed out of heavy-duty materials such as 3/16-inch and 1/2-inch steel plate. It is not only the material that makes this bumper a top consideration. Its included flush mount light cutouts, integrated receiver hitch, and shackle mounts all make this bumper ready for the adventure ahead. Concerned about weight? This bumper only tips the scales at 81 lbs.

    With this bumper usually in stock, you can get back on the trails in days, not months.

    All-Pro APEXG3N Rear Bumper Tacoma

    All-Pro Off-Road Dual Swing Out Rear Bumper

    All-Pro Off-Road also offers a dual swing-out Tacoma rear bumper that includes DOM accessory arms with locking slam latches that lock at 90 or 135 degrees. These swing arms can be used to mount spare tires, jerry cans, and other accessories.

    Unlike the All-Pro APEXG3N, this All-Pro Dual Swing-Out Bumper features a high-clearance design, which improves departure angles greatly and increases your vehicle's capability. Please note that this bumper will not work with the factory tow hitch. All-Pro offers a receiver hitch that will need to be used instead of the factory hitch.

    All-Pro Dual Swing Out Rear Bumper

    Addictive Desert Designs Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    Addictive Desert Designs front and rear bumpers stand out for their strength and adaptability, making them a top pick for those looking to upgrade their off-road performance. Whether you are looking to maximize protection at the best price point or add something that will enhance your vehicle's style, ADD can be a great option.

    Let's take a closer look at their Tacoma Stealth Fighter Rear Bumper.

    Addictive Desert Designs Stealth Fighter Rear Bumper

    ADD claims their Stealth Fighter Rear Bumper for the Tacoma is one of the slimmest bumpers on the market. In addition to this bumper hugging the body lines of the Tacoma nicely, it comes standard with cube light mounts, clevis mounts for shackles, and features a completely bolt-on design without the need to drill or cut. Backup sensor cutouts are included, and all bumpers come with a hammer black powder coat finish.

    ADD Tacoma Rear Bumper

    Apogee Off Road Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    Apogee Off Road might be a less recognizable name in the space, but don't let that fool you. Their Tacoma bumpers are impressive and will complement your Tacoma flawlessly. This is true for the Apogee Tacoma Rear Bumper V2 and Apogee Tacoma Swing Out Rear Bumper.

    Now, let’s dive into what each of these bumpers offers.

    Apogee Off Road Rear Bumper V2

    The Apogee Off Road Tacoma Rear Bumper V2 is constructed primarily out of 7-gauge steel and is a perfect replacement option for your Tacoma's factory rear bumper. It also features a ton of upgrades in addition to being much stronger than Tacoma OEM bumpers. This includes integrated 3/4-inch D-ring mounts, a cutout for the factory trailer plug connector, OEM parking sensor cutouts, hardware needed to use the OEM blind spot monitors, and a light texture matte black powder coat finish.

    Apogee Off Road Rear Tacoma Bumper V2

    Apogee Off Road Swing Out Rear Bumper

    While we love the look and functionality of the Apogee V2 rear bumper, we cannot help but gravitate toward the Apogee Gen 3 Swing Out Rear Bumper. This is essentially the Swiss Army knife of rear bumpers, allowing you to configure and set up the bumper however you like. Need to mount a spare tire? No problem, choose the side to mount it on. Need to mount a dual jerry can holder? No problem, pick where you want to mount it.

    The customizability found in this dual swing-out rear bumper is thanks to the two large swing-outs that can accept a variety of accessories. Each of these swing-outs features a universal hole pattern that can accept a variety of items. Similar to the other Apogee Tacoma rear bumper we reviewed, their dual swing-out rear bumper comes with integrated 3/4-inch D-ring mounts, a cutout for the factory trailer plug connector, OEM parking sensor cutouts, hardware needed to use the OEM blind spot monitors, and a light texture matte black powder coat finish. Specific to this bumper, heavy-duty, replaceable latch and hinge bushings are included to ensure the strength and longevity of the swing arms.

    Apogee Off Road Tacoma Swing Out Rear Bumper

    Body Armor 4x4 Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    Body Armor 4x4 Tacoma rear bumpers are recognized for their durability and adaptability. However, the price might actually be the most impressive thing about Body Armor 4x4 Tacoma bumpers.

    Body Armor's Pro-Series is considered the go-to option for those looking to beef up their protection without breaking the bank. Let's take a look at what Body Armor has to offer in the Tacoma rear bumper department.

    Body Armor 4x4 Pro Series Rear Bumper

    The Tacoma Pro Series Rear Bumper from Body Armor 4x4 is built for the trail and will improve approach and departure angles compared to stock. In addition, Body Armor designed this Tacoma rear bumper to work with your OEM receiver and includes parking sensor cutouts. Body Armor also included integrated shackle recovery points and cutouts that will accept cube lights from a variety of manufacturers, including Baja Designs, Rigid Industries, and more.

    This Body Armor bumper also comes with a 2-stage light textured black powder coat finish. Another great benefit offered by Body Armor is the limited lifetime warranty and 3-year warranty on the finish.

    Body Armor Pro Series Tacoma Rear Bumper

    Outgear Solutions Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    Outgear Solutions is another name that might not be ultra familiar to most. Outgear is an Orange County, CA-based company specializing in quality bumpers, rock sliders, and more. The Outgear Tacoma rear bumpers stand out from the crowd, and they offer numerous options for the Tacoma to ensure you find exactly what you are looking for.

    Let's take a closer look at Outgear Tacoma rear bumpers.

    Outgear Solutions High Clearance Tube Rear Bumper

    Introducing the Outgear Solutions High Clearance Tube Rear Bumper for the Tacoma. This has to be one of the more minimal bumper options for the Tacoma, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. While it might not afford you the protection of some of the other bumpers we have reviewed, it is significantly less weight, and some will even argue it does offer necessary protection of the vital components.

    Outgear Solutions builds this tube bumper out of 1.75-inch DOM tubing with the interior bumper main plates and mounts being built out of .375-inch and .750-inch thick plate. Since this is a high-clearance rear bumper, you will have excellent departure angles, but the bed sides will need to be cut in order to properly install the bumper.

    Outgear Solutions High Clearance Tube Rear Bumper Tacoma

    Outgear Solutions High Clearance Tube Rear Bumper with Swing Out

    The Outgear Solutions High Clearance Tube Rear Bumper with swing-out features a similar design to the Outgear bumper we just reviewed, with an added tire carrier swing-out. This tire swing-out is a single swing-out and can also accept a number of add-on accessories such as a stainless steel drop table, single or dual jerry can holder, Hi-Lift jack mount, and more.

    Another added feature with this bumper is the optional bedside protection or Tree Savers. This optional addition will bolster the protection of your Tacoma bed sides with added tubes, helping you to deflect obstacles often found on the trail.

    Outgear also offers a variation that has a more slim design in their Slim Series with Swing-Out Gear Bumper.

    Outgear Solutions High Clearance Tube Rear Bumper with Swing Out Tacoma

    Outgear Solutions High Clearance Sandstorm Edit

    The Sandstorm Edit by Outgear Solutions, with its high-clearance design, is crafted to endure the rigors of trail use while minimizing weight substantially. This particular bumper is a great option for rock crawlers and those looking to maximize their departure angles while still protecting vital components.

    A top choice for those looking to save weight, the Sandstorm Edit rear bumper has a 2-inch hitch receiver and includes slotted tabs for light pods such as the Baja Designs S2s.

    Outgear Solutions High Clearance Sandstorm Edit Rear Bumper Tacoma

    Relentless Fabrication Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    Relentless Fabrication rounds out our list of high-quality companies that offer rear bumpers for the Tacoma. Relentless Fabrication was started in 2010 and since that time has continued to develop robust products that are ready for the trail. This includes bumpers, bed bars, and more for various vehicles, including the Toyota Tacoma.

    Let's see what Relentless Fabrication has in terms of rear Tacoma bumpers.

    Relentless Fabrication High Clearance Rear Bumper

    Relentless Fabrication left no stone unturned with their High Clearance Rear Bumper for the Tacoma. This bumper is constructed out of a 3/16-inch outer steel shell and 1/4-inch mounting plates with 3/4-inch thick through-welded recovery points. This ensures that the bumper will hold up to anything thrown its way.

    In addition to being nearly bomb-proof, Relentless offers a number of customization features for this bumper, including the ability to add a tire carrier. This is the perfect option for those looking for the ability to mount spare tires and other accessories.

    To round out this Relentless bumper, we cannot fail to mention the standard integrated hitch under the bumper, light cutouts designed for Baja Designs S2 flush mount lights, and the new LED lights that are included with the bumper for the license plate.

    Relentless High Clearance Tacoma Rear Bumper


    This Tacoma rear bumper buyer's guide has been long and grueling. But hopefully, it has been informative, and you are leaving here with a bumper in mind or at the very least some additional knowledge about the many different bumpers out there for the Tacoma. Remember, it is crucial to first understand the types and styles, materials, and finishes that are available, as Tacoma owners use their trucks differently and rear bumpers can differ in that regard. Furthermore, it is important to have an understanding of what accessories, if any, you are wanting to mount to your rear bumper. That can help narrow down your search. The options are extensive, and each one differs slightly from the other. With that understood, if you follow some of the guidelines we offer in this post and review the top Tacoma rear bumpers, you should be knowledgeable enough to make a decision that you will ultimately benefit from.

    If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team, who would be happy to help you decide on the perfect Tacoma rear bumper.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a Tacoma Rear Bumper and why should I get one?

    Opting for a Tacoma rear bumper is an excellent choice as it not only safeguards the rear end of your truck but also enhances its functionality and supports personalization through a range of add-ons.

    What factors should I consider when choosing a Tacoma Rear Bumper?

    In selecting a rear bumper for your Tacoma, take into account the variety of types available, the materials they are made from, finish options at your disposal, any additional accessories that can be included, and how easily it can be installed to ensure you acquire an ideal fit for your vehicle.

    Are the Tacoma Rear Bumpers easy to install?

    That depends on the particular bumper and its design. High-clearance rear bumpers generally require cutting and trimming, which can complicate the installation process. Direct OEM replacement bumpers are far less challenging to install and usually don't require any cutting or drilling.

    Can I customize my Tacoma Rear Bumper?

    Yes, you can customize Tacoma rear bumpers with items such as lights, tire carriers, mounts, and more. Swing-outs are a great option and give you the ultimate ability to customize.

    Are Tacoma Rear Bumpers durable?

    Tacoma rear bumpers are constructed using high-quality materials such as steel tube and plate, ensuring they hold up to anything thrown their way.

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