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  • Your Go-To Complete Guide on Tacoma Roof Racks

    by Ryan Horton May 18, 2024 19 min read 1 Comment

    Have you ever ventured out on an exciting road trip, only to find that your Toyota Tacoma couldn’t accommodate all the gear you needed? Fear not! Tacoma roof racks are here to save the day, providing you with extra storage space, versatility, and improved functionality. In this ultimate guide, we’ll delve into the top reasons why a Tacoma roof rack is essential and considered a top Tacoma accessory. We will then explore the best options available in the market to help you make the perfect choice.

    Key Takeaways

    • This guide covers the best Tacoma roof rack options and their features, strengths, and compatibility.
    • A Tacoma roof rack provides increased storage capacity, versatility, functionality & a platform for mounting a rooftop tent.
    • Installation typically does not require any drilling and can be completed in a few hours using basic hand tools.

    Why a Tacoma Roof Rack is a Must-Have

    Picture this: you’re all set for a weekend getaway with friends or family, but you quickly realize there’s not enough space in your Tacoma to accommodate everyone’s luggage and gear. This is also a common problem on overland adventures when it is crucial to carry extra gear such as fuel and water. Rest assured that a roof rack is your go-to option for alleviating these kinds of things while also providing numerous other benefits.

    In addition to maximizing storage and organization, a Tacoma roof rack can act as an ideal mounting platform to transform your Tacoma into an adventure ready machine. Thanks to the modular extruded aluminum design of most Tacoma roof racks paired with the roof rack accessory offering from many manufacturers, it has never been easier to mount accessories to your roof rack. MAXTRAX, RotoPaX, awnings, and storage cases are just a few of the products that mount perfectly to a Tacoma rack allowing you to customize your setup for your next expedition.

    Since getting my Tacoma roof rack, I have now been able to free up space inside my truck and it allows me to be more organized than I was before.

    Best Tacoma Roof Rack

    The options can be overwhelming and you might be questioning what roof rack system you should go with. Luckily, we have been at this for some time and know the ins and outs of all Tacoma racks. While there isn't one clear winner, each rack features different benefits that you might value more than another.

    Stick with us as we review Tacoma roof racks from the likes of Leitner Designs, Prinsu, Sherpa, upTOP Overland, RCI Offroad, Westcott Designs, Cali Raised LED, All-Pro Off-Road, Rhino Rack, and more!

    Brand Model Material Approx.


    Finish Starting
    Leitner Designs ACS ROOF Aluminum 55 lbs. N/A 6 Black $1,300.00
    Prinsu Prinsu Pro Aluminum 50 lbs. 700 lbs. 6 Black $995.00
    Prinsu Prinsu Standard Aluminum 46 lbs. 600 lbs. 6 Varies $830.00
    Sherpa Peak Series Aluminum 45 lbs. 400 lbs. 7 Black $899.00
    Sherpa Sport Series Aluminum 35 lbs. 150 lbs. 5 Black $479.00
    upTOP Overland Bravo Aluminum 50 lbs. N/A 6 Black $828.98
    upTOP Overland Alpha Aluminum 50 lbs. N/A 7 Varies $1,298.98
    upTOP Overland Zulu Stainless Steel 94 lbs. N/A 7 Varies $1,799.00
    RCI Offroad N/A Aluminum 32 lbs. N/A 6 Black $725.00
    Westcott Designs N/A Aluminum 45 lbs. N/A 6 Black $799.00
    Cali Raised LED Economy Aluminum 45 lbs. 1000 lbs. 6 Black $749.99
    Cali Raised LED Premium Aluminum 45 lbs. 1000 lbs. 6 Black $849.99
    All-Pro Offroad N/A Aluminum N/A N/A 4 Black $1,033.85
    Rhino Rack Roof Bars Glass Nylon N/A N/A N/A Black $567.96
    Rhino Rack Pioneer Platform Aluminum N/A N/A 4 Black $1,354.98
    Front Runner Slimline II Steel/Alum. 58 lbs. ~300 lbs. 7 Black $1,029.00
    Front Runner Slimsport Steel/Alum. 55 lbs. ~300 lbs. 7 Black $749.00
    Victory 4x4 N/A Aluminum 38 lbs. N/A 5 Black $749.00
    Baja Rack Utility Rack Steel 39 lbs. 200 lbs. N/A Black $985.00
    Baja Rack Basket Rack Steel 42 lbs. 200 lbs. N/A Black $1,055.00
    Gobi Racks Stealth Rack Steel 50 lbs. 300 lbs. N/A Black $1,595.00
    Gobi Racks Ranger Rack Steel 50 lbs. 300 lbs. N/A Black $1,695.00
    KC HiLights M-Rack Aluminum 25 lbs. N/A 5 Black $1,119.99
    AL Offroad Wumbo Rack Aluminum 50 lbs. 400 lbs. 5 Black $1,185.00
    ARB Classic Rack Steel 60 lbs. N/A N/A Black $644.00
    ARB Base Rack Aluminum 28 lbs. N/A 5 Black $917.00
    Proline 4x4 Elite Rack Steel 130 lbs. N/A 3 Black $660.00
    DV8 Offroad N/A Aluminum N/A 100 lbs. 4 Black $539.99

    *Note - consult your owners manual for the most accurate load ratings.

    Leitner Designs

    Leitner Designs has been known for its industry-leading Active Cargo System bed racks. Everything they have learned on the bed rack front has been rolled up and packaged into their ACS ROOF which was launched in late 2023. This particular product is unlike any platform rack on the market and exhibits some features worth noting.

    First, the rack has infinitely adjustable load bars and additional load bars can be added as needed. This essentially allows you to create a perfectly flat platform without any holes or spaces in your rack. Second, the Leitner ACS ROOF comes with proprietary load bars that are not only wider but also stronger than most load bars on the market. However, our favorite feature on the ACS ROOF rack is the ability to completely hide wiring. Forget zip-tying wiring to your rack, all wiring can be run internally on the Leitner ACS ROOF which keeps the wiring secure, but also looks way better.

    The Leiter ACS ROOF Tacoma platform rack is designed to fit both 2nd and 3rd Gen (2005-2023) Tacomas and bolts to factory holes. Looking to keep your gear secure on the ACS ROOF? The gearPOD ROOF which is the first side opening lockable gear box is a must-have.

    Leitner Tacoma Roof Rack


    Prinsu considers their rack "The Original" since they pioneered the side plate and crossbar design seen on many of the racks offered today. However, with the recent launch of the Prinsu Pro Rack, there is a lot to be excited about. The Prinsu Pro is a huge upgrade over the standard Prinsu racks and comes with a handful of improvements making the rack stronger and more capable.

    Some of the most exciting features of the Prinsu Pro rack are its redesigned aluminum side plates that now have a bend at the top. This bend increases the overall strength of the rack and also includes slots allowing you to easily attach accessories. In addition, the Prinsu Pro comes with crossbars that are 44% stronger than the prior version and also include two additional drop points in the middle of the crossbar giving you more ways to mount your accessories. Lastly, the Prinsu Pro comes with stainless steel hardware and bolt-on mounting feet that are designed to distribute the load in a more even manner.

    While the Prinsu Pro is the hype, let's not forget about the legacy Prinsu Tacoma Rack which still can be an excellent option for those on more of a limited budget. The Prinsu standard Tacoma rack has been tried and tested for the last 10-plus years and is still an excellent option for your Tacoma. It will accept all Prinsu rack accessories and also can be used for mounting a rooftop tent.

    Prinsu Roof Rack Tacoma


    For those seeking superior performance and durability, Sherpa's peak series roof racks are an excellent choice. Crafted from thicker and denser alloys, Sherpa racks are designed for enhanced performance and longevity.

    Sherpa offers both a peak series and sport series version of their roof rack. The Sherpa Peak Tacoma Rack features industry-leading 1/4 inch thick aircraft-grade aluminum side plates with integrated grab handles and comes standard with 7 crossbars and stainless steel hardware. The sport version of the Sherpa Tacoma rack comes with 3/16 inch side plates and 5 crossbars. Both options can be a great option depending on how you plan to use your Tacoma and also what you plan to mount on your rack.

    If you are considering mounting a rooftop tent or other larger heavier items then we suggest going with the Peak Series Sherpa rack. However, if you are looking for a super low-profile capable rack rated at 150 lbs. of dynamic max load then the Spot Series Sherpa rack will be your best bet.

    Sherpa Tacoma Roof Rack

    upTOP Overland

    upTOP Overland is another company that offers an exceptional product with 3 specific models for the Toyota Tacoma: Bravo, Alpha, and Zulu. Each other these racks features its unique benefits outlined below.

    • upTOP Bravo Roof Rack:The Bravo series roof rack from upTOP Overland is considered their entry-level option that is the most affordable compared to the other two models mentioned below. The Bravo rack comes with (2) grooveARMOR sides, a front wind screen, and (6) extruded crossbars. The upTOP Bravo will work with all upTOP's roof rack accessories.
      UpTop Bravo Roof Rack Tacoma
    • upTOP Alpha Roof Rack:upTOP'sAlpha series roof rack is a step up from the Bravo roof rack with the main difference being that it comes with (2) Interior 1/4 inch grooveTEK rails, (2) Exterior 3/16 inch armorTEK rails, stainless steel hardware, (7) crossbars, and different wind screen options including some that are designed to fit Baja Designs light pods. An optional colored powder coat for either the interior side rail or outer side rail is also available with the Alpha Tacoma roof rack.

      UpTop Alpha Roof Rack Tacoma
    • upTOP Zulu Roof Rack:The Zulu series from upTOP Overland is their newest edition and the only roof rack on the market constructed from stainless steel. This unique design is ultra strong and does not have any flex or vibration and comes with steel mounting brackets. Unlike upTOP's other two racks previously mentioned the Zulu has unique side plates that feature a bend at the top. This results in a seamless design and also provides the rack with a unique aerodynamic feature.

      UpTop Zulu Roof Rack Tacoma

    All upTOP roof racks are designed to carry gear and work flawlessly with upTOP Overland's roof rack accessories. If you think an upTOP Tacoma rack will suit you best, the option then comes down to what features are important to you along with the price as upTOP's Tacoma racks vary from ~$830 to ~$1,800.

    RCI Offroad

    RCI Offroad is known for its quality Tacoma Skid Plates and their Tacoma roof rack is another high-quality product that is sure to impress. It features laser cut 1/4 inch side plates and comes with t-channel cross bars. This design is perfect for mounting a rooftop tent and other heavy gear. The roof rack has also been confirmed to work with all RCI roof rack accessories allowing you to secure your gear in the best possible and most secure way.

    RCI's Tacoma roof rack is an ultra-low profile rack that sits only 1.75 inches about the highest point on the roof of the Tacoma (excluding the antenna). It also bolts together and the installation can be completed in under an hour in most cases. Like all RCI products, the RCI Offroad Tacoma roof rack is made in America.

    RCI Tacoma Roof Rack

    Westcott Designs

    Westcott Designs roof racks are not only known for their improved fuel efficiency but also for their unique features, such as integrated bottle openers. Westcott is so confident in their designs that it claims their Tacoma roof rack achieves 2MPG better than its competitor's offerings. This is primarily achieved due to the angle of the front valence.

    Another feature on the Westcott Designs Tacoma rack is the bolt-on mounting feet which tend to be a better design than feet that are bent out of the side rail of the roof rack. While some other companies have started to offer bolt-on feet, Westcott was one of if not the first to pioneer the design which has proved to be very strong and resilient.

    Westcott Roof Rack Tacoma

    Cali Raised LED

    Cali Raised is continually pumping out impressive products for the Tacoma including their Economy and Premium roof racks which are both made in the USA and come standard with features designed to enhance your carrying capacity and mounting possibilities.

    The Cali Raised Economy roof rack is considered one of the most affordable racks on the market. It comes with an optional light bar cutout and has been proven to work flawlessly with Cali Raised 42 inch slim row LED light bars.

    The Cali Raised LED Premium Roof Rack is similar to the economy roof rack but comes packed with added features. This includes an adjustable LED wind deflector which can protect your light bar when it is not in use. It also comes standard with a rear fairing which is not an option on most roof racks out there. This rear faring is offered with 360-degree lighting cutouts perfect for mounting rearward-facing lights. In addition, optional light cutouts are available on the side plates which work perfectly for mounting lights on the side of your rack. The Cali Raised Premium rack can truly provide 360 degrees of light if desired.

    Cali Raised Roof Rack Tacoma

    All-Pro Off-Road

    The All-Pro Tacoma Roof Rack is a low-profile all-aluminum roof rack perfect for storing gear and adding accessories. It features 4 cross bars with various connection points. These crossbars differ slightly from the t-slot channel crossbars which are found on many of the previously mentioned racks. One benefit of this design is there is no channel where debris can accumulate. The crossbars do have pre-drilled holes and slots allowing different accessories or a rooftop tent to be mounted to the rack.

    Like most Tacoma roof racks, you can select a standard wind deflector or one with a cutout. The cutout variation is designed to fit a 40 inch single row light bar. Additional crossbars can be added to the All-Pro Tacoma rack to increase its overall load capacity if desired.

    All-Pro Tacoma Roof Rack

    Rhino Rack

    Rhino Rack offers multiple roof rack options for the Tacoma including minimal roof bars along with full platform racks that cover the whole roof. The Rhino Rack roof bars come in various options but the idea of them all is the same. They extend from side to side and can work great for mounting accessories such as Yakima or Thule ski/snowboard carries and much more.

    For those desiring more of a full roof rack, Rhino Rack offers their Pioneer Platform rack system. The Pioneer roof rack system comes with the Pioneer Platform along with the backbone mounting system which the Pioneer platform attaches to. This is truly a full tray and will cover the entirety of your Tacoma's roof.

    The Pioneer was designed for adventure. It can work perfectly for mounting a rooftop tent and works with most Rhino Rack accessories. There is a channel on the underside of the excursions offering the ability to not only easily attach accessories, but also integrate wiring for the use of lights on the rack.

    Rhino Rack Roof Rack Tacoma

    Front Runner Outfitters

    Front Runner Outfitters offers the Slimline II Roof Rack Kit, which has been thoroughly tested and is sure to impress. For many years this has been a go-to rack for adventurers and explorers alike. Like the Rhino Rack Pioneer, the Front Runner Slimline II is more of a tray-styled Tacoma roof rack that features an outer perimeter and crossbars.

    Front Runner designed their Slimline Tacoma Rack to come standard with 7 crossbars that have a drop-in slot allowing you to easily attach Front Runner's expanding lineup of roof rack accessories. There is something to be said about Front Runner's awesome accessories that work with this rack.

    Included with the Front Runner tray are two foot rails that the tray attaches to. All items are constructed out of aluminum and come with a black epoxy powder coat.

    Front Runner Slimline Tacoma Roof Rack

    In additional to the Front Runner Slimline, Front Runner also offers a Slimsport roof rack for the Tacoma. The Slimsport does not feature a tray and instead it features side plates and aluminum crossbars.

    Front Runner Slim Sport Roof Rack Tacoma

    Victory 4x4

    The Victory 4x4 Tacoma roof rack features a CNC cut and formed aluminum design that easily bolts onto a Tacoma. It comes standard with 3/16 inch aluminum side rails, 2x1 inch extruded aluminum crossbars, front wind deflector, steel mounting feet, and all the necessary hardware. Optional stainless hardware is available for extra.

    The steel mounting feet are a feature worth outlining in that they bolt directly to the side plates helping to distribute load in the best possible way. Included in the crossbars are milled t-nut access points that allow you to easily attach accessories. The Victory Tacoma rack also happens to be one of the lowest-profile racks out there. It sits up only 2.5 inches above the highest point of the roof (center point).

    Overall, the Victory Tacoma rack can be a great entry-level option and it is usually one of the better priced racks out there.

    Victory 4x4 Tacoma Roof Rack


    The Eezi-Awn name has long been synonymous with quality rooftop tents, awnings, and fridges, among many other things. Roof racks are another quality offering from Eezi-Awn. Their Tacoma K9 roof rack kit is a platform rack that can be ordered in different sizes allowing you to customize your rack to fit your lifestyle. You also can order different size legs for the rack. Legs come in three sizes (2.5 inch, 3.25 inch, and 4 inch).

    The K9 Tacoma rack features lightweight aluminum construction and all components are anodized and powder coated matte black. It also sports an impressive weight capacity of 1,000 lbs. (static) and works as a perfect platform for mounting Eezi-Awn and other roof top tents.

    There is also no shortage of accessories available for the Eezi-Awn K9 Tacoma rack that ranges from jerry can holders to awning mounts.

    Eezi-Awn K9 Tacoma Roof Rack

    Baja Rack

    Baja Rack offers a couple of different options when it comes to Tacoma roof racks. This includes the Baja Rack Utility roof rack and Basket rack. As the name implies, one of these racks is more of a flat surface while the other is more of a basket design that has sides that can help keep gear more secure. Let's dive into each of these.

    • Baja Rack Utility Tacoma Rack: The Baja Utility rack is constructed out of cold-rolled steel tubing and comes with a powder coat finish. This rack features a completely flat design with a cutout for the sharkfin antenna. This flat design allows you to carry larger items that might be wider or longer than the rack and provides a great surface for mounting a rooftop tent.

      Baja Rack Tacoma Utility Roof Rack
    • Baja Rack Basket Tacoma Rack: The Baja Basket Rack for the Tacoma is very similar to the Baja Utility rack with the only visible difference being that the basket version has sides making it more of a basket as the name indicates. This is a great option for those who want maximum security and can work perfectly for hauling things that are difficult to tie down such as firewood. If you plan to mount a roof top tent the basket design is not ideal as it will interfere with the tent most likely.

      Baja Rack Basket Tacoma Rack

    Gobi Racks

    Gobi offers their Stealth and Ranger versions for the 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacoma in numerous configurations. Both models feature a 16-gauge welded tubular frame and optional 3/4 inch 9 gauge expanded metal cargo deck. Both models feature a frame to secure gear although the Ranger rack model features a taller frame.

    If maintaining the use of the OEM sunroof is important, Gobi offers a variation of their Tacoma racks without the cargo deck over the portion of the sunroof. The cargo decks can still be utilized but it would need to be on the back half of the rack. If you do not have a sunroof or use of it is not important, you can elect to get a Gobi rack with full coverage from the deck plates.

    GOBI Stealth Tacoma Roof Rack

    Lighting options are endless on the Gobi Tacoma racks. There are multiple tabs designed to mount lights and accessories. It is also worth noting that Gobi offers a slew of roof rack accessories that are guaranteed to work on their Tacoma racks.

    Gobi Ranger Roof Rack Tacoma

    KC HiLites

    KC HiLites has long been known for its high-quality lighting options. It only makes sense that they came out with a roof rack to support their line of lights. Enter the KC HiLites M-Rack for the Toyota Tacoma. This lightweight aluminum roof rack is engineered specifically for the Tacoma and features a low-profile design with included crossbars and light cutouts and mounts.

    It only makes sense to use KC lights on their M-Rack and you have options. The KC Pro6 Light Bar is a popular option for the KC M-Rack, but you also have other options such as the KC 50-inch C-Series C50 LED light bar. Don't forget that the rack comes with two cutouts on each side and cutouts on the back which are perfect for flood lights or chase/reverse lights.

    KC Roof Rack Tacoma

    AL Offroad

    AL Offroad offers the Wumbo Rack for the 2005-2023 Tacoma which is an all-aluminum roof rack system that features monster crossbars. Unlike the 2-inch-wide crossbars found on most racks, the Wumbo crossbars are 3 inches wide. This can provide an added layer of security for mounting accessories and gear.

    Aside from the larger-than-normal crossbars, the Wumbo AL Offroad rack comes standard with stainless steel hardware and can be ordered with an optional wind deflector that will accept a light bar. If you plan to mount gear and accessories, you are in luck as the Wumbo features t-channel crossbars designed to accept many roof rack accessories and there are also tie-down points integrated into the side rails.

    AL Offroad Tacoma Roof Rack


    ARB is a name you are likely familiar with as they have been creating quality products since 1975. While you might be most familiar with their bumpers and armor, they also offer impressive roof racks for the Tacoma. This includes their well-known Classic Roof Racks and their newer Base Rack Kits that are ultra-configurable.

    ARB's Tacoma Classic Racks come in either a flat, trade, or deluxe variation. All these racks are the same with the primary difference being the side rails. The flat version does not have any side rails, the trade version only has rails on each side, and the deluxe version has rails on all sides giving you the most security. In terms of construction, the ARB classic racks are built from steel tubing and contain an optional mesh floor. The tie-down options are endless.

    ARB Classic Tacoma Roof Rack

    ARB's newer creation is their base rack which can be built and configured to fit your exact needs. To start, the Base rack will come with the base, mount kit, and deflector. The fun does not stop there 3/4 though as 3/4 rails, trade rails, or full-size rails can be added to the rack within minutes.

    ARB Base Tacoma Roof Rack

    Proline 4x4

    The Proline 4x4 Elite Tacoma roof rack is constructed out of 3/16 inch cold rolled steel and is the perfect solution for mounting accessories and can also accommodate a roof top tent. Due to its steel design, the rack is heavier than some aluminum racks, but the steel construction is preferred by some as it generally is stronger than aluminum.

    Proline offers their Elite roof rack with an optional black powder coat finish, and you have the option to select a standard wind deflector or wind deflector designed to accept a 40-inch light bar.

    Proline 4x4 Tacoma Roof Rack

    DV8 Off-Road

    DV8 Off-Road roof racks including their Toyota Tacoma roof rack are constructed out of aluminum and utilize existing holes on the Tacoma for easy installation. In terms of design, the DV8 Tacoma rack comes with two aluminum side plates, an air deflector, and extruded aluminum cross bars. There is also an included rear fairing for a seamless appearance.

    Thanks to the t-channel extruded aluminum crossbars, the DV8 Tacoma rack can accept most roof rack accessories. Whether you are looking to mount recovery gear, extra fuel/water, or anything else, the DV8 rack will handle it without a hiccup. We cannot forget about the lighting options on the DV8 Tacoma rack. The aluminum side plates come with cutouts that will accept a 6-inch single-row LED bar and 45 inch light bar can be mounted to the front of the roof rack with the included brackets.

    DV8 Tacoma Roof Rack

    Rough Country

    The Rough Country Tacoma rack is one of the most affordable Tacoma racks out there, coming in with a starting price of $599.95. It features an 8-piece steel frame and comes with 5 steel slates that are bolted between the frame. The steel slats do have slots that are pre-cut allowing you to install accessories as desired. It is worth noting that the slates are not adjustable so they can only be affixed in their original position.

    In terms of lighting options, Rough Country does offer a kit with a front-facing LED Light. We have not tested what lights fit in their wind deflector so to be sure we recommend using the Rough Country light provided in the kit. All orders will come with stainless steel hardware which will stand up to the elements.

    Rough Country Tacoma Roof Rack

    Go Rhino

    Go Rhino offers their Ceros Low-Profile roof rack for the Tacoma. This rack features an aluminum construction saving weight and comes with side plates, 4-CORE crossbars with extruded track system, front fairing, and all required hardware.

    The wind fairing comes with a dropped edge allowing you to seamlessly mount a single-row light bar that will remain flush with the frame of the rack. Optional accessories can also be purchased allowing you to mount gear and secure gear as necessary.

    Go Rhino Tacoma Roof Rack

    Tacoma Roof Rack Accessories

    A Tacoma roof rack is not complete without the right accessories to enhance its functionality. Luckily, many of the manufacturers listed above have impressive accessory options and many of their products can work on racks from other manufacturers. One thing to be aware of when interchanging accessories is the crossbar design. Some options to consider include:

    • Roof top tent mounts
    • Awing mounts
    • Tie-down anchors
    • Storage box mounts
    • Fuel and water container mounts
    • Recovery device mounts

    Most of the accessories above are offered and some offer far more accessories. One tip we can offer is it might be worth it to first look at what accessories are available before making your decision. The last thing we want to happen is for you to buy a rack and then realize it cannot support your gear properly when there is likely another rack on that market that could with the use of an accessory.

    Roof rack accessories can also be added and removed depending on your specific needs. They can also be added in the future as your needs change. For many, there is no need to purchase the accessories up front instead get the roof rack installed and assess your needs on an ongoing basis.

    Installing a Tacoma Roof Rack

    When it comes to installing a roof rack on your Toyota Tacoma, the process may vary depending on the specific roof rack model and your vehicle’s configuration. The one thing in common with all the racks listed above and all Tacoma roof racks is they are installed without the need for any drilling. This is thanks to the pre-threaded mounting points found on the roof of the Tacoma under the gutter seal.

    Before you begin, make sure to:

    1. Clean the roof rack and the area where it will be installed.
    2. Inspect the roof rack for any damage or defects.
    3. Gather the necessary tools for installation. All Tacoma racks will be installed with basic hand tools.

    Follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely and take your time to ensure a proper and secure installation. It can be helpful to also have an extra set of hands nearby to help lift the rack onto the vehicle. Once installed, you’ll be ready to hit the road and enjoy the increased storage capacity and versatility that your new Tacoma roof rack provides.


    In this comprehensive guide, we’ve examined the diverse benefits of owning a Tacoma roof rack, highlighting aspects like increased storage capacity, versatility, and enhanced functionality. Furthermore, we’ve analyzed the top Tacoma roof rack options from a variety of manufacturers, such as Leitner Designs, Prinsu, Sherpa, and many others.

    Keep in mind factors like vehicle type, rack type, size, weight capacity, installation process, and cost as you choose the ideal roof rack for your Tacoma. And don’t forget to enhance your roof rack’s functionality with the right accessories, such as LED light bars, rooftop tent mounts, and awning mounts. With the right roof rack and accessories, you’re well-equipped to embark on new adventures and make the most of your Tacoma’s storage capabilities.

    If you have any specific questions or need some help determining the best rack for your lifestyle, don't hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the best roof rack for Tacoma?

    That depends on your specific needs and lifestyle. Leitner Designs Prinsu, Sherpa, Front Runner, and many more can all be great options. Rest assured there is an option out there.

    Can you install a roof rack on a Tacoma?

    Yes, you can install a roof rack on a Tacoma. The Tacoma has pre-threaded inserts on the top of the roof allowing you to seamlessly bolt a rack to the roof.

    Why should I get a roof rack on my Tacoma?

    For off-road or overland adventures, a roof rack on a Tacoma is great for storing extra gear like fuel, tents, etc. It can also support larger items like kayaks and paddleboards. The options are endless.

    Can I mount a roof rack on my access cab Tacoma?

    Absolutely and many manufacturers offer access cab-specific roof racks for the Tacoma.

    How much weight can a Tacoma roof rack hold?

    The static weight capacity of a Tacoma roof rack is approximately 600-1000 pounds, with a dynamic weight capacity of around 300-500 pounds. Please note this varies by manufacturer so please check with them before loading it up.

    What are the main benefits of having a Tacoma roof rack?

    A Tacoma roof rack offers increased storage space, versatility, and improved functionality, making it an essential accessory for your vehicle.

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