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  • Prinsu Roof Racks

    by Ryan Horton August 28, 2023 5 min read

    If you are anything like us, you have struggled to find places to securely mount gear. Stashing things in the back seat can work but what happens when you have friends who want to join on the adventure? A  Prinsu Roof Rack can solve this issue and many more allowing you to be better prepared and ready for whatever the trail throws your way.

    Prinsu Roof Racks have long been known as the go-to Rack for overlanders and mall crawlers alike.

    Prinsu Design Studio was founded well over 10 years ago.

    Since then, they have been relentlessly refining and improving the design of their industry leading Roof Racks.

    “Today's version of the Prinsu Rack is the best one yet. It has been expertly refined based on real world experience and testing. It has only gotten better with time.”

    The Truck Brigade team has first hand experience and can attest to the quality and benefit they provide.

    If you aren't familiar, you might be wondering what vehicles are compatible with a Prinsu Roof Rack. Prinsu offers their Roof Rack for dozens of vehicles including:

    The Toyota Tacoma, Toyota 4Runner, Toyota Tundra, Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, Ford F150, Nissan Frontier, and many more.

    If you are considering going with a Prinsu or are looking for more information, this article will walk you through the benefits and advantages of having a Prinsu Roof Rack. We will outline the specifics of the product and how a Prinsu Roof Rack is guaranteed to add functionality to your rig.

    What is a Prinsu Roof Rack?

    A Prinsu Roof Rack is a low-profile, completely modular, and adjustable Roof Rack designed to transport gear, mount a Roof Top Tent, and hold various accessories for the adventure ahead. All Prinsu Racks are constructed out of high-quality aluminum, come with a black powder coat finish, and many models feature a drill-free installation to factory mounting holes found on the roof of your vehicle.

    As we have heard from many, and definitely agree:

    "A Prinsu Rack is not just another Roof Rack."

    Unlike other Roof Racks…

    Prinsu is considered by experts in the industry to be “The Original”.

    They pioneered this unique design. It’s been emulated by so many in the market today.

    The Prinsu Rack consists of:

    • Two laser cut side rails constructed from aluminum
    • One 1/8 inch aluminum wind deflector with noise reducing edge trim (designed to prevent wind noise)
    • A set number of 2x1 inch extruded aluminum pre-threaded crossbars with drop in points
    • All necessary assembly hardware (black zinc finish)

    Ultimately Prinsu Racks feature some of the lowest profiles on the market coming in at 1.75 - 2.5 inches tall depending upon the vehicle and feature an easy install.

    They are all designed, engineered, and manufactured in Idaho Falls, Idaho.

    Prinsu double cab rack

    While the majority of Racks feature the same sort of design and cover the complete roof of a vehicle, there are different types of Prinsu Roof Racks especially when it comes to the 4Runner. For the 5th Gen 4Runner, Prinsu offers their full-length non-drill Roof Rack as well as a 3/4 Length Roof Rack.

    Prinsu also offers some unique products for the 3rd Gen Tacoma with factory desert intake and a shorter Tacoma Rack for those with campers like the AT Habitat or a 4 wheel camper model that overhangs over the cab of the truck.

    Benefits of a Prinsu Roof Rack

    After all, the reason you might be considering a Prinsu is because of its benefits. A Prinsu Roof Rack offers numerous solutions and benefits to those who have it installed on a daily driver or to those who have it installed on off-road or overland rig. In simplest terms, the Prinsu rack systems are designed to increase your overall carrying capacity and can support many different load sizes including very large loads.

    But that’s not all.

    Its ability to haul and store gear is only one of many benefits offered and probably not our personal favorite. We love how the Prinsu can act as an excellent mounting point for numerous accessories ensuring your vehicle is ready for anything.

    Both Light Bars and Accessory Lighting can seamlessly attach to a Prinsu Roof Rack. Awnings, recovery gear, fuel/water containers, tool mounts, and other accessories? No problem, they all can mount to a Prinsu with ease.

    Looking for a way to mount your Roof Top Tent? A Prinsu is perfect for mounting Roof Top Tents and are specifically designed to support the weight of a Roof Top Tent.

    A Prinsu really can be set up to not only fit your lifestyle, but also fit the adventure.

    And here is an important distinction…

    All Prinsu products are backed by Prinsu’s limited lifetime warranty and come with free shipping.

    Absolutely and the options are endless. For starters, a Prinsu varies based upon the front wind deflector. You can select a standard wind deflector or one with a cutout allowing you to have a mounted Light Bar. On some models you also have the ability to add optional Shield Plates.

    These Shield Plates bolt directly to the side rails and serve two purposes. First they add additional strength to the Rack and second they provide a way to add a customized look to your Rack - especially if they are powder coated a different color than the side rails that come with the Rack.

    It is also worth mentioning that the accessories you plan to add will provide a unique customized look as well.

    Can a Prinsu Roof Rack be used for off-road or overland adventures?

    Definitely! That was a contributing factor to why the product was developed in the first place. Prinsu Racks can transport camping gear, mount an awning for added shade, hold your Roof Top Tent or ShowerPOD, and much more.

    They are the go-to modular Rack for people like us who find themselves off the beaten path for days at a time.

    What is the weight capacity of a Prinsu Roof Rack?

    Most Prinsu Racks can support 600-800 pounds (static) and 300-400 pounds (dynamic). This is an impressive amount of weight considering most weigh between 40 and 60 pounds total.

    How much does a Prinsu Roof Rack cost?

    The cost of a Prinsu varies based on the specific model and configuration, but it usually averages between $800 and $1,100 for most models.

    What accessories are available for a Prinsu Roof Rack?

    The Prinsu Roof Rack by itself with standard configurations is impressive, but the Prinsu Roof Rack Accessories should get every Prinsu Rack owner excited. Prinsu manufactures various mounting brackets for recovery boards, Roof Top Tents, fuel/water containers and more.

    Prinsu Load Panels are another excellent product that come powder coated and act as a flat mounting surface with pre-drilled holes and slots. These allow for increased cargo security.

    One of our favorite things about Prinsu Accessories is you really have the ability to outfit your rack to fit the specific adventure or trip. For example, if you are going out on a multi-day remote excursion, you might decide to carry extra fuel. Prinsu offers their RotoPaX Dual Crossbar Mount for this exact reason allowing you to mount RotoPaX Fuel Cans. It is truly the swiss army knife of Roof Racks.

    PrinSu RotoPax Mount Double

    How is a Prinsu Roof Rack Installed

    Installing a Prinsu is relatively easy, but the installation does vary depending on the Rack and/or vehicle you have. For many vehicles such as the Tacoma and 4Runner, no drilling is required, but for other models minor drilling may be required. We recommend that you review the official installation instructions for the given model as well as installation videos which can be very beneficial.

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