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  • Prinsu HABITAT Roof Rack | Toyota Tacoma (2005-2023)

    • Prinsu Habitat Rack is designed to work exclusively with the 2005+ Toyota Tacoma that have an in-the-bed camper extending over the cab.
    • Partial Rack has been tested to work on trucks with an AT Habitat or 4Wheel Camper. Potentially will work with other in the bed campers
    • Fully modular design and completely bolt together Rack.
    • Full aluminum construction for enhanced weight savings while maintaining strength.
    • Maximizes your vehicles carrying capacity and cargo security.
    • Maximizes your vehicles carrying capacity.
    • Designed, engineered, and constructed in the U.S.A.

    Prinsu Rack systems have long been known to lead the industry in terms of quality and functionality. The Tacoma Habitat Rack is no exception and the go to rack for bed campers. It is a completely modular Rack that sports an impressive load capacity and offers numerous solutions for mounting accessories.

    Prinsu Habitat Roof Rack on a Tacoma

    The Prinsu Habitat Rack consists of two laser cut side rails constructed out of 3/16 inch aluminum, 2x1 inch aluminum extrusion cross bars with exclusive Prinsu drop points, a 1/8 inch aluminum plate wind deflector with noise reducing edge trim (designed t prevent wind noise), and all the necessary assembly hardware. Prinsu offers the wind deflector with or without a cutout. The cutout options allow you to mount a Light Bar or Light Pods to the Habitat rack. Like other Prisu Racks, it comes with a black powder coat finish.

    While the Toyota Tacoma Habitat Rack is guaranteed to provide a safe and secure mounting point for gear, it also works perfectly with Prinsu's line of Roof Rack mounted products including their Awning Mounts, tool mounts, and more. The unique facing t slot channel on the Prinsu cross bars has built in drop points for accessories. The Prinsu 3rd Gen Tacoma Habitat Rack also offers numerous solutions for cargo security including multiple tie down options.


    What is a Toyota Tacoma Prinsu Habitat Rack, and how does it differ from other Roof Racks? The Toyota Tacoma Habitat Rack is a Rack designed to be used with in the bed campers such as an AT Overland Camper or 4 Wheel Camper.

    What is the weight capacity of a Prinsu Habitat Rack, and what kind of gear can I carry on it? The Habitat Rack for the 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacoma can easily hold 300-400 pounds. It works great for carrying all sorts of gear.

    How easy is it to install a Prinsu Habitat Rack on my vehicle, and what tools do I need? The Prinsu Habitat Tacoma Rack can be usually installed in 2-3 using basic hand tools. It is specifically designed for the 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacoma and installs to factory rear and forward mounting points.

    How much wind noise does the Prinsu Rack generate? Usually very little. Prinsu Racks are specifically designed to be low-profile and each Rack consists of a wind deflector and noise reducing edge trim.

    Can I use a Prinsu Habitat Rack with a Rooftop tent, and if so, which models are compatible? Since the Habitat Rack is designed to work with in the bed campers, and Rooftop Tent is not usually used with a Habitat Rack.

    What is the cost of a Habitat Rack, and where can I buy one? It starts at $720 and can be purchased through Truck Brigade. We offer free shipping.

    What is the warranty and return policy for Habitat racks? Like all Prinsu Racks, a limited lifetime warranty is available.The return policy varies depending on the reason but a restocking fee may be charged.

    How does the Prinsu Habitat Rack system affect the fuel efficiency of my vehicle? The Habitat Prinsu Rack is a very low-profile Rack. There is no meaningful decrease in fuel efficiency because of the Rack.

    Can I install a Habitat Rack on any vehicle, or are there specific models that it's designed for? No, if you have a 2nd or 3rd Gen Tacoma (2005-2023), the Habitat Rack will work. It is designed to fit both the access cab Tacoma (Access Cab Rack) and double cab Tacoma with a camper installed.

    Are there any installation videos or guides available for the Habitat Rack system? There is not currently a specific installation guide available for the Habitat Rack. However the installation is very similar to the Prinsu Tacoma Double Cab Rack installation. We suggest referencing that installation guide.


    • Material: Aluminum.
    • Side Plate Material: 3/16 inch high-grade aluminum.
    • Wind Deflector Material: 1/8 inch high-grade aluminum.
    • Cross bar Material: 2x1 inch t-channel aluminum with drop in points.
    • Finish: Powder coated satin black.
    • Fitment: 2005-2023 Toyota Tacoma.
    • Weight: 35 pounds.
    • Static Capacity: 600-800 pounds.
    • Dynamic Capacity: 300-400 pounds.
    • Light Bar: Optional 40 inch light bar (Baja Designs, Rigid Industries, Cali Raised etc.).
    • Installation: Factory mounting points.


    Installation of your Toyota Tacoma Habitat Prinsu Rack is quite simple and can typically be completed at home within a few hours. Included with your Prinsu Rack will be all necessary hardware to complete the install. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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