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  • 10 Must-Have Prinsu Roof Rack Accessories for Your Adventure Rig

    by Ryan Horton August 28, 2023 4 min read

    Do you have a Prinsu roof rack? If so, you're off to a great start.

    But that's not where this journey ends.

    While Prinsu racks provide superior storage support, the brand also offers a handful of convenient accessories that enhance the overall function of your rack.

    Prinsu Accessories Overview


    Your truck or SUV has so much potential.

    Why not give it everything it needs to take your camping, hauling, and day-to-day storage to the next level?

    Not sure where to start? Keep reading.

    In this article, you learn of the ten best Prinsu roof rack accessories and how they can elevate your rack system.

    Key Takeaways

    • Prinsu racks are fully customizable.
    • Prinsu accessories allow you to transport essential items such as a MAXTRAX, awnings, or RotopPaX.
    • Your roof rack can hold multiple Prinsu accessories at a time.

    The Prinsu MAXTRAX Mount

    You never quite know what troubles you'll find yourself in on or off the road. When you're working with rough terrain, such as mud or sand, there's always a chance your vehicle may get stuck.

    MAXTRAX to the rescue. A MAXTRAX is a recovery board that assists with vehicle removal. To securely transport this tool, you need a Prinsu MAXTRAX Mount. Protected with a satin black powder coat, corrosion and rust are no match for this Prinsu product.

    Prinsu Maxtrax Mount

    Prinsu Awning Mount

    There's nothing that beats kicking back on a warm summer's day to enjoy the cool shade under your truck's awning. With your Prinsu rack, installing an awning has never been easier. Simply install Prinsu Awning Mount Brackets and attach it to your roof or top rack. These mounts are designed to work with just about any awning type, and their steel composition means you'll have them for many years to come.

    Prinsu RotoPaX Mount

    A RotoPaX is a must-have for adventure enthusiasts. These packs provide storage for extra fuel or water; you never know when you'll need some extra resources. Luckily, Prinsu has RotoPaX Mounts making it easy for you to attach this product to your roof rack. Choose between the recommended Dual Crossbar Mount or the Single Crossbar Mount, whichever suits your rack system best.

    Prinsu Ridgeline Handles

    Prinsu ridgeline handles

    It's not always easy accessing your overhead cargo after a long drive. That's why Prinsu offers Ridgeline Handles to make loading or unloading easier. These handles attach directly to your rack and conveniently add some leverage to your system.

    Prinsu Roof Top Tent Mounts

    What if you could hit the road, find a scenic spot to camp out for the night, and not have to spend your afternoon or evening setting up a ground tent? Well, with a rooftop tent, you don't have to. In order to house one of these abodes, you're going to need some high-quality mounts. The Prinsu Roof Top Tent Mounts offer your rack the support it needs to haul any tent you choose.

    Prinsu WaterPORT Mount

    Water isn't easy to come by when you're in a dry climate or off the grid. A WaterPORT is a self-pressurizing tank that allows you to spray off your gear or cool down on warm days. To transport this product, you need Prinsu WaterPORT Mounts. These mounts are attached directly to your crossbars and don't require any special modifications.

    Prinsu waterport mount

    Prinsu Rack Bottle Opener

    Why not utilize your roof rack top rack to the best of your ability? One of our favorite products is the Prinsu Rack Bottle Opener. Installation is simple; the device doesn't take up much room and provides a convenient solution whenever you need to crack open a cold one.

    Prinsu bottle opener

    Prinsu Tie Down Rings

    You can never have too much security when it comes to transporting your outdoor accessories. If you need a little extra support, consider installing the Prinsu Tie Down Rings to your rack, which provides an easier way to attach gear to your system.

    Prinsu Wind Deflector Decal

    Add a customized aesthetic to your roof rack with the Prinsu Wind Deflector Decals. Traditional wind deflectors blend in with the rest of your roof rack system. Stand out and give your truck some extra flair. Let your personality shine through, and choose between four rugged style offerings.

    Prinsu deflector decal

    Prinsu Noise Reducing Edge Trim

    When you hit the road, the last thing you want to have is wind noise coming from the roof rack. Luckily, if wind noise is a problem for you, Prinsu has Noise Reducing Edge Trim to buffer the sound. The rubber edge trim fits flawlessly and attaches to your roof rack in minutes.

    Less Isn't Always More

    When it comes to roof racks, less isn't always more. You want to utilize your rack to provide you with exactly what you need while you're on the road. Install one, two, or even three Prinsu accessories onto your rack system and make the most out of your truck.

    Truck Brigade has a full stock of Prinsu accessories, even more than what's featured in this article. Whether you need mounts for your light bars or simply want USA made products or brands, we've got you covered.

    We've given you a quick view of what your rack is capable of. Of all the products listed above, which one will you choose to enhance your next adventure?

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