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  • Prinsu Roof Rack vs. Sherpa Roof Rack - Which Is Right For You?

    by Ryan Horton August 27, 2023 5 min read

    Like most of us, you have probably realized the factory roof rails on your rig are weak and cannot hold gear very well. Or, you simply are looking for a way to mount a Roof Top Tent or looking for additional storage options. A  Roof Rack is going to be a best option to solve those needs as well as many more. Once you start looking into different Roof Racks, you will quickly become overwhelmed with the options and be left with a lot of questions. Prinsu and Sherpa are two of the leading Roof Rack Brands in the market offering Roof Racks for many vehicles including the Tacoma, 4Runner, Tundra, F150, Colorado, and more. We have decided to put them head-to-head and compare the various features and options. This comparison is not going to deliver a "this rack is better than that rack" as we believe that each Rack has specific features that will cater to your specific needs. Our goal is always to ensure you have the gear that you need for the journey ahead.

    In this guide, we are going to compare Prinsu and Sherpa Racks. We are not focusing on any specific model or fitment option. Rather we are doing a broad comparison of the two brands Racks which encompass the various models they offer. We will discuss different features, price points, material, and ease of installation so you have a complete picture of which Rack is the best, for you.


    Prinsu: The Original Modular Roof Rack

    If you have seen a Roof Rack while out at a local trail, camping, or in general on a Toyota Tacoma…chances are that at least some of them were a Prinsu Rack. Prinsu Roof Racks are one of the top selling Roof Racks on the market today and they aren't meant just for overlanders. Prinsu's Roof Rack Systems are modular, adjustable, and completely bolt together Roof Racks that can carry the gear in an organized and convenient fashion. These roof mounted racks are completely bolt-on for most applications, capable of carrying cargo boxes, Roof Top Tents, mounting Light Bars, and designed for heavy-duty use.

    Prinsu Racks are constructed of 3/16 inch 5052 aerospace aluminum laser cut side rails with 2 x 1 inch extruded aluminum crossbars that allow you to securely mount the gear. Each rack comes with a 1/8 inch 5052 aluminum wind fairing as well as an included noise reducing edge trim, ensuring road noise is kept on the road and out of the cabin. The wind fairing does provide the option to accommodate a 40 inch light bar and on some full-size vehicles offer a 50 inch Light Bar cutout.

    All necessary hardware to complete the installation of the Prinsu Roof Rack is included with directions easily found online. Spacers, bolts, washers, and everything else is included for a straightforward installation. While most applications do not require drilling by utilizing factory holes; those applications that do require you to drill provide specific instructions one where to drill and how to avoid any unwanted damage to your truck, car, or SUV. It is also important to mention that whether you are required to drill or not, Prinsu recommends the use of silicone to ensure there is no water intrusion and mother nature doesn't find a way into the cabin of your vehicle.

    Prinsu is one of the most versatile Racks on the market that also comes in at a great price point. Prinsu Racks offer a variety of  Roof Rack Accessories for items such as MAXTRAX, RotoPaX, Roof Top Tents, Waterport, and grab handles that can be added to make accessing gear easier. This is a Rack that has been tried and tested in the field by weekend warriors, seasoned overlanders, and the family looking to simply increase storage capacity. Unlike other Roof Racks on the market, Prinsu offers optional Rack Side Plates that can be ordered in different colors allowing you to customize your look while also adding an additional level of strength due to the thicker material. Prinsu Roof Racks have proven to be an invaluable addition that unlocks the capabilities of your vehicle.

    Sherpa Equipment Co.: Innovative, Lightweight, Ready for Adventure

    While Prinsu claims to be the original, Sherpa has been gaining traction in the market due to their innovative designs and additional fitment options not found elsewhere. Sherpa constantly looks for ways to innovate and grow, ensuring that their line of heavy-duty modular Roof Racks are always ready to answer when adventure calls.

    Sherpa Roof Racks are equipped with what they call the "Sherpa Edge." The Sherpa Edge is used to differentiate their Roof Racks from the numerous others on the market today. This is done through a higher-grade aluminum, thicker materials, integrated handles and tie down points, stainless steel hardware, rubber proof seals, flat top mounting, and tight fit side plates to match factory body lines. Let's dive into these features a little more to see what sets Sherpa apart from other Roof Racks.

    Sherpa utilizes 6061 aluminum over the competitors 5052 for superior strength and durability. You combine this aircraft-grade aluminum with overall thicker 1/4 inch aluminum side plates and you can explore more and worry less about how your rack will hold up against the adventure ahead. Sherpa's modular Racks feature integrated handles and tie down points, so your gear is always within an arms reach. The flat top mounting helps ensure that you have maximum contact with the crossbars which in turn helps distribute the weight more efficiently. It is important to note that the design of the Sherpa Roof Rack is meant to hold more than the roof of your vehicle can support. However, a good metric is 600lbs static and 300lbs dynamic.

    All hardware will be included to complete the installation and like Prinsu Racks, Sherpa Racks are mostly non-drill but on applications that require drilling the installation instructions will clearly outline how to correctly position and install your Sherpa Roof Rack. One feature here that sets Sherpa apart from the competition is that you are not required to use silicone. Sherpa includes rubber seals that protects your vehicle against water intrusion. Sherpa does have optional mounts and  Sherpa Accessories that allow you to carry items such as MAXTRAX, RotoPaX, Waterport, ROAM Cases, Roof Top Tents, Awnings, and more!

    Sherpa Equipment Co. was designed in the Rockies, put to the test in the harshest environments possible, and built for adventure. The Sherpa Roof Rack is ready for wherever your adventure may take you and ensure that the gear you need is never far away. If you are looking for an innovative, durable, Roof Rack; then Sherpa Equipment Co. is the option for you.

    Prinsu vs. Sherpa Roof Rack

    If you have any questions, concerns, or anything at all that may not be answered here, please contact one of our dedicated reps. The goal at Truck Brigade is to ensure you have the gear that works best for you. Please contact us directly by phone (888) 550-3028, by chatting in, or sending an email our way to

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