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  • Prinsu

    by Ryan Horton August 27, 2023 4 min read

    If you have spent some time shopping around for a roof rack chances are you have come across  Prinsu.

    This is because Prinsu is a staple in the industry and considered by many to be "The Original."

    If you are not familiar with Prinsu and what they have to offer, stick around!

    Prinsu has become a staple in the industry since releasing their first Tacoma Cabrac more than 10 years ago. Today, Prinsu has taken that success and launched a number of other products including roof racks and top racks for many different vehicles as well as one of the most complete accessory lineups out there.

    The team at Truck Brigade has worked with the Prinsu brand since 2017 and has seen first hand the success and quality. We also happen to have some hands-on experience with Prinsu products.

    But, are Prinsu products even good?

    Toyota 4Runner with a Prinsu Non-Drill Roof Rack

    Aside from being the pioneers of the aluminum side plate/t-channel cross bar roof rack design, they continue to advance the ball in terms of quality and functionality. It also doesn't hurt that all their products are made right here in the U.S.A. Idaho Falls, Idaho to be exact.

    Who doesn't love quality American made products?

    Whether you are looking for a Toyota 4Runner Prinsu roof rack or something as simple as a MAXTRAX mount for your existing Prinsu rack, Prinsu has something that will deliver.

    Prinsu Roof Racks

    As previously mentioned, Prinsu is considered by many to be the pioneers of the current overland roof rack design you see offered by many. This started with the featured best selling Prinsu Double Cab Tacoma roof rack and has since exploded to Lexus vehicles and even Ford vehicles to just name a few. They even make a Subaru Crosstrek roof rack.

    Today, Prinsu offers dozens of different Prinsu racks for many of the popular vehicles on the market. Over the years Prinsu has stood their ground when it comes to quality and actually have pushed the limits and introduced new popular features shared by all Prinsu roof racks.

    Key Features of a Prinsu Roof Rack

    • Low-profile and lightweight aluminum design
    • Most racks feature a drill free installation
    • Completely modular design that works with all Prinsu accessories
    • Excellent platform for mounting a roof top tent

    Each Prinsu roof rack comes standard with 2 laser cut aluminum side rails, 2x1 inch crossbars with Prinsu's unique drop points, wind deflector with included noise reducing edge trim and all the necessary hardware. The wind deflector and noise trim do a great job at reducing that unwanted wind noise on your way to adventure.

    Prinsu Roof Rack mounted on XOverland Tacoma

    Prinsu's unique design provides ample room for storing gear and accessories you might have otherwise had in your back seat or truck bed.

    Wondering how to mount a roof top tent on your vehicle?

    Look no further than a Prinsu roof rack which can act as an excellent mounting platform for most tents.

    Prinsu Top Racks

    Prinsu top racks are a lot like Prinsu roof racks but they are designed to be installed on a fiberglass topper (A.R.E. SnugTOP, or Leer etc.).

    However, you have other options with Prinsu's universal top racks. We have seen them installed on overland trailers, bed bars or bed racks, and more.

    Prinsu Top Rack mounted to CBI Tacoma Bed Bars

    But lets get down to the facts that matter.

    Prinsu top racks share many of the benefits seen with Prinsu roof racks such as a low-profile completely bolt together adjustable design, impressive weight capacity, and flawless compatibility with Prinsu accessories.

    Prinsu topper racks are available for many different specific vehicles and there are also universal options that can be adapted to fit your specific needs.

    Prinsu Accessories

    While Prinsu roof racks and top racks are impressive, Prinsu accessories take things to a whole new level and allow you to customize the rack to fit your needs.

    After all, a plain rack is boring.

    Prinsu knows this. That is why they are always increasing their offering of accessories designed to work flawlessly with their rack systems. Whether you are looking to mount awnings, WaterPORT, or RotoPaX Prinsu has a solution. Don't forget about the Prinsu bottle opener to help wet your whistle.

    It is worth noting that you are not limited with what the Prinsu rack can hold. This is primarily due to the unique t-channel cross bars that come standard on Prinsu racks. The unique design of the cross bars feature drop points allowing accessories to easily slide into the channels without the need to remove the cross bars.

    Prinsu Roof Rack with Mounted Accessories

    It's not out of the ordinary to see bikes, kayaks, snowboards and more mounted on a Prinsu rack. Chances are with a Prinsu rack anything is possible.

    Final Thoughts

    The fact of the matter is you cannot go wrong with Prinsu products. We are not here saying its your only option, but we are saying Prinsu is a quality brand that has been thoroughly tested and continues to impress.

    The Prinsu lifetime warranty on all products doesn't hurt and gives us some peace of mind knowing that they will stand by their products.

    If you have any questions about Prinsu products we would love to help you out. We are here to ultimately enhance your adventure. 

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