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  • Leitner Designs Bed Rack - The Must Have Bed Rack for Hauling a Dirt Bike

    by Ryan Horton September 25, 2023 4 min read

    Discover the Active Cargo System FORGED Bed Rack from Leitner Designs and how it can revolutionize your dirt bike hauling experience. This robust system offers an efficient solution for transporting bikes that is secure and reliable, with innovative accessories to make life easier. No more struggling with hassles or inconvenience when taking off-road adventures - let this advanced bed rack do all the hard work so you don’t have to!

    Leitner ACS Rack RAM truck.

    Key Takeaways

    • Leitner Designs Bed Rack offers a heavy-duty, versatile hauling platform for dirt bikes and other outdoor gear.
    • Multiple tie down options ensure safe transportation of cargo with an impressive load capacity, accommodating up to 1,400 pounds static and 800/400 dynamic on road/off road respectively.
    • Accessories available include water resistant and lockable modular storage solutions (GearPODs), HydroPOD multi-functional water storage system, universal mounting plates, awning brackets and more.

    Active Cargo System FORGED

    Leitner Designs offers the Active Cargo System - a fully modular bed rack that works perfectly for transporting large items including dirt bikes. It is part of their ever-expanding line and can easily handle heavy loads, featuring multiple tie down points as well as a rear sliding load bar for added convenience.

    Active Cargo System FORGED bed rack system with single piece uprights forged for extreme load capacity

    Rear Sliding Load Bar

    Leitner Design's bed racks feature a Rear Sliding Load Bar, which cannot be found on any other bed rack out there. This rear sliding load bar allows you to easily adapt the bed rack to accept larger items in a matter of seconds. Forget taking the bed rack off to haul larger items. By simply twisting the knobs, you can slide the rear load bar all the way to the front of your rack allowing larger items to fit inside the bed rack.

    Leitner Designs Bed Rack with rear sliding load bar

    Multiple Tie Down Options

    When you secure a bike and other gear with the Leitner Designs bed rack, you know they’re safe and can focus on exploring. The t-bolt channels accept a variety of accessories such as Leitner's Tie-Down Rings which are a convenient way to keep gear secure. Even without the tie-down rings, the Leitner ACS has multiple easily accessible options for securing down gear using ratchet straps or bungee cords.

    Impressive Load Capacity

    The Leitner Designs rack has an extremely impressive load capacity that makes it suitable for even the most intense hauling needs. It can handle 1,400 pounds of static weight and up to 800 pounds on-road or 400 pounds off-road.

    No matter what your journey brings you, this strong bed rack ensures your gear stays safe and secure no matter how rough the trail might be.

    Leitner Designs Accessories

    Leitner Designs provide an exceptional rack system with various accessories to optimize and customize the system according to your specific needs. Some of the top Leitner Designs bed rack accessories include GearPODs, HydroPODs, Universal Mounting Plates, and more. All these additions enable users to create their own unique truck storage solution.

    GearPOD, GearPOD DUAL, and GearPOD XL

    The GearPOD, GearPOD DUAL and GearPOD XL are lockable storage solutions for tools, equipment, helmets, and other necessities. These water-resistant Gear Pods are designed to easily mount to Leitner Designs’ ACS racks to ensure all your gear is kept safe during off-road excursions.

    Leitner Designs accessories with ever growing line of products for racks


    The HydroPOD, a water storage system that conveniently attaches to the bed rack, is perfect for a day at the track. This multifunctional accessory is perfect for general rinsing needs giving you on-demand pressurized water. Transforming into a shower kit, the Leitner HydroPOD is perfect for a nice rinse off before getting back into your rig.

    HydroPOD water storage solution

    Universal Mounting Plate

    The bed rack system is enhanced with an optional universal mounting plate, a robust accessory designed to mount accessories including RotoPaX Fuel and Water containers. Universal Mounting Plates can also easily accept tools and recovery gear.

    Awning Brackets

    Leitner Designs bed racks can be equipped with ACS FORGED awning brackets for mounting an awning, granting you protection and shelter during off-road trips. These durable brackets provide simple installation of the accessory to the rack while ensuring its secure fastening so that even after an exciting day out riding you can take pleasure in chilling out under some shade.


    To conclude, Leitner Designs’ Active Cargo System FORGED is the ideal bed rack system for carrying dirt bikes and other outdoor equipment. It has a remarkable load capacity, numerous tie-down options as well as its easily adjustable rear sliding load bar. This all contributes to an unrivalled transporting experience for your valuable gear. There are multiple accessories you can choose from such as GearPODs, HydroPODS along with universal mounting plates and sun shade brackets that make sure no matter what setup of yours requires more convenience or flexibility when travelling - it’s right here!

    So, if you need something dependable yet versatile like the FORGED bed rack by Leitner Designs then don’t look any further: because their advanced features combined together with meaningful add-ons result in convenient off-roading excursions which come worry free!

    Leitner ACS Bed Rack carrying two dirt bikes.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What types of cargo can the Leitner Designs Active Cargo System FORGED bed rack securely haul?

    Leitner Designs’ Active Cargo System FORGED bed rack is designed to securely hold items such as camping equipment, dirt bikes and other gear. This specialized system will ensure that your belongings remain safe during transport.

    What is the load capacity of the Leitner Designs bed rack?

    Leitner Designs’ bed rack is capable of safely holding 1,400 pounds in a static position. The dynamic load capacity on-road could reach up to 800 pounds and off-road it can support 400 pounds worth of weight.

    Can I customize the Leitner Designs bed rack with additional accessories?

    Leitner Designs’ bed rack is customizable with extra accessories like GearPODs, HydroPODs, mounting plates and awning brackets. This offers the option to personalize your own rack so you can get all of the benefits out of it that meet your specific needs.

    How does the Rear Sliding Load Bar work?

    The rear sliding load bar is an exclusive feature only found on Leitner Bed Racks. Simply loosen the knobs and slide the load bar forward to free up space for larger items.

    What are the benefits of using the HydroPOD accessory?

    The HydroPOD offers a handy water source for outdoor use and can be used as a shower or for any other needs that require pressurized water.

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