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  • Unleash Your Vehicle's Potential with C4 Fabrication Products

    by Ryan Horton September 26, 2023 7 min read

    Are you an owner of a Toyota with the ambition of hitting the trails in a capable rig and desire to unlock your vehicle’s full potential? C4 Fabrication is here to help by providing top notch off-road parts accessories designed especially for Toyota models. In this post, we’ll review C4 Fabrication's products in detail and focus on their Overland Series Rear Bumper. We’ll take a closer look at other popular items such as rock sliders, front bumpers and more.

    Key Takeaways

    • C4 Fabrication specializes in high-quality, tailor-made aftermarket accessories for Toyota vehicles.

    • The Overland Series Rear Bumper offers enhanced performance and functionality through improved departure angles, integrated recovery points, a winch mount and more.

    • Customers praise C4 Fabrication products for their quality and performance.

    C4 Fabrication: Enhancing Your Off-Road Experience

    C4 Fabrication is a Sturgis, South Dakota based company that specializes in fabricating off-road Toyota bumper systems, armor, rock sliders, and accessories. Each of their products are made to the highest standards possible right here in the USA to guarantee quality and toughness for those who push their vehicle to the next level.

    What sets C4 apart from others you might ask? Their quality fabrication and well thought out products to maximize your rigs potential is what makes them stand out amongst other companies within this industry.

    History of C4 Fabrication

    Caleb Rupp of C4 Fabrication

    Caleb Rupp is the founder of C4 Fabrication, an industry-leading company devoted to creating top notch off-road bumpers, sliders and armor specifically designed for Toyota 4WD vehicles like the 4Runner and Tacoma.

    C4 Fabrication was founded in 2015 and since that time had grown steadily. C4 is always innovating with new products and continuously improving designs. We expect C4 to continue to impress and build off their impressive reputation. When it comes to developing products for vehicles other than Toyotas, rest assured we are patiently waiting, but not sure if we will see the day.

    Toyota Focused

    Toyota enthusiasts can count on C4 Fabrication to provide quality, durable products that fit perfectly and deliver superior performance. From rock sliders, front bumpers, to skid plates - the company’s dedication towards Toyota vehicles has earned them praise from users for their unique compatibility as compared with more generic off-road accessories. The special attention given by the brand ensures a perfect match that caters specifically to meet all needs of Toyota owners.

    The C4 Fabrication Overland Series Rear Bumper: A Comprehensive Overview

    C4 Fabrication Overland Series Rear Bumper on a 2010+ 4Runner

    The C4 Fabrication Overland Series Rear Bumper is a specific product designed for Toyota 4Runners, Toyota Tacomas, and Toyota Tundras that provides superb off-road performance. This heavy duty bumper boasts an array of features, all aimed at giving the user increased abilities when tackling rough terrain.

    Better protection and added functionality are just two benefits users can expect from this rear bumper making it ideal for any serious 4Runner, Tacoma, or Tundra enthusiast looking to take on demanding challenges with ease. Let’s have a closer look into how the design, functions, and versatility differ from some of the other rear bumpers on the market.

    Design and Construction

    The Overland Series Rear Bumper is constructed with 3/16 inch P&O steel and other high-grade materials designed to withstand tough conditions. The Overland Series Rear Bumper is also ultra-customizable with the ability to order the bumper with no swing outs, half swing out, single swing out, or dual swing outs. Swing outs are perfect for mounting over-sized spare tires and accessories such as MAXTRAX or RotoPaX.

    In short, this rear bumper provides essential defense for your vehicle when navigating trails, along with offering superior strength which cannot be found with other bumpers out there. It’s a great investment if you need superior quality and reliability out on the trail!

    Functionality and Performance

    The Overland Series Rear Bumper has been designed to offer improved protection and capabilities when traversing off-road terrain. Its enhanced departure angles, integrated recovery points, LED lighting cutouts, and integrated receiver hitch combine to make your journey more successful by keeping you safe nd providing you with you tools you need.

    These features guarantee that the bumper doesn’t just look good but is incredibly reliable too as it enables an increased level of maneuverability along with some much needed convenience such as being able to tow a trailer or whatever else may be necessary on those adventures into unknown lands!

    We cannot forget the swing out options for the bumper. As mentioned you have the ability to select a no swing outs, half-length swing out, full-length single swing out, or duel swing outs. Here is some further information on those options:

    • No Swing Out - The no swing out option for the Overland Series Rear Bumper does not come with any optional accessories with the exception of light cutouts in the bumper itself. Think of this as more of a traditional bumper in which you won't be able to mount your spare or secure other accessories.

    • Half-Length Swing Out - The half-length swing out for the Overland Series Rear Bumper includes a tire carrier and the ability to mount a HAM antenna if desired. This configuration can be a great option for those wanting to maintain the use of a rear ladder on their 4Runner.

      C4 Fabrication Overland Series Rear Bumper with half-length swing out.
    • Single Full-Length Swing Out - The single full-length swing out is very similar to the dual swing out option touched on below. The primary difference in terms of options is the single swing allows you to attach a horizontal Hi-Lift Jack if desired. The other benefit with this particular configuration is it can be easier and quicker to open the swing out since it is only a single swing and not a dual swing.

      C4 Fabrication Overland Series Rear Bumper with full-length swing out.

    • Dual Swing Out - The dual swing out option is one of the most popular configurations for the Overland Series Rear Bumper. Like the single-swing option, the dual swing out features a single latch and with that latch opened you have essentially two doors that can be swung out. These two swing outs are perfect for mounting extra fuel and water, recovery gear, and much more.

      C4 Fabrication Overland Series Rear Bumper with dual swing outs.

    Compatibility and Installation

    The C4 Fabrication Overland Series Rear Bumper has broad compatibility with multiple Toyota models, including the 4Runner (2010+), Tundra (3rd Gen 2022+) and Tacoma (3rd Gen 2016-2023).

    Installation is simple enough to do in approximately 3-4 hours using basic hand tools. It is recommend to have a helping hand as lifting the bumper and aligning it with the mounts is near impossible. If you do not feel comfortable installing the bumper, we recommend having a reputable shop complete the installation.

    Other Popular C4 Fabrication Products

    If you’re a Toyota owner looking to maximize your vehicles protection aside from a bumper, C4 Fabrication can help in that department too. Rock sliders, skid plates, and other vehicle based accessories are also offered by C4.

    You can be sure that each product is made with care right here in the U.S.A.

    Rock Sliders

    When it comes to off-roading, fitting your Toyota with rock sliders is an excellent choice for ensuring maximum protection. C4 Fabrication’s steel sliders boast an expertly crafted design that provides enhanced durability while protecting the vehicle’s rocker panels from rocks and other hazards encountered on the trail. They also offer easy access in and out of your vehicle very much like a step.

    Toyota off-road vehicle with C4 Fabrication rock sliders

    Front Bumpers

    Toyota drivers looking to enhance their off-roading experiences can benefit from a front bumper by C4 Fabrication. These bumpers are constructed out of heavy duty steel and offer increased approach angles, light bar and light pod cutouts, and winch capability.

    Installing a C4 Bumpers such as the Tacoma Hybrid Front Bumper or 4Runner Overland Series Front Bumper will ensure that your vehicle is capable enough to handle the toughest trails and safe enough to act as a barrier from rocks, trees, animals, and other things typically found on the trail.

    C4 Fabrication Hybrid Front Bumper on a 3rd Gen Tundra

    Customer Experiences: What Toyota Owners Are Saying About C4 Fabrication

    It is essential that we consider what Toyota owners think of C4 Fabrication’s range of accessories. We will now review customer feedback, both positive and negative in order to better understand the products’ value and performance.

    By investigating how fellow Toyota users have experienced these items, it helps us form a more comprehensive view on them.

    Positive Feedback

    Customers have highly praised the craftsmanship, dependability and functioning of C4 Fabrication items as well as their dedication to customer service. Many Toyota users noticed how these products improved both off-roading abilities and lifespan with an easy installation.

    The overwhelmingly positive feedback from Toyota customers show that C4 Fabrication has proved successful in optimizing performance for rough terrain trips while providing a second-to-none experience throughout the process.

    Areas for Improvement

    Toyota owners Express a great satisfaction with the quality and durability of C4 Fabrication’s off-road products, despite isolated cases that mentioned longer production times or fitment troubles.

    All in all customers still maintain their positive opinion when it comes to these accessories since they are able to elevate both performance and joy while driving. Recently C4 Fabrication has improved their lead times drastically and are actually one of the quickest to ship when it comes to custom fabricated products. Current C4 lead times are as follows:

     Product Category Lead Time
    Front Bumpers ~ 10 Weeks
    Rear Bumpers ~ 10 Weeks
    Skid Plates ~ 2 Weeks
    Rock Sliders ~ 10 Weeks
    Accessories ~ 2 Weeks


    Toyota owners looking to unlock the full capabilities of their vehicle for off-roading experiences should consider investing in C4 Fabrication’s lineup of rugged accessories. Offering a wide selection that includes front bumpers, roof racks, rock sliders, rear bumpers, accessories, and more specifically designed for Toyota models, this company places an emphasis on both quality and satisfaction.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which Toyota models are compatible with the C4 Fabrication Overland Series Rear Bumper?

    C4 offers the Overland Series Rear Bumper for the Toyota 4Runner (2010+), 2nd and 3rd Gen Tundra (2014+ no swing out option) and Tacoma 2016-2023).

    What materials are used in the construction of C4 Fabrication products?

    C4 Fabrication uses top-quality steel and aluminum when building their products.

    How difficult is the installation process for C4 Fabrication products?

    Installing C4 Fabrication varies depending on the product. Bumpers can take a bit longer than rock sliders , skid plates, and accessories, but all C4 products can be installed using basic hand tools. Please note some trimming may be required.

    What are the benefits of adding rock sliders to my Toyota vehicle?

    Rock sliders for Toyota vehicles are highly beneficial, protecting the rocker panels and providing a step to make getting in and out of your Toyota easier. As such, they offer an important benefit that is definitely worth considering when adding accessories to your vehicle.

    Are C4 Fabrication products made in the USA?

    C4 Fabrication products are crafted in America with great attention to detail, ensuring customers get a top-notch product.

    Click here to shop all C4 Fabrication Products!

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