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  • Get the Most Out of Your Truck with the Leitner ACS ROOF Platform Rack

    by Ryan Horton September 28, 2023 10 min read

    We had the chance to attend the Leitner Designs launch party in Santa Monica, CA for their all new product that we expect to take the industry by storm - the Leitner Designs ACS ROOF Platform Rack. Stay with us for a first hand look at not just another roof rack, but a versatile modular system.

    It seems like we are always trying to maximize our vehicles storage capabilities and enhance its versatility. This is true for both those who find themselves off grid for weeks at a time to parents needing to do a Costco run with 4 kids in the car. The Leitner Designs ACS ROOF Platform Rack can help in both of these situations and is the clear winner in the industry for reasons we will discuss below.

    This revolutionary roof rack system provides a range of impressive features and benefits, not only increasing your truck’s storage capacity but also improving its overall functionality. Read on to discover how the Leitner Designs ACS Roof can transform your truck into the ultimate adventure machine.

    Key Takeaways

    • The Leitner ACS ROOF is a truck-specific platform rack designed for enhanced functionality and versatility.

    • It features an infinitely adjustable load bar system, integrated wire management system, bolt-on design, impressive load capacity, and accessories tailored to fit your specific needs.

    • The ACS ROOF offers convenience, fuel economy and secure transport of cargo at a price of $1,300.

    Features and Benefits of the ACS ROOF

    The robust and adjustable Leitner ACS ROOF was created by Bernhard Leitner who is known for creating one of, if not the best, modular bed rack systems on the market - the Leitner Designs Active Cargo System FORGED. His all new creation is a fully modular platform rack tailored to your unique storage requirements and like the Leitner ACS Bed Rack, the ACS ROOF is over-engineered and over-built in America.

    Leitner Designs ACS ROOF on a Toyota Tacoma

    The ACS ROOF stands out for its, infinitely adjustable load bars, integrated wire management system, impressive load capacity, and so much more.

    With a price tag of $1,300, it's pricier than other roof racks on the market, but like all Leitner Designs products, it's an investment that’s worth every penny.

    What is the Leitner ACS ROOF?

    The Leitner ACS ROOF stands as the first vehicle specific platform rack available that features infinitely adjustable load bars. In addition, it offers a slew of other features allowing you to "Carry Your World" with ease and convenience, making it the ideal roof cargo system for your truck or SUV.

    Compatible with a range of truck models, including the 2005+ Toyota Tacoma, 2010+ Toyota 4Runner, and 2017+ Ford F250, the ACS ROOF is a versatile system that will compliment your vehicle flawlessly. Drive something else? Rest assured that Leitner Designs is not stopping here and should have their ACS ROOF out for other popular vehicles in the near future.

    Roof racks are great by themselves but accessories that are designed to work with a roof rack allow you to customize your setup and keep your gear better organized and even mount a roof top tent. To that end, Leitner Designs offers a growing list of accessories designed specifically for the ACS ROOF that include the GearPOD ROOF, Extra Load Bar Kit, Roof Top Tent Mounting Brackets, Awning Mounts, MAXTRAX Mounting Brackets, and RotoPaX Mounting Brackets. These ACS ROOF accessories allow the ACS ROOF to be the the ultimate truck or SUV storage solution.

    Infinitely Adjustable Load Bars

    Something we have certainly never seen before are infinitely adjustable load bars. Typically, with most roof racks, the load bars are adjustable, but there are fixed points along the side rails to bolt the load bars to. The ACS ROOF turns that concept on its head with the ability to mount the load bars anywhere you desire.

    Not only can you adjust the load bars to wherever you like on the rack, but you can also create a perfectly level platform, something again, exclusive to the Leitner ACS ROOF. To achieve this, additional load bars would need to be purchased, but the thought here is you can continually add load bars to your rack system to achieve a flat surface. Forget gaps between load bars, with the ACS roof you can stand, sit, mount smaller items without gaps, and so much more with a flat platform.

    Unlike other roof racks, the structural rigidity of the Leitner Designs ACS ROOF comes from its exterior frame, not its load bars, allowing you to add as many or as few load bars as desired.

    Size does matter when it comes to load bars and Leitner has the widest and strongest in the game. Measuring 4 inches wide and 1.2 inches tall, each load bar features two slots and is twice as wide and twice as strong as the competition's load bars. With the Leitner-branded torx bolts, adjusting the load bars is a breeze, providing a customizable fit for any size load and making the Leitner ACS ROOF a world-class platform rack.

    Leitner Designs ACS ROOF crossbars

    Integrated Wire Management System

    One of the most impressive things about this roof rack system that we noticed at the launch party was the integrated wire management system. This is not something that requires zip ties and other less than ideal means to attach wires to a roof rack. This is a fully encapsulated system to hide wires from plain site while still being able to mount as many lights are you desire wherever you desire on the rack.

    Leitner Designs ACS ROOF wire management system.

    The ACS ROOF’s Integrated Wire Management System offers the following benefits:

    • Keeps your wiring organized and concealed

    • Features internal channels for wiring, keeping them out of sight for a clean and professional appearance

    • Channels are large enough to run plugs and connectors, ensuring a seamless integration with your truck’s electrical system.

    This specific feature is a game-changer for those looking to mount a light bar and/or accessory lighting to the their rack. The removable corner caps on the ACS ROOF frame allow for easy access and adjustment of your wiring, making it a versatile and user-friendly task to wire lights or adjust lights as needed on the fly. If that is not enough, the channels on the perimeter of the rack are large enough for connectors allowing you to easily keep those concealed. Another huge benefit with keeping all wires inside the rack as opposed to outside the rack as is standard on other racks, is it keeps crucial components out of harms way and out of the elements.

    Bolt-On Design

    A key feature of the ACS ROOF is its bolt-on design (at least for all current models offered), allowing easy installation without significant vehicle modifications. No need for welding, cutting, or extensive alterations – the ACS ROOF simply secures to your truck or SUV using factory mounting holes. This straightforward process that only requires basic hand tools and help for another person ensures you will be ready for the road ahead in no-time.

    The bolt-on design of the ACS ROOF also ensures that the installation process is reversible. So, should you ever need to remove the ACS ROOF or modify your setup, you can easily do so without causing permanent damage to your truck. This flexibility makes the ACS ROOF an ideal choice for any truck owner seeking a versatile and non-invasive storage solution.

    Impressive Load Capacity

    Designed to manage heavy loads, the Leitner ACS ROOF boasts an impressive load capacity. So impressive that Leitner doesn't even publish that capacity. Rather, the capacity is whatever the manufacturer sets for the vehicle. With a load rating equivalent to your vehicle’s roof rating, the ACS ROOF is over-engineered and over-built, capable of handling more weight than what your truck is rated for.

    This impressive load capacity ensures that you can securely transport your cargo, whether it’s camping equipment, construction materials, or even a rooftop tent. With the Leitner ACS ROOF, you can rest assured that your gear is safe and secure, no matter the weight or distance traveled.

    ACS ROOF Accessories

    An ever-growing list of accessories is offered by Leitner Designs for the ACS ROOF to increase its functionality and versatility. Some of these accessories include the GearPOD ROOF, Extra Load Bars, MAXTRAX Mounts, RotoPaX Mounts, and more. Like Leitner's bed rack accessories, all ACS ROOF accessories are designed to hold up to anything thrown their way.

    These accessories are designed to seamlessly integrate with the ACS ROOF, ensuring a cohesive and efficient setup for your truck. Whether you need additional storage or mounting options for accessories, the ACS ROOF accessories have you covered.

    GearPOD ROOF

    Specifically designed for the ACS ROOF Platform Rack but will also work with other roof racks, the GearPOD ROOF is a lockable and secure cargo box. Unlike some other cargo boxes on the market the GearPOD ROOF features a side opening design (as opposed to top) allowing you to access you gear easier. In addition, a Leitner Lid Lifter, locking handles, and an improved water-resistant seal all come standard on the GearPOD ROOF.

    The Leitner GearPOD ROOF will work on other roof racks such as those from Prinsu, Sherpa, upTOP and more.

    Installation of the GearPOD ROOF is a breeze, thanks to the included mounting hardware and easy-to-follow instructions. The cargo box is designed to be easily mounted to the ACS ROOF Platform Rack, with the use of an internal locking mechanisms. This unique mounting design enables you to leave the tie-downs and bungies at home and also prevents theft of the box as the mounting mechanism is inside and not exposed.

    Leitner Designs GearPOD ROOF

    Extra Load Bar Kit

    Looking to create a complete flat platform or need a section of your rack to not have a gap? That is where the Extra Load Bar Kit comes in.

    The Extra Load Bar Kit is supplied with all required mounting hardware, making installation a breeze. Simply attach the additional load bar to the ACS ROOF Platform Rack and secure it in place. With the Extra Load Bar Kit, you can customize your ACS ROOF to accommodate even the most demanding cargo requirements.

    Roof Top Tent Mounting Brackets

    The ACS ROOF RTT mounting brackets are intended for vehicle rooftop tent mounting. They have the following features:

    • Constructed of dual-stage powder coated steel

    • Designed to accommodate most roof top tents with an aluminum mounting rail

    • Offer a simplified T-slot installation

    • Supplied with Grade 8.8 zinc-plated fasteners

    • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the USA.

    The Universal Bracket has been tested to be compatible with a range of roof top tents, including: 23Zero, CVT, EEZI-AWN, Freespirit recreation, Front Runner, Ironman, Kakadu, ROAM Adventure, Roofnest, Roost, SmittyBuilt, Tentbox, Tepui, and Tuffstuff. There is also a bracket designed to fit all iKamper tent models including the Skycamp 3.0.

    With the ACS ROOF RTT mounting brackets, you can easily secure your roof top tent and embark on your next adventure.

    Awning Mounts

    Offering shelter from the sun and rain during camping trips or outdoor adventures, awnings are a popular accessory that can be easily attached to the ACS ROOF. The ACS ROOF PLATFORM RACK Awning Bracket will work with most common awnings and comes with all the necessary hardware to get you up and running in no-time.

    MAXTRAX Mounting Brackets

    The MAXTRAX Mounting Bracket is intended to accommodate the storage of MAXTARX recovery boards (up to 4) on top of the GearPOD ROOF. This can be a great option for those looking to free-up additional space on their ACS ROOF Rack.

    The GearPOD ROOF has pre-populated drill points on the top of the box which makes installation super quick and simple. All necessary hardware will be included.

    RotoPaX Mounting Brackets

    The RotoPaX Mounting Bracket facilitates the convenient installation of RotoPaX on the GearPOD ROOF, freeing up storage space and ensuring easy access. The RotoPaX Mounting Bracket is designed for quick and easy installation on the ACS ROOF Platform Rack. Simply attach the bracket to the GearPOD ROOF and secure it with the supplied hardware.

    Please note that the RotoPaX Mounting Bracket is designed to be used exclusively with the ACS ROOF Platform Rack and is not compatible with the ACS FORGED Truck Bed Rack System.

    With the RotoPaX Mounting Bracket, you can easily store and access your Rotopax containers on your vehicle's roof.

    Vehicle Fitment

    Designed for compatibility with a variety of truck models, the Leitner ACS ROOF provides a versatile and efficient storage solution tailored to your truck needs. Whether you own a 2005+ Toyota Tacoma, a 2010+ Toyota 4Runner, or a 2017+ Ford F250, the ACS ROOF can be easily installed and customized to suit your specific requirements.

    The ACS ROOF is currently only available for the 2005+ Toyota Tacoma, 2010+ Toyota 4Runner, and 2017+ Ford F250. A rack for other models is in the works and will be announced in the future.

    With respect to the Toyota 4Runner ACS ROOF, Leitner offers both a full-length version as well as a short version. The full-length 4Runner rack measures 79 inches in length while the short version measures 65 inches in length.

    Leitner Designs ACS ROOF on a Toyota 4Runner


    The Leitner ACS ROOF is a game-changing roof rack system that provides truck and SUV owners with increased storage capacity and the ability to customize their cargo carrying experience. With its range of innovative features, such as infinitely adjustable load bars, an integrated wire management system, bolt-on design, and impressive load capacity, the ACS ROOF is the ultimate storage solution for your adventure rig or daily driver.

    Investing in the Leitner ACS ROOF not only transforms your vehicle into a versatile adventure companion but also ensures a secure and organized storage system that can be customized to suit your specific needs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your truck’s capabilities – equip it with the Leitner ACS ROOF today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the load capacity of the Leitner ACS ROOF?

    The Leitner ACS ROOF has a load capacity equal to whatever the rating is for your vehicle's roof. Rest assured that the ACS ROOF can support far more weight that what your vehicle can handle.

    How easy is it to install the ACS ROOF on my truck?

    Installing the ACS ROOF on your truck is easy, as it features a bolt-on design that requires minimal modifications. All hardware with easy to follow instructions are included.

    What accessories are available for the Leitner ACS ROOF?

    Leitner ACS ROOF accessories include the GearPOD ROOF, extra load bars, awning brackets, MAXTRAX mounts, RotoPaX mounts, roof top tent mounting brackets and more, providing an excellent range of options for any outdoor adventure.

    Is the ACS ROOF compatible with my truck model?

    The ACS ROOF is currently available for the 2005+ Toyota Tacoma, 2010+ Toyota 4Runner, and 2017+ Ford F250. More models are expected to be announced in the future.

    Can the Leitner GearPOD ROOF work on other roof racks?

    Yes, the GearPOD ROOF will work on other roof racks such as those from Prinsu, Sherpa, upTOP, and more.

    How do I adjust the load bars on the ACS ROOF?

    Adjusting the load bars on the ACS ROOF is easy and straightforward; simply use the Leitner-branded torx bolts to securely fasten the bars for a custom fit.

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