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  • Upgrade Your Off-Road Experience with Essential INEOS Grenadier Accessories

    by Ryan Horton March 22, 2024 5 min read

    As an INEOS Grenadier owner, choosing the right accessories is key and greatly depends on how you plan to use your vehicle and the types of adventures in store. This article provides a straightforward rundown of the top INEOS Grenadier accessories that blend functionality and style. Look forward to an informative overview of the best add-ons for durability and convenience, with a focus on enhancing your vehicle’s off-road capabilities.

    Key Takeaways

    • The INEOS Grenadier is equipped for off-road adventures with features like a B58 BMW engine, permanent four-wheel drive, and three locking differentials, but it also allows room for customization.
    • When enhancing the Grenadier, it is important to consider both functionality and weight, seeking accessories that provide protection without compromising the vehicle’s off-road performance.
    • Accessories like the Leitner Designs ACS ROOF 3/4 Platform Rack, Dissent Off-Road Step Sliders, and RIVAL 4X4 Skid Plates are top picks for upgrading the Grenadier’s storage, protection, and overall off-road experience.

    INEOS Grenadier - Adventure Ready from the Showroom

    The INEOS Grenadier opens a new window into the world of off-road adventure, exuding confidence with its robust ladder frame chassis, permanent 4WD, and three locking differentials. Crafted for modern-day adventurers, it boasts an impressive B58 BMW engine that delivers 282 horsepower and an impressive 332 ft-pounds of torque to conquer even the most daunting terrain.

    Engineered to perform seamlessly thanks to its ZF transmission system’s smooth power transition from engine to wheels – this vehicle is well-prepared for any road or absence thereof that lies ahead in your quest for adventure. For those who relish customization in their vehicles to elevate their driving encounters, you have options. Despite coming highly equipped straight off the floor, the Grenadier stands ready for enhancements designed specifically for those wanting maximum capability with increased functionality.

    Top Considerations for Outfitting the INEOS Grenadier

    In the process of upgrading the INEOS Grenadier, it is crucial to recognize that accessories should not simply be decorative but also serve as practical enhancements. Owners of the Grenadier often seek better and more efficient storage options to enhance organization within their vehicle. Skid plates are another popular option and although skid plates come standard with the vehicle, selecting aftermarket versions offering superior protection capable of enduring greater impact makes sense for drivers tackling rough or tight trails where risks to the undercarriage increase.

    The torque provided by the Grenadier, while impressive, does not give some the power they desire. Off-road performance is significantly influenced by weight management, which affects both maneuverability and fuel efficiency. Hence, when outfitting your vehicle with accessories like bumpers and skid plates, finding a middle ground between safeguarding your rig and avoiding excessive weight gain is essential. The intention should always be to augment rather than compromise your INEOS Grenadier’s abilities.

    Top INEOS Grenadier Accessories to Enhance the Adventure

    Below are specific accessories designed to elevate your off-road journeys with the INEOS Grenadier. These enhancements are not only ideal for carrying extra equipment but also will protect your Grenadier.

    These standout options have emerged, but we expect more and more products designed specifically for the INEOS Grenadier to be released in the coming months.

    Leitner Designs ACS ROOF 3/4 Platform Rack - INEOS Grenadier

    For those embarking on an adventure, sufficient storage space is essential. This is especially true when you add in a wife, kids, friends, and more. The INEOS Grenadier benefits immensely from the Leitner Designs ACS ROOF 3/4 Platform Rack which has been specifically constructed to enhance the carrying capacity of this vehicle. It offers a versatile base for various accessories or even fitting a rooftop tent. Thanks to its adjustable load bars that can be moved infinitely, users are afforded the flexibility to customize their setup according to individual requirements, be it strapping down extra gear like fuel containers or securing larger items such as a kayak.

    Another significant feature of this roof rack system is its design consideration for maintaining functionality with the factory sunroof found on the Grenadier, preserving luxury elements innate in its design. For adventurers prioritizing both ease and security when loading equipment on top of their vehicles, there’s no better complement than the Leitner GearPOD ROOF accessory. This unit integrates effortlessly with your Leitner rack setup while safeguarding and providing easy access to your stored goods.

    Dissent Off-Road Step Sliders - INEOS Grenadier

    While exploring off the beaten path, safeguarding your vehicle’s rock panels is crucial. The Dissent Off-Road Step Sliders for the INEOS Grenadier are a cut above the rest, offering:

    • An additional 3.5 inches of ground clearance over stock sliders
    • Robust 3/16 inch steel construction providing maximum protection
    • A secure step that has extra grip for easier vehicle entry and exit

    These step sliders provide both protection and convenience, taking into account the needs of the user, with attention to detail, as they open the door to enhanced functionality. One of the more impressive features of the Dissent INEOS Grenadier sliders is the four connection points to the frame on each side. With more connection points to the frame you can rest assured that these step sliders will hold up to anything thrown their way. We cannot forget to mention that they also feature a 100% bolt-on design and there is no drilling, cutting, or modification required to properly install these.

    RIVAL 4X4 Skid Plates

    While you might have skid plates from the factory, consider equipping your INEOS Grenadier with RIVAL 4X4’s skid plates, known for their durable yet lightweight aluminum alloy construction. Tailor-made for the Grenadier, these quarter-inch thick protective shields safeguard both the engine and the transfer case without substantially increasing the vehicle’s overall weight.

    RIVAL’s user-friendly bolt-on design facilitates easy installation—no drilling or modifications to your vehicle necessary. These robust skid plates are essential for preserving critical parts of your Grenadier against damage from rocky landscapes or enduring long journeys on rough roads.

    Other Top Accessories

    The market for INEOS Grenadier accessories continues to grow, presenting a host of new possibilities. Soon, enthusiasts will have access to an assortment of gear aimed at enhancing their experience, including storage options, safari windows, and roof racks as well as defensive additions like bumpers ready to hit the market. We expect options from RCI Offroad, Sherpa, Prinsu, CBI Offroad, and more in the coming months.


    By outfitting your INEOS Grenadier with appropriate accessories, you elevate an already proficient off-road vehicle into a customized conduit for adventure. From augmenting its storage options to beefing up its defenses or making judicious weight adjustments, these upgrades are crucial for refining your road experience. Set out on your next adventure with the assurance that your equipped soldier is ready to face any obstacle with poise.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I still use my Grenadier's factory sunroof with a roof rack installed?

    That depends on what roof rack you are planning on using. Most roof racks, such as the Leitner ACS ROOF, allow you to still utilize the factory sunroof on the INEOS Gladiator.

    Are the Dissent Off-Road Step Sliders durable enough for extreme off-roading?

    Yes, the Dissent Off-Road Step Sliders are constructed to endure even the most extreme off-road conditions thanks to their robust construction using 3/16 inch heavy-duty steel. They also have four connection points on each side ensuring superior strength.


    Will adding skid plates to my Grenadier significantly increase its weight?

    Steel skid plates will surely add additional weight to the INEOS Grenadier, but aluminum options will not add much additional weight if any. Aluminum is also a corrosion-resistant option.

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