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  • Baja Kits - The Ultimate in Suspension

    by Ryan Horton March 29, 2024 5 min read

    Looking to dominate the toughest trails with confidence? That's possible with Baja Kits - industry-leading suspension and related components. Baja Kits products are engineered to elevate your vehicle's suspension for peak off-road performance. Truck Brigade is proud to introduce Baja Kits and offer their industry-leading products.

    Key Takeaways

    • Baja Kits specialize in performance lift kits, long travel kits, and control arms for a variety of vehicle makes and models. Brenthel Industries is the parent company of Baja Kits and is known for producing race-winning trophy trucks.
    • Baja Kits offers a diverse range of suspension products, including PreRunner kits designed for extreme off-road performance with a 3-inch wider per side bolt-on design for easy installation and options for further customization such as bypass shock mounts.
    • Beyond PreRunner kits, Baja Kits provides essential suspension components such as billet and boxed upper control arms, robust lower control arms for off-road durability, and additional parts like rear trailing arms, pivot plates, bump stop kits, rear shock guards, and sway bar end links to complete suspension upgrades.

    Who is Baja Kits And What Sets Them Apart

    There is no doubt trophy trucks are impressive. Not only the quality of them but how they function is also impressive. After all, there are not many other vehicles out there that can handle 6-foot whoops at 100 mph. Why are we talking about trophy trucks? Well, because Brenthel Industries is the parent company of Baja Kits and is considered one of the top trophy truck builders out there. That same quality can be found in their Baja Kits brand. As a brand, Baja Kits carry forward the legacy of its parent company, continuously pushing the boundaries of performance and durability, providing exceptional products and support.

    Baja Kits provide products for a broad variety of vehicles including Chevy, GMC, Ford, Toyota, and more. They are recognized as one of the top manufacturers for producing some of the highest quality suspension products on the market, ensuring your truck is equipped to tackle the toughest terrains.

    What differentiates Baja Kits is their expertise in high-performance lift kits, long travel kits, upper and lower control arms, among other things. These products are designed to provide unrivaled performance, making your ride smoother and more comfortable, whether you’re on the highway or off the beaten path.

    Truck Suspension Options From Baja Kits

    In addition to their high-performance lift kits, Baja Kits provides a wide array of suspension systems and components. Whether you drive a 2022+ Toyota Tundra, a 2019+ Chevy Silverado, or a 2021+ Ford F150, there’s a Baja Kit system tailored to enhance your truck’s suspension performance. All Baja Kits are made in the USA in the same location as race-winning vehicles and built from the ground up.

    PreRunner Kits

    When it comes to tackling the toughest terrain, Baja Kits’ PreRunner kits stand as the ultimate suspension systems. Designed for extreme off-road performance, these kits can handle anything you throw at them.

    Each PreRunner kit is CAD-designed to enhance your suspension’s wheel travel, thereby improving on and off-road performance. Available for a wide range of makes and models, these kits are 3 inches wider per side, providing enhanced stability and control.

    Each kit includes upper control arms, lower control arms, extended axles (4WD models), brake lines, and all necessary hardware. Aftermarket shocks need to be purchased separately.

    All components are designed to work seamlessly together, ensuring optimal performance in even the most challenging conditions, adhering to the highest standards of the latest engineering and manufacturing technology.

    The appeal of Baja Kits’ PreRunner kits, including the popular pre-runner kit, is rooted in their bolt-on design. This means you can install them without any major modifications to your vehicle. Plus, many of the kits come with an optional mount for a bypass shock, allowing for further customization based on your specific needs.

    Upper Control Arms

    Upper control arms are pivotal to your vehicle’s suspension system, especially if you’re contemplating adding aftermarket coilovers from brands like King or Fox. Baja Kits offers both billet and boxed upper control arms

    each designed to offer flawless performance and compatibility with your vehicle's stock spindle.

    The superior performance of Baja Kits' upper control arms can be attributed to the use of championship caliber parts, such as trophy truck grade uniballs which allow your suspension to function at its best delivering improved ride quality and handling in all conditions.

    With Baja Kits' upper control arms, your truck will be equipped to handle any challenge with ease.

    Lower Control Arms

    Similar to the pivotal role of upper control arms in your vehicle's suspension, the lower control arms share the same importance. Baja Kits offers top-quality lower control arms for an array of vehicles, including the popular Ford Raptor.

    Designed to replace your stock lower control arms, Baja Kits' lower control arms are significantly stronger and more robust than stock. This ensures that they can withstand the rigors of off-road driving without compromising on performance.

    Baja Kits lower control arms come equipped with high-quality uniballs, limit strap tabs, bumpstop pads, and bypass mounts.

    Each of these features contributes to the overall performance of your vehicle's suspension, providing a smoother and more comfortable ride.

    With Baja Kits' lower control arms, you can rest assured that your truck's suspension is equipped to handle all types of terrain and conditions, delivering exceptional performance every time.

    Other Suspension Components

    In addition to control arms and PreRunner kits, Baja Kits also provides a variety of other suspension components to offer a complete solution for your suspension needs. Rear trailing arms, for instance, play a vital role in maintaining your vehicle's alignment and managing the forces exerted on the suspension.

    Some other top choices from Baja Kits include:

    • Bump stop kits, which help your suspension cycle better and not bottom out.
    • Rear shock guards, which protect your shocks from damage.
    • Sway bar end links, which play a critical role in maintaining your vehicle's stability.

    By offering these additional components, Baja Kits ensures you have everything you need for a complete suspension upgrade.


    To sum it up, Baja Kits stands as a testament to quality and performance. With a wide range of suspension components designed for various vehicles, Baja Kits caters to the needs of every off-road enthusiast. Whether you're looking for upper control arms, lower control arms, PreRunner kits, or other suspension components, Baja Kits has you covered. Step into the world of superior suspension performance with Baja Kits.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What vehicles do Baja Kits cater to?

    Baja Kits caters to a variety of vehicles, including Chevy, GMC, Ford, Toyota, and more.

    What components are included in Baja Kits' PreRunner kits?

    Baja Kits' PreRunner kits include upper control arms, lower control arms, extended axles, and brake lines.

    What are the benefits of Baja Kits' upper control arms?

    The benefits of Baja Kits' upper control arms include optimal suspension performance due to their design to work with the stock spindle and use of trophy truck grade uniballs. These features enhance the vehicle's suspension capabilities and durability.

    How do Baja Kits' lower control arms enhance performance?

    Baja Kits' lower control arms enhance performance by being stronger than stock options and including features such as uniballs, limit strap tabs, and bypass mounts, all of which contribute to improved performance.

    What other suspension components does Baja Kits offer?

    Baja Kits offers rear trailing arms, pivot plates, bump stop kits, rear shock guards, and sway bar end links as other suspension components. This range of components provides a comprehensive upgrade to the suspension system.

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