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  • Quality Lighting: Unveiling the Performance and Style of AlphaRex Tacoma Headlights

    by Ryan Horton January 15, 2024 3 min read

    It is no surprise that the factory Tacoma headlights do not impress. This is especially true when you compare the headlights with your friend's Tacoma who has LED projector headlights. If you are looking for some of the best-looking and highest-functioning headlights for your Tacoma look no further than AlphaRex. AlphaRax Tacoma headlights are guaranteed to add style while enhancing your visibility and safety.

    Key Takeaways

    • AlphaRex offers their NOVA-Series, LUXX-Series, and PRO-Series headlights which all outperform your OEM lights while adding style to your Tacoma.

    • All AlphaRex headlights feature a plug-and-play design making installation a breeze.

    • AlphaRex offers matching tail lights for many of their headlights allowing you to finish off the look.

    Tacoma Headlight Considerations

    When considering aftermarket headlights for your vehicle, it is important to understand what bulb comes with them. Halogen bulbs are common, but newer lighting technology uses LED bulbs which are superior to halogen bulbs. LED bulbs are superior for numerous reasons including that they produce brighter light, can have a wider pattern, and use less energy. LED lights also are much whiter in color as opposed to yellowish which can be said of many halogen lights.

    Another consideration is the light housing themselves. AlphaRex offers their Tacoma LED projector headlights with alpha black, black, and chrome housings. Each option can give your vehicle a unique look.

    Light color is another consideration when we are talking daytime running lights which come standard on AlphaRex headlights. The most common daytime running lights (DRL) options are white and amber. These options can also add a unique flare to your Tacoma.

    Benefits of Aftermarket LED Projector Headlights

    Adding LED projector headlights to your Tacoma adds style and enhanced lighting output. It can also be said that adding AlphaRex headlights increases your overall safety thanks to the brightness of not only the headlights but also the turn signal. The turn signal on AlphaRex lights is also sequential allowing it to be easier to see than the OE turn signal.

    AlphaRex Tacoma Headlights

    AlphaRex offers the NOVA-series, LUXX-series, and PRO-series headlights for the Toyota Tacoma. NOVA series led projector headlights are AlphaRexs top of the line light with the LUXX-series being more of a mid-grade and the PRO-series being their most cost-effective light. All three series offer improved lighting capabilities over stock and the decision really comes down to the bulb choice as many have complementary features we discuss in detail below.

    For the 3rd Gen  (2016+) Tacoma AlphaRex only currently offers their NOVA-Series headlights. LUXX and PRO-Series are available for the 2nd Gen (2005-2015) Tacoma.

    Toyota Tacoma NOVA-Series Headlights

    AlphaRex Tacoma NOVA-Series Headlights

    AlphaRex NOVA-series Tacoma headlights are the top-of-the-line headlight for your Tacoma and come standard with the following features:

    • LED daytime running lights with startup sequence

    • LED side marker
    • LED low-beam
    • LED high-beam
    • LED turn signal

    Toyota Tacoma LUXX-Series Headlights

    AlphaRex Tacoma LUXX-Series Headlights

    AlphaRex LUXX-Series headlights are considered their mid-grade option and come with the following features:

    • LED daytime running lights with startup sequence
    • LED side marker
    • LED low-beam
    • LED high-beam
    • Incandescent turn signal

    Toyota Tacoma NOVA-Series Headlights

    AlphaRex Tacoma PRO-Series Headlights

    AlphaRex Pro-Series headlights are more of an entry-level light with the following features:

    • LED daytime running lights
    • LED side marker
    • Halogen low-beam
    • Halogen high-beam
    • Incandescent turn signal

    Some may elect to go with the Pro-Series lights and swap out the halogen bulbs for LED bulbs. This results in the light no longer being street legal and a majority of the LED bulbs do not fit in the AlphaRex Pro-Series lights. If an LED low beam and high beam are a must-have save yourself the trouble and go with the LUXX-Series.

    Installing AlphaRex Tacoma Headlights

    AlphaRex Tacoma headlights can be installed in under an hour using basic hand tools. All AlphaRex Tacoma headlights and tail lights feature an easy plug-and-play design meaning you can have your lights swapped and on the road in no time.


    What is the difference between AlphaRex NOVA-Series and LUXX-Series headlights?

    The NOVA-Series headlights are full LED while the LUXX-Series headlights come with an old-style incandescent turn signal.

    How do I adjust AlphaRex Tacoma Headlights?

    Between the two mounting bolts on the top of the light, you will see a bolt that can be used to adjust the AlphaRex headlights. Simply turn this bolt to adjust the lighting.

    How do I install AlphaRex Tacoma Headlights?

    All AlphaRex headlights feature an easy plug-and-play design allowing them to be installed easily into the same factory location as the OEM headlights. Simply remove the OEM headlights and mount the AlphaRex headlights to the ORM mounts.

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