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  • Top 4Runner Mods Under $300

    by Ryan Horton January 11, 2024 4 min read

    Outfitting your Toyota 4Runner does not have to cost an arm and leg. Depending on what you are after and how you use your vehicle, there can be some great 4Runner mods that are quite affordable and help to increase the functionality of your 4Runner. We are not talking about seat covers and center console accessories. We are talking about quality products that will make a huge difference.

    Make no mistake, many 4Runner mods, such as roof racks, can be expensive, and for some, those are a must-have - especially for those pushing their 4Runner to the next level. However, here are some of the top 4Runner mods under $300 for the 5th Gen 4Runner.

    Cali Raised 4Runner Catalytic Converter Guards

    Catalytic converter theft is not something that is new and the Toyota 4Runner is not an exception to catalytic converter theft. Cali Raised LED Catalytic Converter Guards not only protect against theft, but they also protect against rocks, ruts, and other potential hazards.

    Another great benefit of the Cali Raised 4Runner Catalytic Converter Guard is that it bolts on easily and is constructed out of 12 gauge 304 brushed stainless steel. This ensures that it is resistant to corrosion and will provide benefits for many years to come. In addition, it comes standard with holes allowing water and other small items to not get stuck between the guard and the catalytic converter itself.

    Cali Raised 4Runner Catalytic Converter Shield

    CBI Offroad 4Runner Ditch Light Brackets

    Everyone can get behind the idea of more lighting. However, lighting can be quite expensive when we are talking about light bars and fog lights. Ditch lights are lights that mount to the a-pillar of your 4Runner and can be oriented as you desire. This results in an extremely functional light for the road and camp.

    In order to mount ditch lights to your 4Runner you need ditch light brackets. These brackets bolt onto your 4Runner and provide a seamless and easy way to mount light pods. CBI Offroad offers an excellent option that is low-priced and quality-built. Some of our favorite ditch lights to mount to these brackets are the Baja Designs Squadron Light Pods which are sold separately.

    CBI Offroad 4Runner Ditch Light Brackets

    Diode Dynamics 4Runner Interior Light Kit

    The stock interior lights on the Toyota 4Runner aren't bad, but we could always use a little extra light when trying to find the cell phone that fell between the cracks or even the french fry that fell out of your child's hand. Enter the Diode Dynamics Interior Lighting Kit designed to maximize the interior lighting on your Toyota 4Runner.

    This kit features a plug-and-play design and comes with (2) map lights; (1) dome light; (2) vanity lights; (4) door lights; and (2) trunk lights. Looking to change the color of your interior lights to something less yellow and more white? That is completely possible with the Diode Dynamics 4Runner light kit available at Truck Brigade.

    Rival 4x4 4Runner Lower Control Arm Skid Plates

    Skid Plates are vital for protecting your 4Runner and in our opinion, the stock skid plates that come on some models don't cut it. It is ideal to start with something like a 4Runner engine skid plate and follow that with a transmission/transfer case skid plate. You can cut to the chase though with a full skid plate package. While those options are above $300, 4Runner lower control arm skid plates from Rival 4x4 are very affordable and not something available from the factory.

    LCA 4Runner skid plates are great for those who enjoy off roading and find themselves off road often, but can also be a great option for those looking for a little piece of mind. They feature an easy bolt-on design and come in different materials to fit your specific needs and desires.

    Rival 4x4 Lower Control Arm Skid Plates 4Runner

    Westcott Designs 4Runner Preload Collar Lift Kit

    Westcott Designs Preload Collar Lift Kits are an innovative product that allows you to achieve a suspension lift without the need for aftermarket parts like shocks. This is a huge deal for many and reduces the total cost of getting your 4Runner lifted. It is also worth noting that this is not a leveling kit that will not change your factory suspension geometry and will retain the factory ride quality.

    Westcott constructs their pre-load collars out of billet aluminum and they do not need to be installed with a replacement upper control arm. Simply install the Pre-Load collar to the factory shock and easily achieve 2-3 inches of lift and the ability to run 33 inch tires.

    Westcott Preload Collar Kit 4Runner

    Pedal Commander Toyota 4Runner Throttle Response Controller

    Most Toyota owners can agree that a little more power would be nice. This is especially true when you have your roof rack loaded down with your roof top tent and an aftermarket steel bumper. The 4Runner Pedal Commander is a great solution designed to increase the throttle response on your 4Runner and ultimately eliminate throttle delay.

    The 4Runner Pedal Commander not only increases throttle response. There are also settings allowing you to achieve 20% on fuel economy which everyone can get behind. You might be asking if this voids my warranty. No, the Pedal Commander will not void your warranty because it does not alter the emissions or factory output.

    Cali Raised 4Runner Interior MOLLE Panel System

    Staying organized in your 4Runner seems like a never-ending process and anything that can help is something to consider. Enter the Cali Raised Interior MOLLE Panel System for the 4Runner which is perfect for organizing your cargo area. The Cali Raised MOLLE System is designed and engineered in the U.S.A. and allows you to mount anything from trail gear to tools helping you keep things organized and easily accessible.

    Cali Raised Rear Interior MOLLE Panel 4Runner

    If you need any guidance on deciding what 4Runner accessories will work best for your needs, feel free to reach out to our team who is happy to help!

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