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  • C4 Tundra Bumpers: Unmatched Quality and Functionality

    by Ryan Horton October 14, 2023 5 min read

    Your Toyota Tundra is an investment, and it deserves the best protection and style possible. Upgrading your truck with a C4 Tundra bumper not only enhances its appearance but also provides unmatched protection and functionality. In this post, we’ll explore the different C4 Tundra front and rear bumpers, their features, optional accessories, and the installation process. Let’s dive in!

    Key Takeaways

    • C4 Fabrication 2nd Gen and 3rd Gen Tundra Front Bumpers and Tundra Rear Bumpers offer superior protection and functionality.

    • C4 Tundra front bumpers work flawlessly with Tundra skid plates.

    • All bumpers are compatible with Toyota Safety Sense system, retain factory hitch compatibility & accommodate winches, light bars, and accessory lighting.

    • Installation can be completed at home and C4's video installation guides can help.

    C4 Tundra Front Bumpers

    C4 Fabrication offers two main types of Tundra front bumpers: the Overland Series Front Bumper and Hybrid Front Bumper. Each comes with several benefits including improved protection and the ability to add functional accessories such as lights.

    The Overland Series Front Bumper, designed as a full plate bumper, ensures unmatched protection for your vehicle. Conversely, the Hybrid Front Bumper boasts a unique blend of tube and plate, striking a balance between protection and style while reducing weight.

    C4 Tundra Overland Series Front Bumper

    The C4 Tundra Overland Series Front Bumper features:

    • Full plate design for maximum protection and functionality

    • Constructed from 3/16 inch laser cut P&O steel

    • 1/4 inch thick frame mounting plates and winch plate

    • Cutouts for a light bar and accessory lights

    This bumper comes equipped with a variety of features, including holes for parking sensors, 3/4 inch thick D-Ring tabs, and multiple bull bar options It is designed to accommodate Baja Designs Squadron fog lights, 30 inch single row light bars, and most winches ranging from 8k-12k in size (integrated control box winches where the control box can be moved is ideal). Importantly, the Tundra Overland Series Front Bumper retains full compatibility with the Toyota Safety Sense system (most models), including parking sensors and front mounted camera, while also featuring a full height bull bar, a mid height bull bar, and a low height bull bar option for added protection.

    C4 Overland Series Front Bumper 2022+ Tundra

    With its heavy-duty construction and extensive features including 3/16 inch steel and 1.75 inch bull bar tubing, the C4 Fab Tundra Overland Series Front Bumper is an exceptional choice for those looking to enhance their truck’s protection and functionality without compromising on style.

    C4 Tundra Hybrid Front Bumper

    The C4 Tundra Hybrid Front Bumper features a unique hybrid design that merges a plate steel center with round tube on the sides. This design enables the bumper to maintain a “lighter” aesthetic while still providing ample protection and functionality.

    The Hybrid Front Bumper offers the following features:

    • Accommodates the mounting of a winch, LED light bar, and different fog lighting combinations in the tube area, as well as the integration of a bull bar

    • Provides increased clearance for improved approach angles

    • Enables the use of larger tires

    Constructed from steel, the C4 Tundra Hybrid Front Bumper is an ideal choice for those seeking a balance of protection, style, and minimized weight for their truck.

    C4 Hybrid Front Bumper 2022+ Tundra

    C4 Tundra Rear Bumpers

    C4 Tundra Rear Bumpers are designed to provide superior protection and significantly improved ground clearance compared to stock bumpers. C4 offers ear bumpers for the 2014-2021 Toyota Tundra and 2022+ Toyota Tundra.

    Crafted from 3/16 inch P&O steel, C4 Tundra Rear Bumpers include light pod cutouts and are compatible with the factory hitch. These bumpers offer enhanced protection and clearance to help you conquer even the most challenging terrain.

    C4 Tundra Overland Series Rear Bumper

    The C4 Tundra Overland Series Rear Bumper presents various options and features, including:

    • Backup light cutouts compatible with Baja Designs, RIGID or Extreme LED lights

    • Trailer wiring plug-in mounts

    • Retains parking sensors and BSM functionality

    These features ensure that your truck remains safe and functional.

    The principal bumper structure is constructed from 3/16 inch P&O steel, with 1/4 inch P&O steel bumper mounting plates and brackets. The C4 Tundra Overland Series Rear Bumper ships bare steel, allowing you to choose your preferred finish.

    Weighing in at around 151 lbs, the C4 Tundra Overland Series Rear Bumper provides ultimate protection and functionality for your truck.

    C4 Overland Series Rear Bumper Toyota Tundra

    Optional C4 Tundra Bumper Accessories

    You can compliment your C4 Tundra Bumpers with an array of optional accessories, which include winches, light bars, fog lights, and more. These accessories add both functionality and aesthetic appeal to your truck’s bumper.

    Adding a winch will give you the ability to recover vehicles and and your own vehicle potentially in challenging terrain. Light bars provide supplementary lighting for off-road driving or enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. Fog lights offer additional lighting in foggy conditions, enhancing visibility and safety in low-visibility situations.

    Upgrading your C4 Tundra Bumpers with these accessories helps you get the most out of your bumper and truck.

    Installing C4 Tundra Bumpers

    Installing C4 Tundra Bumpers does take some time and cutting is likely required to get the proper fitment. Don't let that scare you though - C4 offers very intuitive videos to walk you through the complete installation. We are also here happy to help in any way we can.

    Following the step-by-step instructions ensures a seamless and secure fit for your C4 Tundra Bumper. Proper installation is crucial to maximize the protection, functionality, and aesthetics of your truck’s bumper.


    In conclusion, C4 Tundra Bumpers offer unmatched quality and functionality to enhance your truck’s protection and style. With various front and rear bumper options, optional accessories, and a straightforward installation process, upgrading your truck with C4 Tundra Bumpers is a smart investment. Experience the difference in protection, style, and functionality that C4 Tundra Bumpers can provide for your truck today. Please note powder coat is not available on C4 Fabrication bumpers. You will want to arrange to have it powder coated or painted prior to installing.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the main differences between the C4 Tundra Overland Series Front Bumper and the C4 Tundra Hybrid Front Bumper?

    The C4 Tundra Overland Series Front Bumper provides a full plate design for maximum protection, while the C4 Tundra Hybrid Front Bumper features a mix of tube and plate design to provide protection and style with reduced weight.

    Are C4 Tundra Bumpers compatible with the Toyota Safety Sense system?

    Yes, C4 Tundra Bumpers are fully compatible with the Toyota Safety Sense system, allowing for features such as park sensors and a front mounted camera.

    What optional accessories are available for C4 Tundra Bumpers?

    Optional accessories for C4 Tundra Bumpers include winches, light bars, and fog lights, allowing you to customize your vehicle with additional functionality.

    How do I install a C4 Tundra Bumper on my truck?

    Follow the product instructions that C4 Fabrication includes in their installation videos.

    Do C4 Tundra Rear Bumpers require cutting of the factory plastic bumper corners?

    Yes, the C4 Tundra Overland Series Rear Bumper requires cutting of the factory plastic bumper panels for proper installation.

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