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  • Prinsu Pro Rack: Introducing the Newest and Most Advanced Prinsu Roof Rack

    by Ryan Horton October 17, 2023 5 min read

    Prinsu changed the game with the introduction of their roof rack over a decade ago. Prinsu is again changing the game with the introduction of the next generation Prinsu Pro roof rack which is the most advanced Prinsu rack on the market featuring numerous all-new options not seen before. This includes changes to make the roof rack more functional, but also some changes to address some of the pain points found on their current version. In this post we will explore everything about the new Prinsu Pro rack, what vehicles it will be offered for and if it makes sense for you to upgrade your current rack.

    Prinsu Pro Roof Rack 4Runner

    Key Features

    • The Prinsu side rail features a two-part design with an added bend at the top to increase strength and gives you additional mounting options.
    • Bolt-on mounting feet are recessed into the side plates ensuring a seamless fit that ends up being much easier to install.
    • All Prinsu Pro racks come with corrosion resistant stainless-steel hardware.
    • Redesigned crossbars are 44% stronger allowing your rack to support heavier loads without the risk of flexing or breaking bolts.

    The Best Prinsu Roof Rack We Have Seen?

    There is no doubt that the Prinsu Pro is the best Prinsu roof rack we have seen. This is not because the prior version was bad in any way, but more so because of the features that were added to the new Prinsu Pro. Not only do these new features make the rack much stronger and rigid, but it is also easier to install and offers better ways to secure your gear as compared to the prior version. We might also add Prinsu has been continually refining their roof rack since inception over a decade ago. Don’t confuse the new rack as a refinement of a prior version. The Prinsu Pro is an all-new rack that has been designed and expertly crafted based on thousands of real-world off-road miles and extensive testing. This new rack appears to address all the concerns some had on Prinsu’s standard model. From what we have seen, this is the best Prinsu rack ever offered. Here are some of our favorite new features:

    • Prinsu Pro Side Rail:One of the biggest and most important features of the Prinsu Pro rack is its newly designed side rails. Like the prior rails, these Prinsu Pro rails are constructed out of premium aluminum. The huge game changing difference in our eyes is the added bend at the top of the rails which not only increases the strength of the side plate tremendously, but it also has pre-drilled slots enabling you to attach accessories directly to the side rail.

    Prinsu Pro Side Rail

    • Bolt-On Mounting Feet:Nearly equally important to the new side rail design is the new bolt-on mounting feet. Prinsu’s prior version has the feet bent into the side rail which posed some problems for customers. This all-new mounting foot design is a separate bracket that bolts to the side plate and roof of your vehicle. This design takes stress off the side rails and foot and distributes load better. It also happens to decrease the overall install time as you won’t be fumbling around trying to line up the holes since the mounting feet are independent of each other. These new bolt-on feet are a big win.

    Prinsu Pro Bolt-On Mounting Foot

    • Redesigned Crossbars: Drop-in points were first seen on Prinsu rack crossbars and were an easy way to add accessories without the need to totally remove the crossbar. Instead of the drop points at the end of the crossbar, the new Prinsu Pro rack features 6 total drop-in points including some at the center of the crossbar. Instead of having to slide the hardware in from either side you can easily utilize the center drop-in points. This can be a convenient option especially for those who already have pre-existing accessories mounted on their rack. We cannot forget to mention that the new crossbars are also 44% stronger than the prior version thanks to a completely new design.

    Prinsu Pro Crossbar

    • Stainless Steel Hardware:For some time, Prinsu has offered stainless steel hardware kits as a separate add-on, but now all Prinsu Pro racks will come standard with stainless steel hardware. This is great news as Prinsu racks did not come with stainless hardware in the past. Stainless steel hardware is a huge improvement over the prior hardware that came with Prinsu racks and should hold up much better to the elements and be fully corrosion resistant.

    Prinsu Pro Availability

    Initially, Prinsu is launching the Prinsu Pro for the 2nd and 3rd Gen (2005-2023) Tacoma, 5th Gen (2010-2023) 4Runner, 3rd Gen (2022+) Tundra (double cab and crewmax), 5th Gen (2019+) RAV4, Lexus GX460, and 3rd Gen (2022+) Nissan Frontier. We expect Prinsu to regularly announce Prinsu Pro options for other models in the coming months.

    Prinsu Pro Accessories

    Prinsu has developed many roof rack accessories to secure gear and mount accessories. This has been a game changer for many and allowed them to customize their setup to conveniently secure gear for any adventure. Prinsu offers solutions for mounting MAXTRAX, RotoPaX, awnings, roof top tents, and much more. These Prinsu accessories will all work on the new Prinsu Pro rack, and we are expecting Prinsu to announce new accessories in the future.

    Installing the Prinsu Pro

    Many Prinsu racks feature an easy non-drill installation utilizing factory holes found on the roof of the vehicle. However, some racks do require minor drilling since they do not contain the threaded factory roof holes. With respect to the new Prinsu Pro rack, the Tacoma, 4Runner, and GX460 all feature a drill free install. The other models do require minor drilling, but honestly, it is not a big deal and Prinsu offers easy to follow guides allowing you to complete the installation at home using basic hand tools. Every Prinsu Pro rack order will come with all the necessary hardware to get you on the road and ready for the adventure ahead.


    The Prinsu Pro roof rack is the newest and most impressive Prinsu roof rack we have seen. Since 2013 Prinsu has been a leader and they just upped their game big time. This new rack features huge improvements over their standard rack which includes stronger and more rigid side plates, redesigned crossbars with more drop-in points, bolt-on mounting feel to alleviate undue stress on the rack and allow for an easier install, and all Pro racks come with stainless steel hardware. For just a little more money, we have no doubt that the Prinsu Pro should be you go-to rack.

    Prinsu Pro Tacoma


    How is the Prinsu Pro Different than my Current Prinsu Roof Rack?

    The Prinsu Pro rack has upgraded features including stronger and more rigid side plates, redesigned crossbars that are 44% stronger, bolt-on mounting feet, and comes with stainless steel hardware.

    What Vehicles is the Prinsu Pro Available For?

    The Prinsu Pro for the 2nd and 3rd Gen (2005-2023) Tacoma, 5th Gen (2010-2023) 4Runner, 3rd Gen (2022+) Tundra (double cab and crewmax), 5th Gen (2019+) RAV4, Lexus GX460, and 3rd Gen (2022+) Nissan Frontier. Stay tuned as more are announced.

    Is the Prinsu Pro Made in America?

    Yes, Prinsu products are proudly made in Idaho Falls, ID.

    What Prinsu Accessories Work with the Prinsu Pro?

    Luckily all the expertly developed and tested Prinsu roof rack accessories will work with the Prinsu Pro Series.

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