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Wavian Fuel Can - Original NATO Jerry Can

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      • Wavian has been trusted to supply many NATO countries for over 75 years.
      • 5.3 Gallon (20L) storage capacity and color coated to denote what the container should be used for.
      • Constructed of .9mm cold-rolled steel and lined to prevent rusting with gasoline, water, and has a alcohol resistant coating.
      • Bayonet closure is completely leak-proof with the can in any position
      • Comes equipped with a locking pin to prevent accidental opening.
      • EPA and CARB certified, built to ASMT, NFPA, and DOT standards.

      The Jerry Can is a container that immediately produces images in your head as soon as you hear the name. With such an iconic container there are many iterations on the market today that can have subtle yet drastic differences. Wavian has supplied many NATO countries for over 75 years, producing some of the highest quality jerry cans on the market today.

      The Wavian Fuel Can is a leak-proof fuel can with .9mm thick steel walls, an interior rust-proof Rezol lining, and an internal breather pipe for splash proof pouring. In addition, this original NATO Jerry Can comes equipped with a three-handle configuration, a leak-proof bayonet closure, and a locking pin for the cap to ensure that it doesn’t accidentally open. The lining on the interior of the Wavian Fuel Can is specifically designed for fuel…. if you intend to store water or another liquid be sure to purchase the proper jerry can.

      The Wavian Fuel Can is the original NATO Jerry Can and has been rigorously tested for the past 75 years in varying conditions that most will not have to experience. Truck Brigade is proud to be an authorized dealer for Wavian. If you have any questions on this item or any other that you may need for the journey ahead, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team.

        • Material: Cold-rolled Steel
        • Dimensions: 6½ x 13½ x 18½
        • Storage: 20L or 5.3 Gallons
        • Weight: 12 lbs
        • Color: Red

      1. No installation is necessary to make use of the Wavian Fuel Can! Simply unbox the original NATO Jerry Can, remove any packaging, and put your Jerry Can to use! If you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to our team and we would be happy to assist!

      2. Wavian products have a 2-year warranty against manufacturer defects. If you notice any defect upon receiving, please contact us immediately so we can resolve any issue you may be having.

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