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  • Rigid Industries Radiance+ LED Light Bar - White Backlight - 10 Inch

    • The Rigid Industries Radiance+ LED Light Bar features a white backlight for improved visibility on the road or off-road terrain.
    • This 10 inch light bar is made with top-of-the-line materials and construction, ensuring it will last for many years of heavy use.
    • With its powerful LED technology and bright white light, this light bar is ideal for use as a spotlight or floodlight in a variety of settings.
    • The Radiance+ series is known for its ease of installation, thanks to its flexible wiring harness and adjustable mounting brackets.

    The Rigid Industries Radiance+ LED Light Bar with White Backlight is a high-performance lighting solution designed for off-road enthusiasts and professionals who need reliable and efficient illumination in the most challenging environments. The 10-inch light bar utilizes high-quality LEDs that produce ultra-bright, long-lasting light, while the white backlight feature adds a cool and stylish accent to any vehicle or equipment.This light bar features a rugged aluminum housing and impact-resistant polycarbonate lens that makes it highly durable and suitable for use in extreme conditions. It is also waterproof and dustproof with a durable wiring harness that ensures safe and reliable operation in all weather conditions.The Radiance+ LED Light Bar is easy to install with a variety of mounting options and comes with a plug-and-play wiring harness for quick and hassle-free setup. It also comes with a limited lifetime warranty from Rigid Industries, giving you peace of mind knowing that you are investing in a high-quality and reliable lighting solution.Whether you're exploring off-road trails, working on construction sites, or simply need reliable lighting for your vehicle or equipment, the Rigid Industries Radiance+ LED Light Bar is an excellent choice that delivers superior performance, durability, and style.

    Truck Brigade is a leading dealer for Rigid Industries Light Bars, Accessory Lights and Lighting Accessories including the Rigid Industries Radiance+ LED Light Bar - White Backlight - 10 Inch. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our U.S. based team who is standing by ready to assist.


    The installation of the Rigid Industries Radiance+ LED Light Bar with a White Backlight in a 10-inch size is a straightforward process that can be completed with some basic tools and a bit of knowledge about vehicle wiring. Before starting, ensure that the vehicle's battery is disconnected to avoid any electrical shock accidents. Next, mount the light bar securely on the vehicle's desired location. Connect the wiring harness to the light bar using the provided connectors, following the instructions in the owner's manual. Route the wiring to the switch location and connect it to the provided switch panel. Once the wiring is installed, connect the battery and test the lights to ensure proper functionality. With proper installation, the Rigid Industries Radiance+ LED Light Bar with White Backlight can add additional visibility and style to any vehicle.

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