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  • Rigid Industries Radiance+ LED Light Bar - Amber Backlight - 40 Inch

    • High-quality, durable construction: The Rigid Industries Radiance+ LED Light Bar is built to last, with a tough, waterproof housing that can withstand even the harshest weather and off-road conditions.
    • Bright, energy-efficient LED lighting: With its powerful LED bulbs, the Radiance+ provides bright, uniform lighting that can help you see better on the trails, while also helping to conserve battery power.
    • Amber backlighting for better visibility: The 40-inch Radiance+ comes with amber backlighting, which helps to counteract the glare of oncoming headlights and make your vehicle more visible in low-light conditions.
    • Easy to install: The Radiance+ is designed to be easy to install, with simple mounting brackets and plug-and-play wiring that connects directly to your vehicle's electrical system.

    The Rigid Industries Radiance+ LED Light Bar with Amber Backlight is a high-quality lighting solution designed for off-road enthusiasts, outdoor adventurers, and industrial users who need superior illumination to navigate through tough terrains and low light conditions. This 40-inch light bar features cutting-edge LED technology that provides bright and efficient lighting without using a lot of power.The Amber Backlight of this light bar provides additional safety and visibility on the road, making it ideal for use in foggy or rainy conditions. It has a durable and water-resistant construction that can withstand harsh weather and impacts, ensuring that it will last for a long time.The Radiance+ LED Light Bar has an easy-to-install design that includes a plug-and-play wiring harness and waterproof switch, making it simple to integrate this lighting solution into your vehicle or equipment. It has multiple mounting options that allow you to install it in various positions and angles depending on your application.Overall, the Rigid Industries Radiance+ LED Light Bar with Amber Backlight is a powerful and versatile lighting solution that provides outstanding illumination in any off-road condition. With its durable construction, easy installation, and ultra-bright LED lights, this light bar is perfect for anyone who wants to take their outdoor or industrial activities to the next level.

    Truck Brigade is a leading dealer for Rigid Industries Light Bars, Accessory Lights and Lighting Accessories including the Rigid Industries Radiance+ LED Light Bar - Amber Backlight - 40 Inch. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our U.S. based team who is standing by ready to assist.


    Installing a Rigid Industries Radiance+ LED Light Bar with Amber Backlighting is a great way to enhance your vehicle's off-road lighting capabilities. First, you will need to mount the light bar on your vehicle's roof or front bumper using the included mounting brackets. Then, connect the wiring harness to the light bar and route it to the vehicle's battery. In order to activate the Amber Backlight feature, you will need to connect a separate wiring harness to a switch and then mount the switch in a convenient location in your vehicle's interior. Finally, connect the Amber Backlight wiring harness to the switch and then to the vehicle's battery. This will enable the Amber Backlight feature, which is an excellent addition for off-road night driving or when driving in harsh weather conditions. Overall, installing the Rigid Industries Radiance+ LED Light Bar with Amber Backlighting is a simple process that can greatly enhance the functionality and efficiency of your vehicle.

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