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  • Rigid Industries E-Series Pro LED Light Bar - Spot/Flood Combo - White - 10 Inch

    • The Rigid Industries E-Series Pro LED Light Bar is a powerful and versatile lighting solution designed for off-road vehicles, boats, and other applications where high-performance lighting is essential.
    • This 10-inch light bar features a spot/flood combo beam pattern that combines focused, long-range projection with wide-area coverage, making it ideal for use in a variety of driving conditions.
    • The E-Series Pro LED Light Bar is constructed of high-quality, durable materials and is designed to withstand even the toughest off-road conditions. It is also rated for use in wet locations, making it perfect for boating and other water-based applications.
    • With a powerful 11,000 lumens of output, this light bar is capable of lighting up even the darkest trails and helping drivers to see possible hazards well in advance. It also features a 50,000+ hour lifespan, ensuring that it will provide reliable performance for many years to come.

    The Rigid Industries E-Series Pro LED Light Bar in a 10-inch size is a high-quality lighting solution designed to provide maximum illumination and durability for user’s vehicles, off-road activities or industrial use. The light bar features a combination of spot and flood beams, which provides an intense and wide light pattern.The E-Series Pro LED Light Bar is built to withstand extreme conditions and rugged use. Its housing is made of high-strength aluminum that is corrosion-resistant and waterproof. Designed to last a lifetime, the light bar is built with high-quality materials, and its lenses are made of polycarbonate that is shatterproof, making it ideal for use in rough environments such as desert or marine applications.The light bar also features a patented hybrid optic system that enhances its light intensity and provides a focused beam of light at long distances. This system enables users to increase their visibility in harsh environments, and its advanced heat sink system wards off overheating, which ensures a long-lasting performance.With its low energy consumption and high output, users of the Rigid Industries E-Series Pro LED Light Bar can save money on energy costs while enjoying superior illumination at all times. The light bar has also been tested to meet and exceed industry standards for brightness, energy efficiency, and reliability, making it suitable for use in industrial, military, and recreational settings. Overall, the Rigid Industries E-Series Pro LED Light Bar is a versatile, high-performing, and durable lighting solution for anyone who wants to experience maximum illumination in dark environments, particularly when driving off-road.

    Truck Brigade is a leading dealer for Rigid Industries Light Bars, Accessory Lights and Lighting Accessories including the Rigid Industries E-Series Pro LED Light Bar - Spot/Flood Combo - White - 10 Inch. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our U.S. based team who is standing by ready to assist.


    Installing the Rigid Industries E-Series Pro LED Light Bar - Spot/Flood Combo - White - 10 Inch is a straightforward process, but it requires some expertise and tools. The following are the basic steps to follow:1. Start by mounting the brackets of the light bar to the vehicle's roof or bumper using bolts and nuts.2. Once the brackets are securely attached, use the wiring harness supplied with the light bar to connect the positive and negative wires to the battery.3. Route the wiring harness along the inside of the vehicle's frame to protect it from damage and to prevent it from being tangled.4. Once the wiring has been routed, connect the harness to the light bar and secure it in place with the supplied mounting bolts and nuts.5. Turn on the vehicle's engine and test the light bar to ensure that it is working as expected.Overall, installing the Rigid Industries E-Series Pro LED Light Bar - Spot/Flood Combo - White - 10 Inch can be a great way to improve your vehicle's visibility and safety on the road or off. However, it's essential to follow the manufacturer's installation instructions and take any necessary precautions to ensure a successful installation.

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