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  • Rigid Industries D-XL Pro LED Light Pods - Flood - Black (Pair)

    • The Rigid Industries D-XL Pro LED Light Pods are designed to provide outstanding illumination for a variety of outdoor applications, including off-road driving, work site lighting, and marine use.
    • These light pods feature a rugged, durable construction that is built to withstand harsh weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and heavy vibration.
    • With a powerful flood beam pattern, the D-XL Pro LED Light Pods provide wide, even coverage for optimal visibility in low-light situations.
    • These pods can be easily installed using standard mounting hardware and come with a wiring harness and switch for convenient operation.

    The Rigid Industries D-XL Pro LED Light Pods - Flood - Black (Pair) are a pair of high-performance LED lights designed for off-road driving and other demanding applications. Each pod features 9 high-intensity LED bulbs that produce a bright, wide-angle flood beam pattern. The light pods are constructed with a rugged and durable cast aluminum housing that is sealed to resist moisture and corrosion. The black powder-coated finish adds to the rugged look and provides excellent protection against the elements. These light pods are designed to mount easily to most surfaces, and can be used as auxiliary lights on your vehicle, ATV or marine vessels. The flood beam pattern is perfect for illuminating wider areas such as paths or fields, while offering a clear view of what's ahead. These light pods measure 4.4 inches tall by 5.5 inches wide by 3.2 inches deep, making them a compact yet powerful lighting option. They also come with a 50,000-hour lifespan, and are backed by a limited lifetime warranty from Rigid Industries. Overall, the Rigid Industries D-XL Pro LED Light Pods - Flood - Black (Pair) are a versatile, high-performance lighting solution for off-road enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers looking to enhance their visibility in low-light conditions.

    Truck Brigade is a leading dealer for Rigid Industries Light Bars, Accessory Lights and Lighting Accessories including the Rigid Industries D-XL Pro LED Light Pods - Flood - Black (Pair). If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our U.S. based team who is standing by ready to assist.


    First, start by disconnecting the vehicle's battery to avoid any problems during the installation of the Rigid Industries D-XL Pro LED Light Pods. Next, locate a suitable mounting position for the lights, preferably in the front or rear of the vehicle. After finding the perfect location for the lights, you will need to drill mounting holes and bolt them into place. Once the lights are attached, run the wire harness to the vehicle's interior, making sure to avoid any hot or moving parts. Connect the wiring to a fuse box or battery terminal for power. Finally, test the installation by turning on the lights and checking for proper functionality. Adjust the lights' angle as necessary for optimal visibility. Remember to turn off the lights and reconnect the battery before driving. Following these steps will ensure a successful installation of the Rigid Industries D-XL Pro LED Light Pods.

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