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  • Rigid Industries D-SS Series Pro LED Light Pod - Spot

    • High-Intensity Light Output: With a powerful spot beam pattern, the Rigid Industries D-SS Series Pro LED Light Pod delivers superior lighting performance with an intense and focused beam that illuminates the furthest distance.
    • Unmatched Durability: Made with a cast aluminum housing and polycarbonate lens, the D-SS Series Pro LED Light Pod is designed to withstand the toughest environmental conditions including water, dust, and shock.
    • Advanced Thermal Management: The D-SS Series Pro LED Light Pod features advanced circuitry that reduces heat buildup and increases the lifespan of the light source, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.
    • Versatile Mounting Options: With multiple mounting options, including surface and flush mount, the D-SS Series Pro LED Light Pod can be installed in a variety of locations to provide the perfect lighting solution for any situation.

    The Rigid Industries D-SS Series Pro LED Light Pod - Spot is a high-performance off-road lighting solution designed to provide extremely powerful illumination in a compact package. This light pod features powerful LEDs that offer impressive brightness and clarity, making it an ideal choice for use in a variety of applications, including off-road driving, work and emergency lighting, and more.The D-SS Series Pro LED Light Pod features Rigid Industries' patented optics technology, which allows for optimal light spread and beam control. The spot beam pattern provides a focused, long-range beam suitable for high-speed driving and improved visibility in challenging terrain.This light pod is constructed with a durable cast aluminum housing and a polycarbonate lens for maximum durability and longevity. The housing is sealed to prevent moisture and debris from entering, ensuring that the light pod remains functional even in the toughest off-road conditions.Furthermore, the Rigid Industries D-SS Series Pro LED Light Pod - Spot is designed to be easy to mount and install, with a variety of mounting options available to suit any application. Other features of the D-SS Series Pro LED Light Pod include a built-in thermal management system and overdrive technology, providing optimal performance and extended lifespan.Overall, this light pod is an incredibly powerful and durable lighting solution that delivers exceptional performance in a compact and versatile package.

    Truck Brigade is a leading dealer for Rigid Industries Light Bars, Accessory Lights and Lighting Accessories including the Rigid Industries D-SS Series Pro LED Light Pod - Spot. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our U.S. based team who is standing by ready to assist.


    The installation process for the Rigid Industries D-SS Series Pro LED Light Pod - Spot is quite simple and can be completed with just a few tools. Firstly, the light pod itself needs to be firmly mounted onto a suitable location on the vehicle, using the included bracket, screws and washers. Once in place, the wiring harness and switch can then be connected to the vehicle's electrical system, with the supplied instructions guiding the process step-by-step.Next, the positive and negative wires from the wiring harness must be connected to the corresponding cables that lead to the battery. This can be done using a crimping tool or by soldering, and ensures that the light pod has a reliable and steady power source. Finally, the switch can be mounted in a convenient location, usually on the dashboard, and then the vehicle's main power can be turned on to test the light pod.Overall, the installation of the Rigid Industries D-SS Series Pro LED Light Pod - Spot is a straightforward process that can be done by most people with basic mechanical knowledge. With this impressive lighting solution in place, drivers can tackle any night-time terrain or condition with ease and confidence.

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