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  • Prinsu Ladder | Mercedes Sprinter (2014-2018)

    • Designed exclusively for your Mercedes Sprinter Van 144 (high roof model); low profile and strong access point for your roof.
    • Innovatively designed for aerodynamics and to prevent wind noise. Minimal wind noise even at freeway speeds.
    • Full aluminum construction low profile design for durability and enhanced weight savings.
    • Simple installation; Hardware is included.
    • Designed and constructed in the U.S.A.

    This Prinsu Sprinter Van Roof Rack ladder are aftermarket steps allowing you to easily access the roof on the Sprinter Van. This product has been designed specifically for use with 2014-2022 Mercedes Sprinter Vans 144 equipped with a Prinsu Roof Rack. In fact, we feel your Sprinter Van Roof rack is not complete without the ladder.

    This Prinsu bolt on ladder features a lightweight all aluminum construction that works flawlessly with a Sprinter Van Prinsu Roof Rack. The bolt on ladder provides a low profile and tight fitting design ensuring that the rack fits cleanly and does not interfere or increase overall wind noise. The rack is known for its simple installation and integration and comes coated in a satin black texture powder coat.

    In terms of installation, the Prinsu Ladder is designed to mount to the vehicle. There are 9 rungs total with one being the bottom step and one being the very top mount. The ladder extends to the top of your vehicle (overall length 94 inches) allowing seamless access to gear on your roof.


    What is a Prinsu Sprinter Van Ladder? The Prinsu Sprinter Van Ladder is a rear of the vehicle mounted ladder allowing you easy access to the gear on your roof.

    What is the overall length of the Prinsu Sprinter Van Ladder? The Sprinter Van 144 Ladder has an overall length of 94 inches from the very top mount to the rack bottom.

    How much weight can a Prinsu ladder hold? There is not an official weight rating fore the Prinsu ladder, but we expect the Prinsu ladder to support 300-400 pounds without issue.

    How much wind noise does a Prinsu ladder generate? The Prinsu ladder generates minimal wind noise even at freeway speeds.

    Will the Prinsu Sprinter Van Ladder work with a roof rack? Absolutely. The Prinsu Sprinter Van ladder features an easy installation and integration with Prinsu Rack.

    What accessories can I mount on my Prinsu Sprinter Rack? The options are endless. Some of the popular items are awnings, tool mounts, light bars, and more. Roof Rack mounted products including the functional Prinsu MAXTRAX Mount offer a seamless way to access items such as MAXTRAX.


    • Material: Aluminum
    • Finish: Product powder coat in a satin black finish.
    • Fitment: 2014+ Sprinter Van.
    • Installation: Bottom mounting to body or to aftermarket steps.


    IInstallation of your Sprinter Prinsu Ladder is quite simple and can typically be completed at home within a couple hours. Included with your Prinsu Ladder will be all necessary hardware to complete the installation. We have included an installation guide below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

    Prinsu Sprinter Ladder Installation Guide

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