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    Prinsu Roof Rack | Subaru Crosstrek (2013-2017)

    • Industry leading Prinsu Roof Rack designed for the 2013-2017 Subaru Crosstrek.
    • Completely modular design; works flawlessly with all Prinsu Accessories.
    • Aluminum construction for enhanced durability and weight savings.
    • Maximizes your vehicle's carrying capacity.
    • Designed and constructed in the U.S.A.

    Prinsu has long been known as one of the industry's leading manufacturers and innovators when it comes to Roof Racks. The Subaru Crosstrek Prinsu Roof Rack builds on this long running legacy of quality and functionality.

    Not only will the Prinsu Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack look great, but it will provide a level of carrying capacity not found with other Roof Racks on the market. The Prinsu Roof Rack can be used to carry gear, mount a rooftop tent, or mount numerous accessories including the many Prinsu Roof Rack accessories Prinsu has designed to work exclusively with Prinsu Racks.

    In terms of construction, the Prinsu Crosstrek Roof Rack is constructed out of laser cut aluminum which keeps the overall weight down while maintaining an impressive carrying capacity.

    Each rack comes with two side rails, wind deflector (standard wind deflector or wind deflector with cutout for light bar), noise reducing trim (attaches to the wind deflector to dramatically reduce wind noise), cross bars (black anodized crossbars and one clear anodized crossbar used as a wind deflector mount), and all the necessary mounting hardware.


    What is the weight capacity of a Prinsu Subaru Crosstrek 2013-2017 Roof Rack? The Subaru Crosstrek 2013-2017 Prinsu Rack can support 600-800 pounds (static load capacity) and 300-400 pounds (dynamic load limit). Prinsu Racks have been field tested with Roof Top Tents and numerous accessories.

    How much height does the Prinsu Design Roof Rack add to my Subaru Crosstrek? This Rack features a low-profile design and only adds about 2.0625 inches to the overall height of your vehicle.

    Prinsu Crosstrek Roof Rack

    Does a Prinsu Subaru Crosstrek Rack affect mileage? This depends on your driving style, what you have mounted on the Roof Rack, among numerous other factors. If you just have the Prinsu Subaru Crosstrek Rack mounted on your vehicle you can expect the MPG to not change much at all since it only sits up about 1.6 inches. With accessories mounted such as a Roof Top Tent you will notice some small changes to your overall MPG.

    How many crossbars come on the Prinsu Subaru Crosstrek Rack? The Roof Rack will come with 7 total black crossbars and 1 unfinished crossbar. The unfinished crossbar is designed to be installed out of sight behind the wind deflector.

    How much wind noise does the Prinsu Rack generate? Prinsu Racks are designed to be extremely aerodynamic. Thanks to their ultra low-profile design and angled wind deflector with edge trim to reduce further wind noise, the Prinsu Crosstrek Rack should not generate much noise at all. If it is generating noise there may be an issue with the installation.

    What accessories can I mount to a Prinsu Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack? One of the great things about the Crosstrek Rack is its ability to work with numerous accessories and roof rack mounted products. Prinsu accessories such as the Prinsu MAXTRAX Mounts, Prinsu Tie Down Rings, and Prinsu RotoPaX Dual Cross Bar Mount are excellent choices. Numerous other mounts for Awnings and Roof Top Tents are also available.

    Can I put a Roof Top Tent on my Prinsu Rack? Absolutely! Prinsu Roof Racks are perfect for mounting Roof Top Tents. The strong factory mounting points and t-channel crossbars with drop points provide an easy way to secure your tent and we also offer Prinsu Tent Mounts to make the process even easier.


    • Side Plate Material: 3/16 inch high-grade aluminum.
    • Wind Deflector Material: 1/8 inch high-grade aluminum.
    • Crossbar Material: 2x1 inch t-channel aluminum with drop in points.
    • Finish: Black powder coat finish.
    • Fitment: 2013-2017+ Subaru Crosstrek.
    • Dimensions (box): 95 x 9 x 8 (inches).
    • Dimensions (installed): 95 inches (front to back); 49 inches (side to side); 1.6 inches (height).
    • Weight (installed): ~43 pounds.
    • Static Weight Capacity: 600-800 pounds.
    • Dynamic Weight Capacity: 300-400 pounds.
    • Light Bar: Optional 40 inch light bar (Baja Designs, Rigid Industries, Cali Raised etc.)
    • Installation: Factory mounting points.


    Installation of the Prinsu Subaru Crosstrek Roof Rack is not too difficult, but we recommend having a second person assist. Every rack will come with the necessary mounting hardware including the rear mounting hardware. The Subaru Crosstrek does have factory mounting holes on the roof designed to support the factory rail system. These factory mounting points are also used to mount the Prinsu Rack, but may need to be drilled out to be larger. For further guidance, please see the detailed instructions below.

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