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Overland Vehicle Systems – Camping Storage Bag

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Overland Vehicle Systems: 21139941
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      • Eco-friendly storage bag that has been designed exclusively with the travel enthusiast in mind.
      • Hand crafted out of premium cotton and infused with Parrifin (wax canvas); Waterproof breathable materials ensure that your bag is rugged enough to take on the outdoors.
      • Lightweight (3 lbs.) and foldable to allow for convenient transportation as desired.
      • Offers 9 storage spots that can secure just about anything needed; Perfect for storing clothing, snacks, medic kits, and much more.
      • Reinforced stitching, heavy-duty zippers, and oversized buckles.

      This Overland Vehicle Systems Camping Storage Bag has been uniquely designed with the travel enthusiast in mind. It features a total of 9 extra storage locations, enabling you to secure just about anything. We’ve seen travelers secure cups, clothing, medical kits, snacks, and much more. Engineered with convenience in mind, the OVS Camping Storage Bag is foldable, allowing you to store it practically wherever desired when not in use.  

      This OVS Camping Storage Bag is an eco-friendly alternative to the ballistic nylon materials often used on gear bags. Each Overland Vehicle Systems Bag has been handcrafted out of premium cotton infused with Parrifin, known as wax canvas, a waterproof breathable material. Fun fact: What’s great about waxed canvas, is that as it ages over time, scuffs & wear marks will develop characteristics known as a patina, which is why waxed canvas is timeless. In closing, this 21139941 Camping Storage Bag #16 Waxed Canvas features reinforced stitching, heavy-duty zippers, and oversized buckles. Quality meets style with this bag.

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        • Materials: Hand crafted out of premium cotton and infused with Parrifin.
        • Weight: 3 lbs.
        • Width: 8 inches
        • Height: 2 inches
        • Depth: 8 inches

      1. The Camping Storage Bag from Overland Vehicle Systems simply requires you to unbox, unpack, and set off on your next adventure. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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