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Overland Gear Guy – First Aid Headrest Pouch

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Overland Gear Guy: OGG-FRSTAID-HP-1
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      • Optimizes storage space and enables you to be well prepared for the adventure ahead.
      • Ample zipper slip pockets and elastic loop storage makes accessing your supplies easier than ever; First aid supplies not included.
      • Designed to provide excellent storage capabilities, Stores gloves, eye protection, medical tape, gauze pads, splints, bandages, a tourniquet, and much more.
      • Can be installed and ready to use within mere seconds thanks to the Velcro design; Simply pull and go as needed.
      • Proudly made in the USA; Backed by a lifetime workmanship warranty.

      If there’s two things that overlanders feel at their core about efficient traveling, it’s the need to optimize storage space and be organized / well prepared for the journey ahead. Allow us to introduce to you a product that is a solution for both of those needs… the Overland Gear Guy First Aid Kit Headrest Pouch!

      The Overland Gear Guy First Aid Kit Headrest Pouch makes use of the otherwise unused space in your rig, by simply installing to the back of your headrest via Velcro. With ample zipper slip pockets and elastic loop storage, accessing your first aid kit is now as simple as pull and go. This First Aid Kit Headrest Pouch is perfect for building out your kit as you see fit. It has been designed to optimize storage capabilities and can easily accommodate a variety of popular medic kit supplies such as gloves, eye protection, medical tape, gauze pads, splints, bandages, a tourniquet, and much more!

      Please Note: The Overland Gear Guy First Aid Kit Headrest Pouch comes standard with the detachable pouch, Velcro label, and headrest panel. First Aid Supplies are not included.

        • Warranty: Lifetime Workmanship Warranty

      1. Overland Gear Guy designed this First Aid Kit Headrest Pouch with an installation that can be completed within seconds. Included with your purchase will be the needed Velcro to complete the install. If you have any questions regarding this Overland Gear Guy product, please contact us at 888-550-3028.

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