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  • CBI Offroad Cab Height Bed Rack | Toyota Tundra (2007-2021)

    • Designed to sit level with the cab of your truck; Perfect for mounting oversized cargo.
    • CNC cut and formed from steel; 2-stage black powder-coat finish ensures rust and corrosion resistance.
    • Integrated tie-down points for ease of securing and transporting cargo.
    • Simple installation; mounts to the bed rails.
    • Enables you to mount accessories such as Roof Top Tents, Kayaks, Bikes, and more.

    The CBI Offroad 2nd Gen Tundra Cab Height Bed Rack was truly designed for the overland and offroad addict who is looking to be able to efficiently transport oversized gear. CBIs original Overland Bed Rack broke the mold for the 2nd Gen Tundra but this new addition to the CBI Bed Rack lineup takes things a step further by better accommodating those who are looking for a bed rack that sits level with the cab. By accomplishing this, truck owners will be able to more efficiently transport longer cargo such as Roof Top Tents, Kayaks, Surfboards, Snowboards and much more!

    The CBI Offroad Tundra Cab Height Bed Rack is CNC cut and formed from heavy duty steel, ensuring that it will provide you with many years of reliable use. To make certain that your CBI Bed Rack has maximum protection from the harsh elements, it will receive a 2-stage black powder-coat finish. While this bed rack certainly sports a stylish appearance, its functionality is what we feel makes this rack most appealing. It doesn't take much more than a quick glance at the pictures to see that it features multiple mounting points and an excess of tie-down areas. This is perfect for mounting a variety of accessories such as MAXTRAX Recovery Boards, RotopaX Containers, Hi-Lift Jacks, Shovels, Axes, and much more.

    Installation of the CBI 2nd Gen Tundra Cab Height Bed Rack is straight forward and fairly simple. This CBI Bed Rack utilizes the bed rails and can typically be installed and ready to use within a couple hours. Included with your purchase will be all of the necessary hardware to complete the installation. If you’re in the market for a Bed Rack that will match the height of your truck cab with certainty, let us confirm for you that this CBI Cab Height Bed Rack is the way to go. The engineers at CBI Offroad Fab have put this rack to the test and feel confident that it will exceed your expectations. Truck Brigade is proud to be a Leading Authorized Dealer for CBI Offroad and offers this product with a Full Factory Warranty and Best Price Guarantee. Please reach out to us with any question you may have.


    • Material: CNC cut and formed from steel
    • Finish: Bare material or black powdercoat


    The engineers at CBI Offroad Fab have designed the 2nd Gen Tundra Cab Height Bed Rack with the consumer in mind. The installation is quite simple and can be completed at home within an hour. Included with your purchase will be all necessary hardware to tackle the job. If you have any questions regarding the installation, please feel free to give us a call!

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