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    Cali Raised Trail Edition Bolt-On Rock Sliders | Toyota 4Runner (2010-2023)

    • Designed exclusively for the 2010+ Toyota 4Runner.
    • Trail Edition Sliders feature a 25-degree angle, offering excellent protection while offroading.
    • Constructed from 1.75 inch DOM tubing; Slider wall thickness is .120 inches thick.
    • Custom made per your request; Choose with or without kick-outs as well as receiving as bare material or with a powder-coat finish.
    • Spot Beam pattern provides ample lighting no matter the situation.
    • Hassle-free installation; 100% bolt-on design removes the need for any drilling or modification.
    • Deisgned and fabricated in the U.S.A.

    Simply put, if you’re going to be exploring trails and enjoying time off of the beaten path, you need a set of Rock Sliders to protect your rig. Rock Sliders have been designed for the sole purpose of serving as a line of defense again rocks, ruts, stumps, and pretty much any other obstacle you come across while trekking across unknown terrain. This product page is dedicated to the Cali Raised LED 2010+ Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition Rock Sliders; considered by many to be the elite Rock Sliders for the 5th Gen Toyota 4Runner!

    Cali Raised 4Runner Trail Edition Rock Sliders are constructed from 1.75 inch DOM tubing and feature a slider wall thickness of .120 inches. To ensure optimum strength and durability, the frame plate is made from 3/16 inch hot rolled steel, earning these Rock Sliders the title of being one of the strongest sets on the market… especially in this price range. In addition to their superior design, the Cali Raised Trail Edition Rock Sliders have been engineered to tuck up close to your rig at a 20-degree angle, offering additional protection from hazards. Everything mentioned so far comes standard with no additional charge, however the options continue flowing if desired. From here, you are given the ability of choosing to have your Cali Raised LED 4Runner Rock Sliders designed with or without kickouts. Once your offroad armor has been formed, you have the ability to choose to receive your Cali Raised 4Runner Trail Rock Sliders in three different finishes, which consist of bare material, a black powder-coat finish, or with a bedliner finish. Cali Raised Toyota 4Runner Trail Edition Rock Sliders are designed, engineered, and manufactured 100% in America. Cali Raised LED takes pride in not only manufacturing each Cali Raised product in America but also sourcing all materials from U.S.A. steel companies.

    Each set of Cali Raised 4Runner Trail Edition Rock Sliders are made vehicle specific to ensure a flawless fit and second to none appearance. Each Cali Raised Rock Slider is built on a custom weld fixture, further ensuring perfect alignment and exact placement. 4Runner Trail Edition Rock Sliders have been designed as a 100% bolt-on application, which means no drilling or modification is needed for most application. Let it be known that 2010-2013 4Runners must remove the Rock Trim Panel for these Rock Sliders to fit properly. If you’re looking for a high-quality American Made Toyota 4Runner Rock Slider, look no further than the Cali Raised LED Trail Edition Rock Sliders!

    Kick-Out: Kick-outs provide additional protection to the backside of your rig and reduce the chance of getting pinned, by pushing the back tire away from an obstacle. The entire Rock Slider at any point can act as a pivot point. Cali Raised LED Tacoma Rock Sliders are rated to support the entire weight of the vehicle. This option also adds more of a step to access the rear of the vehicle.

    No Kick-Out:No kick-out is great for tighter trails where you do not plan on using your rig as a pivot. This is also great general protection to the rocker panel of your vehicle. Cali Raised 4Runner Rock Sliders are rated to support the entire weight of the vehicle.

    Please Note: Cancellation of a Cali Raised Rock Slider order will incur a 15% cancellation fee after the order is placed. This product is only compatible with the  2010+ Toyota 4Runner. 


    • Material: 1.75 inch DOM tubing an 3/16 inch hot rolled steel.
    • Finish: Raw, black powder coat, bedliner coated.


    Cali Raised 4Runner Trail Edition Rock Sliders have been designed as a 100% bolt on application, which means no drilling or modification is needed. Included with your purchase of Cali Raised Rock Sliders will be Grade 8 hardware that is needed to complete the task. If you have any further questions, please feel free to give us a call at 888 550-3028.

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