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  • ARB Recovery Bow Shackles

    • Recovery Shackle makes attaching a strap to your 4x4 an easy process.
    • Available in three different sizes: 10MM, 16MM, and 19MM.
    • Rated up to 4.75T depending on the size of the shackle.
    • Sold Individually but is pictured as a pair.

    ARB 4x4 is well known by those that venture off the beaten path and have a passion for exploring. ARB was founded in Australia with three core tenants built into every product that leaves the assembly line: quality, reliability, and practicality. The ARB Recovery Boy Shackles are in line with ARB’s core tenants and their important cannot be underestimated. Shackles serve as the primary attachment point for straps when trying to get you vehicle out of a less than desirable situation.

    These ARB Recovery Shackles are what is known as a bow shackle and sometimes called an anchor shackle. You can quickly identify this with the larger rounded "O" shape of the shackle. This "O" shape allows the shackle to take on loads from many different directions without developing significant sideload. The ability to take on a load from different directions is critical when you are venturing away from civilization as the conditions will never be perfect. With a typical D-shackle that has a "D" shape design; you can take on a high load but you would need to be in-line with the direction you are pulling. For this reason, we would recommend a Bow Shackle over the classic D-shackle when you decide to take your adventure off the grid.

    It is important to know before putting a shackle to use what load rating the recovery shackle is rated to. For the ARB Recovery Bow Shackles the 10MM shackle is rated at 1.0T, the 16MM shackle is rated at 3.25T, and lastly the 19MM shackle is rated at 4.75T. The larger the size of the recovery shackle, the larger strap that it can accommodate. All ARB Recovery Bow Shackles only come in a galvanized finish.

    Truck Brigade is proud to be an authorized dealer for ARB 4x4. With their focus never wavering from quality, reliability, and practicality; you can be sure that the ARB Recovery Shackles will be ready to stand up to the test. So, what are you waiting for? Get the ARB 4x4 Recovery Bow Shackles today and put them to the test on your next adventure! If you have any questions on this product or any other, do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated team.


    • Finish: Galvanized
    • Available Sizes: 10MM, 16MM, 19MM


    Simply unbox your ARB Recovery Shackles, take a moment to install, and get out there! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to one of our product experts.

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