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  • Prinsu Roof Rack | Toyota 4Runner (2003-2009)

    • Full Length Roof Rack that is completely modular and perfect for mounting accessories.
    • Designed to work exclusively with the 4th Gen Toyota 4Runner.
    • Offers a completely bolt on installation; no drilling required.
    • Full aluminum construction for enhanced weight savings while sporting an impressive weight capacity.
    • Maximizes your vehicles carrying capacity and cargo security.
    • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the U.S.A.

    The 4th Gen 4Runner Prinsu Rack offers the ability to store gear, add accessories, and much more ultimately providing your rig with more functionality. Prinsu Roof Racks are some of the lowest profile Roof Racks on the market and have been thoroughly tested in some of the roughest most demanding environments. This Prinsu 4th Gen Roof Rack is sure to impress and offers numerous solutions to enhance your next adventure.

    4th Gen 4Runner Prinsu Rack

    Prinsu Racks are constructed out of high grade aluminum keeping the overall weight of the Roof Rack down while providing a level of strength that can support heavy loads. Prinsu 4th Gen 4runner Rack consists of 3/16 inch laser cut aluminum, 2x1 inch pre-threaded cross bars (nine moveable crossbars) that have built in drop points, a 1/8 inch aluminum wind deflector, noise reducing edge trim designed to prevent wind noise, and all the necessary assembly hardware. The included wind deflector can be ordered with a standard configuration or with a cutout allowing you to mount a Light Bar.

    Out of the box, the Toyota 4runner Prinsu Roof Rack is impressive. It is designed to support industry leading load capacities (600-800 static load capacity; 300-400 dynamic load limit). But its ability to mount accessories makes the Prinsu Rack stand out among the competition. This is thanks to the ever expanding line-up of Roof Rack mounted products that Prinsu has developed to work flawlessly with the Prinsu Roof Rack. The 4th Gen 4Runner Prinsu Rack is no exception and works with all Prinsu Accessories including the Universal MAXTRAX Mount (used with mounting pins), Quick Release Awning Brackets, and various other accessories.


    Can I install a Prinsu rack onto my 4th Gen 4Runner? Yes, the Prinsu 4th Gen 4Runner Rack is designed to be installed directly onto the roof of your 4Runner. Prinsu manufactures their Roof Rack to install directly into factory mounting holes.

    What is the weight limit of a Prinsu Rack for a 4th Gen 4Runner? 600-800 pounds static load capacity with a 300-400 pounds dynamic load limit.

    How do I install a Prinsu rack onto my 4th Gen 4Runner and are there any specific installation instructions I need to follow? Installation of the Prinsu 4th Gen Rack is relatively simple and installs directly into factory mounting points. It is recommended to follow the steps shown in the installation guide.

    What are some accessories that I can add onto my 4th Gen Prinsu 4Runner Rack? The functional Prinsu MAXTRAX Mount is an excellent option. Prinsu Awning Mounts are also an excellent choice.

    Can I use my 4th Gen 4Runner Prinsu Rack with a rooftop tent? Absolutely, Prinsu Racks are a perfect mounting solution for rooftop tents and will work with most rooftop tents.

    How much noise will my Prinsu Rack Generate? Prinsu Racks are designed in a way that minimal wind noise can be heard while driving. The angle of the wind deflector paired with the noise reducing edge trim helps keep wind noise to a minimum.

    What is the cost of a 4th Gen 4Runner Prinsu Rack and where can I purchase one? The Roof Rack is priced at $1,080 and can be purchased directly through Truck Brigade. We offer the best price guarantee and free shipping.

    How much weight can I safely carry on my 4Runner Prinsu rack? It is generally recommended to follow your vehicle guidelines. However, your 4Runner Prinsu Roof Rack should be able to easily handle 300-400 pounds.

    How does the 4th Gen T4R Prinsu Rack compare to other roof rack options in terms of price and functionality? Prinsu Roof Racks are considered "The Original" since pioneering the design well over 10 years ago. Unlike most racks, the 4Runner Prinsu Rack features a custom designed crossbar with built in drop points. This allows you to attach tool mounts and various other accessories.


    • Material: Aluminum.
    • Side Plate Material: 3/16 inch high-grade aluminum.
    • Wind Deflector Material: 1/8 inch high-grade aluminum.
    • Cross bar Material: 2x1 inch t-channel aluminum with drop in points.
    • Finish: Powder coated satin black.
    • Fitment: 2003-2009 Toyota 4Runner.
    • Weight: 55 pounds.
    • Static Weight Capacity: 600-800 pounds.
    • Dynamic Weight Capacity: 300-400 pounds.
    • Light Bar: Optional 40 inch light bar (Baja Designs, Rigid Industries, Cali Raised etc.).
    • Installation: Factory mounting points.


    Installation of your 2003-2009 Full Length Toyota 4Runner Prinsu Rack is quite simple and can typically be completed at home within a few hours using basic hand tools. It is a non-drill Rack and attaches directly to factory mounting points. Once the Rack is properly installed, you are ready to hit the road.

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