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  • Westcott Preload Collar Lift Kits

    by Ryan Horton November 27, 2023 3 min read

    Westcott Designs is changing the industry for the better with their Preload Collar Lift Kits. For too long, spacer lift kits have been the go-to for adding lift to your rig. We are happy to share that there is a better solution to lifting your rig that will allow you to retain your factory ride quality and suspension geometry, does not require aftermarket upper control arms, and allows you to still align your vehicle to factory specs after install. The Westcott Lift Kit offers these benefits and more. If you have a Tacoma, Tundra, 4Runner or Sequoia and are looking to achieve a lift allowing you to run larger tires while keeping factory geometry, a Westcott preload collar lift kit might have just what you need.

    Westcott Preload Collar Lift Kit Tundra

    Key Takeaways

    • Unlike factory preload collars, the Westcott Preload Collars are full adjustable upward providing you the ability to lift the vehicle 1-3 inches without altering the factory suspension geometry.

    • Westcottmanufacturers their preload collars to the highest specs and durability. All collars are made from CNC machined billet aluminum.

    • The Westcott collars alleviate the need to buy aftermarket coilover as you can attain the same lift using factory shocks.

    Preload Collar Lift Kit vs Spacer Lift Kit

    Westcott Preload collars are different and that is for the better. Unlike a traditional spacer lift which installs above the shock putting downward pressure on the shock, the Westcott Preload Collar Kits install below the coil putting upward pressure on the coil. It is worth noting that the Westcott Preload Collars and a traditional spacer lift will both achieve the same thing in terms of vehicle lift. However, the Westcott Preload Collar Kits are stronger and less likely to fail.

    With a traditional spacer lift putting downward pressure on the shock, it can cause the shock to bottom out prematurely before evening hitting the factory bump stop. This puts undue stress on the system and can cause the lower welds on the shock to fail. With the Westcott Preload Collar Kits, this is not something to worry about because the collar installs below the coil putting upward pressure or preload on the coil spring. This method does not cause the shock to bottom out prematurely.

    Ease of Use with Factory Coilovers

    If you are familiar with aftermarket coilovers that are adjustable, you might have noticed you can adjust the preload on the shock by tightening (upward) the lower adjuster. This is essentially what the Westcott Preload Collar Kit is doing. So why not just buy a set of aftermarket coilovers? Well, that can be expensive and more importantly the coilovers that come on the new Toyotas are very impressive so there usually isn’t a need to rush into a new set. Despite them being very good quality, they do not offer the adjustability found on aftermarket coilovers.

    Westcott Preload Collar Lift Kit factory coilover

    In other words, the factory preload collar is set by the factory and cannot be adjusted upward. This is exactly where Westcott Designs Preload Collars shine. They will work on your factory shocks and provide the ability to lift the vehicle (usually 1-3 inches of front lift as well as rear lift). It is also worth mentioning that all Westcott Collars are billet aluminum (CNC machined) – quality not seen elsewhere. Westcott Preload Collar Kits come with lower preload collars as well as top (1/2 inch) shim plates. These top shim plates are considered a spacer (technically) but are much thinner than a traditional spacer lift and not detrimental to the system like a traditional spacer lift.

    Westcott Preload Collar Lift Kit Fitment

    Westcott Designs offers their innovative Preload Collar Kit for many of the newer Toyota vehicles including the 2022+ Toyota Tundra, 5th Gen 4Runner, and more. They have separate kits designed for each of the Toyota trim levels as trim levels tend to come with different factory shocks. If you have any questions about Westcott Designs Preload Collar Kits, reach out to the team at Truck Brigade who would be happy to help.

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