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  • DECKED's All-New Drawer System

    by Ryan Horton November 07, 2023 4 min read

    DECKED Logo

    DECKED shipped its first drawer system in 2014 and since that time has always been improving its product, adding well-known brands to its repertoire such as Cargo Glide, and continually developing new accessories. In late 2023, DECKED  announced an all-new redesigned drawer system that builds off the already great legacy drawer system and features a handful of new things that are sure to impress. In this post, we will explore the new DECKED drawer system and all its features and benefits.

    DECKED Full-Size Drawer System

    Key Takeaways

    • DECKED's new drawer systems were designed using the real-world feedback of 250,000 customers and 15,000 reviews.

    • Larger more functional drawers extend further and are still made in America.

    • The new Steel2Steel connection design ensures the drawers are more secure and can handle extremely heavy loads.

    • Packed with improved features for only a minimal increase in price as compared to DECKED's legacy drawer systems.

    • Vehicle-specific drawer models for Ford, Toyota, Chevy, GMC, Nissan, RAM, and more.

    DECKED Drawer System Parts

    DECKED Drawer System Features

    In our view, the DECKED drawer system did not need to be updated. We ran the DECKED system on our Overland F150 build for years and were continually impressed with how it held up in all environments and how durable it was. Over the years we were continually reminded why we needed a DECKED system and why we decided on one in the first place. After all, even if we didn't think there needed to be improvements to the DECKED system, we are excited about what DECKED has done with the new redesigned DECKED drawer system. Here are the features we are excited about:

    Increased Drawer Extension and Volume

    Didn't you think the drawers were massive already? Well, these new full bed-length drawers have a 30% increase in capacity and extend further. This results in you being able to store more and longer gear than you could have otherwise. On full-size systems, the drawers will extend 12 inches more, and on midsize systems, the drawers will extend 7 inches further compared to the legacy models. This not only allows you to store more gear but it allows you to access gear in the way back of the drawers easier since they extend further. This is a game-changer for those who are vertically challenged.

    New Storage Options

    If you are familiar with the legacy drawers you might remember the smaller ammo pockets that were in each corner near the wheel wells. We used to love to store our mini propane bottles, camping gear, and tools in there and they fit perfectly. The new DECKED drawers ditch the ammo cans and come with unrestricted wheel well storage pass-throughs. This allows you unrestricted access and eliminates wasted space. In addition, every system comes with stash bins to help keep smaller gear stay organized. That's not it...the stash bins come with a lockable lid that is fully waterproof. Now that we think of it, we used to get water in the bottom of our ammo cans so this is a huge benefit.

    Integrated D-Ring Cargo Tie Downs

    DECKED's legacy system took away the factory tie-down points found usually in the corners of your bed. DECKED offered a couple of different solutions, but nothing was all that great in our opinion. In the new system, there are 8 total (4 per side) tie-down positions on their full-size models. These are not basic mounts bolted through the DECKED platform - they feature a steel-to-steel design and attach directly to the steel channel under the DECKED. This ensures that they have a scary high load rating and work perfectly for securing gear mounted on top of the DECKED drawers. They are also countersunk and lie flat so they won't impede large loads. It is all a no-brainer.

    DECKED Tie Down System

    Near Fully Waterproof Design

    DECKED has generally done a good job with keeping water out of the system unless, of course, you take a hose directly to it or during heavy rains. It never bugged us because we didn't keep anything in them that couldn't get a little wet. The bigger problem for us was the dust especially when kicking up a lot of dust off-road. These new drawer systems feature robust protection from the elements and are designed to keep out almost all airborne particulate matter. This is achieved thanks to the redesigned drawer seal. Other improvements such as minimizing swirling air within the system have been addressed and the overall result is less water and dust getting into the system.

    Heavy-Duty Anchor System

    We put our DECKED drawers to the test and never experienced them loosening or coming undone in any way. That is even less likely now thanks to the DECKED Steel2Steel connection design which uses a steel bracket anchoring system to attach to your truck bed. This ensures that the connection is always solid and will not loosen over time.

    New Midsized Mega Drawer

    Midsized truck owners who have the legacy DECKED system know that they came with one full-size drawer and one smaller drawer due to the beds on midsized trucks being narrower. This has been changed with the new system and it now comes with one massive drawer. This ensures that there is almost no wasted bed space and over a 30% increase in drawer storage volume. Worried about how to organize one huge drawer? With DECKED's accessories including the D Bag, organization is a breeze.


    The improvements outlined above show DECKED's commitment to leaving no stone unturned when it comes to making the best product out there. The total capacity of the full-size system remains unchanged at 2,000 pounds and the drawer weight capacity also remains unchanged at 200 pounds per drawer. One thing we haven't mentioned which is worth noting is that this new system has been developed from the ground up using new molds and tooling. It is now made with high-pressure injection molding which has a stronger resistance than the legacy system. You might not be able to see this huge change visually but rest assured that it will hold up to anything thrown its way. In the likely event that it doesn't and a meteor strikes it in the driveway, the lifetime warranty offered by DECKED shall come in handy.

    If you have any questions about the DECKED system and would like to know more, don't hesitate to reach out to our team who would be happy to help in any way we can.

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