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  • Must-Have Toyota Tundra Accessories in 2024

    by Ryan Horton December 09, 2023 5 min read 2 Comments

    Toyota unveiled an all-new Toyota Tundra in 2022 that took the market by storm. Not only did it feature a rugged appealing look, but it also was packed with features and technology not seen on prior Tundra models.

    While most Toyota vehicles are ultra-capable right off the dealer lot, there is a desire by many to make them even better in terms of capability and functionality. The good news is, that companies did not waste time getting Toyota Tundra parts on the market and now in 2024 there are hundreds of options out there allowing you to outfit your Tundra to your specific lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a roof rack mount gear, a bed rack to mount a rooftop tent, or skid plates to protect your rig from rocks and ruts we have Toyota Tundra mods to get the job done. In today's article, we will explore some of the must-have items for your Tundra in 2024.

    Toyota Tundra Roof Rack

    Sherpa Toyota Tundra Roof Rack

    We all want more storage and the ability to mount accessories. That is one of the reasons we recommend a Tundra Roof Rack. Whether you are looking for a convenient way to mount fly rods on your next fishing excursion or need to transport lumber from the hardware store, a Tundra roof rack can save the day.

    While there are many Tundra roof rack options out there we will focus on the industry's best racks. We have thoroughly tested racks from these brands and can attest to the quality and functionality of them. Tundra racks from Sherpa, Prinsu, and upTOP are all considered the best. They are low-profile, constructed from lightweight aluminum, and offer a multitude of mounting options for gear.

    Shop Tundra Roof Racks

    Toyota Tundra Skid Plates

    RCI Tundra Skid Plate Package

    Skid plates are probably one of the most overlooked accessories out there and we still can't figure out why. After all, they protect crucial parts of your vehicle and can be helpful both on-road and off-road. And for those who venture off the beaten path the stock skid plates are probably not something that will hold up to the rigors of the trail.

    Luckily Toyota Tundra Skid Plates are a relatively inexpensive investment for some high-dollar items found on the underside of the Tundra. Skid plates are available for the engine, transmission, transfer case, fuel tank, catalytic converter, rear differential, and more. You can purchase the Tundra skid plates individually or piece by piece. For those concerned with weight aluminum can also be an option.

    RCI Offroad, CBI Offroad, and Cali Raised LED all manufacture quality skid plates for the Tundra that are designed to be bolt-on and are made in the USA. You cannot go wrong with skid plates from any of those brands it's always better to get skid plates installed before actually needing them.

    Shop Tundra Skid Plates

    Toyota Tundra Bed Racks

    Leitner Tundra Bed Rack

    Bed racks are not for everyone, but for some, they can be a game changer. Like a roof rack, a bed rack allows you to mount accessories and ideally works best for mounting a rooftop tent and accessories. However, a bed rack can serve many purposes and the options vary greatly.

    Some bed racks are what we call cab height racks which means the bed racks extend up to the top of the cab. This is an ideal option for those who have a longer tent and want to prevent it from hanging off the back of the rack or for those who plan on carrying longer items which will allow them to hand over the cab as opposed to off the back. A potential downfall of a full-height bed rack is the wind drag that it might cause.

    There are also Tundra bed racks that are lower profile. These options are great for those who want to minimize wind drag and can sacrifice some of the height below the rack. With a shorter rack, you will not be able to fit as tall of items under the rack, but for some that is not a deal breaker.

    Our favorite Tundra bed racks come from brands like Leitner Designs, RCI Offroad, Xtrusion Overland, and CBI Offroad.

    Shop Tundra Bed Racks

    Toyota Tundra Bumpers

    C4 Tundra Hybrid Front Bumper

    Tundra bumpers are more of an investment but can be a crucial Tundra mod especially for those who want the ultimate protection or for those who want to maximize their mounting and carrying capabilities.

    There is no question that a Tundra front bumper will provide protection for animals, other cars, etc. It is also the case that a Tundra rear bumper will provide the back of your vehicle with protection. Both options will give you far more protection than what is offered by the stock Tundra bumpers.

    We have found that people do desire the increase in protection, but also the ability to mount lights, carry an oversized spare tire, mount a winch, and more. Many of the Tundra bumpers we offer have integrated winch mounts and cutouts for a light bar and accessory lights. Because of this, a Tundra bumper serves multiple purposes and ultimately makes your Tundra safer and more capable.

    Tundra bumpers from C4 Fabrication, CBI Offroad, and Expedition One are all made in America and offer the best protection and ability to add additional accessories such as a winch or lighting.

    Shop Tundra Bumpers

    Toyota Tundra Rock Sliders

    CBI Toyota Tundra Rock Sliders

    For many, nerf bars or running boards just won't cut it. This is because those usually mount directly to the sheet metal of the cab and don't offer much in the form of protection. If you are simply looking for a step into your Tundra and don't find yourself venturing off the beaten path then those might work well for you. However, for those looking for the most protection and something that will hold up to anything in its path, we recommend frame-mounted rock sliders.

    Rock sliders from C4 Fabrication, RCI Offroad, CBI Offroad, and Westcott Designs all offer maximum protection and feature a bolt-on design that is sure to impress. While the sliders all serve a similar purpose, rock sliders will differ slightly in terms of features. Some provide more of a step and can include a kick-out designed to increase protection and the ability to navigate around things found on the trail. Optional top plates are also available from most brands which can provide an extra layer of security when getting in and out of your Tundra.

    Shop Tundra Rock Sliders

    In Conclusion

    There is no doubt there is several options for outfitting your Tundra in 2024. Whether you have TRD PRO, SR5, or Limited there is something that will take your Tundra to new heights. Some other popular options that are cheaper include paint protection film, floor mats, and more. The options outlined above are more of the bigger ticket items, but a must-have for overlanders and offroaders. Truck Brigade is your one-stop for Tundra mods and has years of experience outfitting Tundra to take on the toughest trails. If you have any specific questions, please reach out to our team who is ready to assist. We can provide specific recommendations for your specific lifestyle.

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    2 Responses

    David Feemster
    David Feemster

    January 27, 2024

    My v8 at 63 mph gets over 21 mpg

    Robert  Hall
    Robert Hall

    January 06, 2024

    My 2008 will do everything these new trucks will do and mine came with skid plate. I get 18.5 miles per gallon at 70 with cruise on. .ine is not as fancy but it’s a v 8.

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