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  • Why Prinsu Racks are the Ultimate Solution for Adventure Vehicles

    by Ryan Horton August 28, 2023 5 min read

    Are you ready for your next adventure?

    Before you hit the road, it's essential to make sure you have a rack that allows you to haul your cargo with ease.

    Adventures come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on where you're headed, you may need more than just your truck bed or back seat to store your essentials.

    We get it. There are too many brands out there, especially online, and it's difficult to find a top, roof, or cab rack that you can trust.

    That's why we're help point you in the right direction.

    We know firsthand what makes for a great rack, one that's durable, built to last, lightweight, and has the option to attach accessories to make your road trips and day-to-day commutes personalized.

    One of our favorite brands is Prinsu, a leader in the rack system industry. In this article, you'll learn why Prinsu racks are top-quality and one of the best racks you can add to your truck or SUV.

    Prinsu roof rack on a Nissan Frontier with a roof top tent

    Key Takeaways

    • Prinsu racks come in all shapes and sizes.
    • Prinsu also has a long list of accessories that attach directly to their roof racks.
    • A prinsu rack is fully adjustable, lightweight, durable, and aerodynamic.

    Aerodynamic Design

    One thing you might not consider while choosing a rack system is whether it has a high-standard aerodynamic design.

    Why is an aerodynamic design important?

    Well, when it comes to aerodynamics, you want a rack system that is built to allow enough airflow to travel through and around it without causing excess friction or resistance. It's the same reason swimmers shave before a meet; having less resistance allows them to move faster, lighter, and easier.

    If you're like most adventurers, your travel destinations are sometimes hours or days away. Traveling in your vehicle for an extended period while hauling heavy cargo means you need a rack system that ensures you get there as easily as possible.

    Prinsu racks are aerodynamic and built to allow plenty of airflow as you travel. These racks help cut back on excessive gas consumption, something just about anyone can appreciate with the high gas prices of 2023 that seem to now be the norm.

    Prinsu low profile roof rack on a Toyota 4Runner

    Wind Deflection

    How much wind do you hear on the road? Most cars do a great job at not having too much wind noise, although avoiding the noise altogether is relatively impossible.

    No matter how great your car is, you're going to notice a bit of wind noise, even if it's not very loud. When you add a rack system to your vehicle, you're adding a new element that may or may not be susceptible to an increase in wind noise.

    Prinsu wind deflector with noise reducing edge trim

    As we've mentioned previously, Prinsu racks have an aerodynamic design, which also assists these racks in lowering wind noise. When you're on the road, the last thing you want to hear is the wind beating against your rack system over your favorite road trip tunes.

    That's why it's so important to find a rack that makes an effort to cut down on this noise. Prinsu roof racks come with a unique wind deflector and noise reducing edge trim to keep road noise down.

    Light Weight Composition

    How much weight do you plan to add to your vehicle? If you plan to haul heavy equipment, you need a rack system that isn't going to add to your heavy cargo load.

    A Prinsu roof rack is built with high-grade, lightweight aluminum and weighs only as much as it needs to provide a durable and long-lasting piece of equipment. While the rack consists of lightweight material, it's proven itself to be one of the top leading racks in the industry, showing truck and SUV owners that strength comes in all shapes and sizes. Having a lightweight rack also assists in keeping gas consumption down as well.

    Fully Modular Design

    Prinsu roof racks are fully modular, meaning you can choose where you install the cross bars.

    Why is this important?

    The crossbars on your Prinsu Rack are where you gain the most support out of your rack system. Whether you opt for a cab rack, full length roof rack, or any other rack that Prinsu offers, you're able to pick and choose exactly where you want your cross bars to offer you the greatest sense of support for your transportation needs.

    Say you only plan to haul a few items and don't have any large equipment, such as a rooftop tent or an awning; you may not need your cross bars to be in the same position as someone that does. In fact, you may benefit from having your crossbars a little closer and more specific to the type of equipment you have.

    Having this option allows you to make sure your equipment is safe and secure, no matter what they are and where the road takes you.

    Easy Installation

    Have you ever installed a rack system on your vehicle? Some racks require you to drill holes into your roof.

    If you're not skilled in this type of thing or are worried you might make a mistake throughout the process, you're in luck. Prinsu racks are completely bolt together, and many of their popular racks install directly into your vehicle's factory mounting holes. This means you don't have to worry about drilling; Prinsu has you covered.

    One reason you may not want a rack that requires drilling is you have to make sure the holes are precise. If the holes are too small, you risk damaging the car by trying to install the rack. If the holes are too large, you risk rain getting in after the rack is installed.

    With a Prinsu rack that installs directly into your factory mounting holes, you avoid both of these scenarios altogether.

    Get the Most out of Your Prinsu Rack

    Why not get the most out of your truck or SUV and fully accessorize your Prinsu rack?

    Prinsu has a collection of convenient accessories that attach directly to your rack system. Say you have a led light bar. How are you going to attach it to your vehicle? Prinsu has a light bar mount that makes the job easy.

    Say you don't have the bandwidth to properly load or unload your cargo due to insufficient hand space. Prinsu has a couple of varieties of rack handles for you to choose from. Installing these handles gives you a better grip, making it easy for you to access and remove overhead equipment easily.

    A Prinsu rack has unlimited potential, whether you're looking for a low profile rack system, have additional hardware or equipment you need to carry, or have an awning or tent you need to mount.

    Prinsu Tacoma roof rack on a 3rd gen overland build

    Check out our selection of Prinsu racks and accessories which gives your Truck or SUV the tools they need to become just what you need to elevate your next big adventure. 

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