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  • WaterPORT Day Tank

    • Self-pressurized water on the go; great for cleaning or showering while out on the trail.
    • Stores up to 3.85 gallons of water.
    • Perfect option for camping, fishing, hunting, exploring, etc.
    • Numerous mounting options available; mounts and dismounts within seconds.
    • High pressure spray nozzle perfect for cleaning dishes.

    The WaterPORT was designed to fill the long-standing need of having high-pressurized water while out on the trail, camping, fishing, hunting, etc. While the uses of high-pressurized water might differ, we can all agree that the need is there. Whether you are looking to wash dirty dishes on your next camping trip, spray the salt off your equipment after a day of surfing, or wash up after a few days off grid, the WaterPORT is the perfect tool.

    One of the biggest benefits to the WaterPORT that we have found is the ability for the system to self-pressurize. This means there is no pump or need for you to pressurize the system. Simply plug your garden hose into the tanks quick connect and your tank will automatically pressurize as it fills. The pressurized water paired with the high-pressure spray nozzle offers an easy and convenient way to spray off dishes, gear, mud, and more from just about any surface. Another huge benefit of the spray nozzle are the numerous settings available. This includes a mist setting which is perfect for cooling off hot surfaces in the middle of summer.

    The WaterPORT was also designed to mount to numerous surfaces including roof racks, bed rails, bed racks, hitches, bike mounts, and much more. If that’s not enough the WaterPORT mounts and dismounts from all surfaces and attachment points in seconds. This means that you can literally remove the WaterPORT in seconds and conveniently have pressurized water wherever you need it.

    Truck Brigade is a proud leading dealer for the WaterPORT and all accessories. If you have any questions about the WaterPORT don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our product experts.


    • Capacity: 3.85 Gallons
    • Fitment: Universal
    • Warranty: 90 Days


    Installation of the WaterPORT product is extremely simple and can be completed very quickly. Since the WaterPORT can be installed in a number of locations including a truck bed rail, hitch, racks, etc. installation will be slightly different depending on the preferred mount. If you have any questions or face any issues.

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