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  • CBI Offroad Classic Series Bolt-On Rock Sliders | Toyota 4Runner (2010-2022)

    • Excellent choice for added protection for your 5th Gen (2010+) 4Runner.
    • Choose between standard H.R.E.W. or D.O.M. tubing; Available with or without powder-coat finish.
    • Strong enough to support the weight of the vehicle; Serves as a secure point for a Hi-Lift Jack.
    • CBI Classic Series Bolt-On Rock Sliders come standard without kick outs and without top plates.
    • Fabricated right here in the U.S.A.

    If you're searching for a set of 2010+ Toyota 4Runner Bolt-On Rock Sliders, look no further than what the CBI Offroad Classic Series Bolt-On Sliders has to offer. When it comes to the manufacturing process, CBI Offroad enables the customer to choose between two different tubing options, which consists of the standard H.R.E.W. or upgraded D.O.M. In addition to choosing the material of your CBI Rock Sliders, you also have the ability to choose the type of finish you want (bare material or black powder-coat). The CBI Offroad 4Runner Classic Series Bolt-On Rock Sliders are designed for those who want to drive with a peace of mind, knowing that their rig is protected both on and off of the trail. CBI Classic Series Bolt-On Rock Sliders come standard without kickouts and without top plates.

    While these CBI Offroad Classic Series 4Runner Rock Sliders were certainly designed to handle the abuse of off-road adventures, they are also capable of serving a second purpose. That purpose being that each 4Runner Rock Slider has been designed with the strucural integrity and strength needed to be used in conjunction with a Hi-Lift Jack. In other words, these Toyota 4Runner Bolt-On Rock Sliders are strong enough to support the weight of your rig if ever needed! If you're looking for a set of Bolt-On Rock Sliders that will provide your rig with optimal protection regardless of where the journey takes you, look no further than the CBI Offroad Classic Series Bolt-On Rock Sliders!

    Please note: H.R.E.W (Hot Rolled Electronically Welded) is the standard option. D.O.M (Drawn Over Mandrel) is an upgraded option that is slightly stronger than the H.R.E.W option.


    • Material: Steel (H.R.E.W or D.O.M)
    • Finish: Bare material or black powdercoat


    Installation of the 5th Gen 4Runner Classic Bolt-On Rock Sliders can be completed at home with some general tools. If you have any questions regarding the installation, please feel free to give us a call!

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