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  • Pro Eagle 2 Ton Big Wheel "The Beast" Off Road Jack

    • Built with the go anywhere attitude as an ultimate Off-Road Jack.
    • Full-Length steel skid plate for the ultimate level of protection.
    • Carrying handles, large treaded wheels, and sealed ball bearings ensure easy and flawless operation on any terrain.
    • Only 52 lbs. and full extended height of 2' 2" perfect for any off-road vehicle
    • Backed by a 2 year warranty to ensure you get the most out of your off-road jack.

    Truck owners around the world are all too familiar with the common floor jack. A staple in nearly every garage that is typically reserved for just that; the garage. Commonly these jacks would get stuck on a crack in the concrete, a rouge zip tie, or even a pebble. The team at Pro Eagle identified these problems and delivered a solution, "The Beast." Taking their Never Stop attitude and applying it to this simple tool has resulted in revolutionizing the common floor jack. Be prepared to never stop with Pro Eagle off Road Jacks.

    The Beast 2 Ton Big Wheel Off Road Jack from Pro Eagle is not your grandpa's jack. This Off-Road jack is perfect both in the garage and on the trail. Designed to work in any environment, The Beast features a full-length steel skid plate. This provides The Beast with unparalleled protection that is also functional. The skid plate allows the jack to slide along the top of mud or sand should the large non-pneumatic wheels start to sink. The Beast's large treaded wheels operate on sealed ball bearings that require zero maintenance and allow for smooth rolling regardless of the terrain. Every Shade tree mechanic has had an instance where the jack just was not tall enough, using scrap wood to get those extra inches. With The Beast from Pro Eagle, that unsafe practice is gone. Each Pro Eagle Off Road Jack comes with an 8 inch extension that attaches safely to an extension mounting bracket. Weighing in at only 52 lbs and equipped with handles to make moving the 2 Ton Off Road Jack a breeze; The Beast from Pro Eagle is the most capable off-road jack.

    Pro Eagle takes the mission of Never Stop and applies it to the staple of every garage, the common floor jack. Pro Eagle built "The Beast" from the ground up with the toughest off-road conditions in mind. In Overlanding the journey is the goal, not the destination. "The Beast" will ensure your journey will never have to stop, regardless of what hazard crosses your path. From the garage to the trail, Pro Eagle's Beast will let you work on your rig in confidence.


    • Material: Aluminum design with a steel skid plate.
    • Finish: Powdercoat finish.
    • Weight: 52 lbs.


    Assembly of the Pro Eagle Beast Jack is a breeze, as it practically arrives ready for immediate use. If you have any questions regarding the operation of your Pro Eagle Jack, please feel free to give us a call!

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