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  • Expedition One Dual Swing Out Rear Bumper | Toyota 4Runner (2010-2013)

    • Adds unmatched functionality to your 2010-2013 Toyota 4Runner.
    • Dual Swing Out design is great for holding a spare, fuel/water containers, and much more.
    • Patent-pending locking latch system provides secure and straightforward access to your truck bed.
    • 100% designed and made right in the USA.

    Expedition One has changed the game with their Dual Swing Out Rear Bumper for the 2010-2013 Toyota 4Runner. Upon first glance, it quickly becomes evident of just how impressive this Expedition One Rear Bumper truly is. Designed with the adventure enthusiast in mind, this Toyota 4Runner Overland Rear Bumper is fully customizable and designed to accommodate a variety of the accessories needed for your next journey. Enjoy convenient mounting of items such as a spare tire, jerry cans, Hi-Lift mount, and much more.

    This bumper features a patent-pending locking latch system. This allows a new and intuitive way to open and close your swing arms with ease and reliability. You will also have easy access to the arm bearings for easy maintenance.

    In terms of functionality, the Expedition One Dual Swing Out Rear Bumper comes with a universal plate backing system on the swing out. This is a great option and will allow you to customize it as needed. You will also have the option of a spare mount. Please be aware that narrow wheels with an extreme positive offset and very wide tires will not work with the standard tire mount. The bumper will also come with 1 inch thick 3/4 inch recovery shackle mounts and maintains the use of the factory receiver hitch.

    Like the features of this bumper, the construction is also extremely impressive. The Bumper is comprised of 3/16 inch and 1/4 inch inner structure with a 3/16 inch outer skin. The weight varies depending on the product selections, but the approximate weight comes in at 250 lbs. This Expedition One 4Runner Rear Bumper is designed and manufactured right here in the U.S.A.. Truck Brigade is proud to be a leading dealer for Expedition One and offers each of their items with a full manufacturer warranty.

    If you have any questions about the Expedition One Dual Swing Out Bumper for the 2010-2013 4Runner or any other Overland parts that we offer, please feel to reach out to one of our product experts.

    Expedition One Accessory Bundles:

    Base Bundle: 1x Universal Tire Mount.

    Wasatch Bundle: 1x Universal Tire Mount. Geri Flat Panel 2 Can Mount/Latches Only.

    Yosemite Bundle: 1x Universal Tire Mount. 1x Geri Flat Panel 2 Can Mount/Latches Only. 1x Hi-Lift/PullPal Combo Mount.

    Moab Bundle: 1x Universal Tire Mount. 2x NATO Scepter Can mount. 1x Tri-Mount Bar. 1x Vertical Hi-Lift Jack Mount.

    Denali Edition: 1x Universal Tire Mount. QUAD Geri Flat Panel Mount (4 Can Mount/Latches Only). Diode Dynamics SS3 LED Lights -Flood Pattern w/ Wiring Harness.


    • Weight: 250 lbs. (approximate)
    • Material: 3/16 inch steel and 1/4 inch steel inner structure; 3/16 inch steel outer skin.


    Installation of the Expedition One Dual Swing Out Bumper for the 2010-2013 Toyota 4Runner can be completed at home with the proper tools. While it is a job that some prefer to tackle themselves, Expedition One typically recommends having a professional complete the install. If you have any questions regarding the Expedition One 4Runner Dual Swing Our Rear Bumper, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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