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  • Top 3 Toyota Tacoma Mods

    by admin September 04, 2023 3 min read

    If anything is for certain, it is the fact that the Toyota Tacoma right out of the box is a very capable and reliable rig. We know many that are still running strong with 300k+ miles and more to go. However just because it is capable and reliable doesn’t mean there isn’t a need for mods that will ultimately make the journey more enjoyable, allow the rig to be more capable, and protect its longevity. There is no shortage of Tacoma Mods on the market and realistically the mods you end up going with should be based on your particular use case which differs from owner to owner. Either way, we have put together a list of the Top 3 Tacoma Mods to help you get started on transforming your Tacoma.

    Skid Plates:

    Skid Plates are arguably one of the most important things you can do for your Tacoma in terms of protection. Sadly, they are one of the most overlooked mods out there and something people usually look into after crushing their fuel tank or destroying something else under the truck. If you find yourself off the beaten path, Skid Plates are especially important and can even add protection for road driving. And we aren’t talking TRD Pro Factory Skid Plates. We are talking heavy-duty Tacoma Engine Skid Plates, Tacoma Transmission Skid Plates, Tacoma Transfer Case Skid Plates, Tacoma Fuel Tank Skid Plates, and much more. Companies such as RCI OffroadCBI OffroadC4 Fabrication, and Cali Raised LED are all known for offering quality Tacoma Skid Plates that can hold up to almost anything thrown their way. Tacoma Skid Plates not only offer protection, but they can also act as a theft deterrent for your Tacoma Catalytic converters by making it harder to access the catalytic converter. RCI Offroad and Cali Raised LED both offer dedicated Catalytic Converter Skid Plates while the other brands provide theft protection with their full skid packages. If that doesn’t all sound good perhaps the fact that all Tacoma Skid Plates from the brands mentioned above offer a complete bolt-on installation and can be ordered with different materials (steel or aluminum) and mostly come with optional black powdercoat finishes.

    CBI Offroad Skid Plates


    Roof Rack:

    Tacoma Roof Racks have become very popular in recent years for good reason. Tacoma Racks are lightweight, modular, bolt-on, and are a great option for storing gear such as ROAM cases and even Roof Top Tents. Tacoma Roof Racks are low-profile and constructed out of aluminum with t-channel cross bars allowing you to mount numerous Roof Rack Accessories designed to hold RotoPaX, traction devices, Awnings, and much more. The team at Truck Brigade has a lot of experience with the Sherpa Tacoma Roof Rack (Grand Teton) which features industry leading 1/4 inch side rails and does not require any silicon upon installation. We also have extensive experience with the Prinsu Tacoma Roof Rack which is regarded as “The Original” and has long been an industry favorite. The Tacoma Prinsu Rack features a unique modular design that will accommodate all Prinsu’s popular Roof Rack Accessories. Tacoma Roof Racks from upTOP Overland, Cali Raised LED, Westcott Designs, and RCI Offroad also are very good options and provide different benefits. The team at Truck Brigade has also put together a guide for Best Tacoma Bed Racks that provides a further breakdown of the options and benefits with each Tacoma Rack.

    Sherpa Tacoma Roof Rack


    Dash/Accessory Mount:

    Fumbling around for your phone in your cupholders is not only frustrating, but it can also be dangerous. A Tacoma Dash Mount provides a convenient and simple way to mount a phone, tablet, GPS device and much more in plain site out of the way. One excellent Tacoma Dash Mount is the one offered by Expedition Essentials. The EXE 3TPAM mounts directly to the top of your radio bezel and includes dual 4.8 fast USB chargers. In terms of mounting devices, the Expedition Essentials Tacoma Dash Mount comes with 8 pre-threaded AMPS pattern mounting points which will work perfectly with RAM mounts and other popular mounts. The mount can be adapted to fit your needs and will undoubtedly have a positive impact on daily driving as well as your next adventure.

    Expedition Essentials Tacoma Dash Mount

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