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  • The Best 4Runner Roof Rack: Prinsu Non-Drill Roof Rack

    by Ryan Horton August 28, 2023 6 min read

    When you see your Toyota 4Runner, what's your first thought?

    Is it the rugged and muscular design?

    Is it the reliable engine and next-level suspension?

    Or, is it its ability to drive on just about any terrain, from mountainous trails desert land to muddy trenches?

    It seems like there's nothing a Toyota 4Runner can't do.

    Well, at least when it has a Prinsu Roof Rack.

    Sure, there are many roof racks on the market, but Prinsu knows exactly what your 4Runner needs to provide hassle-free full coverage storage.

    Prinsu Non-drill 4runner

    Benefits of the Prinsu Roof Rack 4Runner Edition

    Imagine you've decided to take a week-long trip to the mountains. Without a roof rack, you're limited on what you can and can't bring.

    Some roof racks only provide enough storage for a few items, unlike Prinsu roof racks. The Full Length Non-Drill rack maximizes your storage space, allowing you to bring all your favorite outdoor gear. This roof rack is designed specifically for the 5th Gen 4Runner (2010-2023).

    Load up your kayaks and mountain bikes, no problem. With this rack, there's also room to store your coolers, tent, luggage, and everything you need to make the most out of your trip.

    There's not always enough room inside your vehicle for storage without taking up seating; that's why having a high-quality roof rack is essential.

    Prinsu Roof Rack Features

    Fully Customizable

    How would you like to customize your roof rack? When you purchase the Prinsu rack through Truck Brigade, you have the option to include custom features that elevate your 4Runner's function and appearance.

    Wind Deflector

    Prinsu Wind Deflector With Decal

    Wind deflectors help enhance your vehicle's aerodynamics, potentially reducing gas consumption. They also deflect rain, sleet, and snow. Choose between three wind deflector types to install directly to your full-length rack.

    Light Bar

    Illuminate your 4runner and add a LED light bar. Low light conditions are no match for light bars, which can help you navigate clearly when your brights can't seem to do the job.

    You don't have to add a light bar to your Prinsu rack, but if this is something you think can enhance your 4Runner's capabilities, the option's there.

    Side Rail Color

    What color is your 4Runner? Whether your vehicle is black, red, white, or silver, you can customize your roof rack to complement its color scheme. Our Prinsu rack allows you to customize the side rail color upon checkout. Choose between black, bare aluminum, which resembles either stainless steel or another fine metal, grey, or white.

    Rack Shield Plates

    Prinsu shield plates

    Why not add a little extra strength and durability to your roof rack? Add Prinsu shield plates to your 4Runner roof rack, which protects the overall rack system. Choose between black, aluminum, grey, or white plates.

    Non-Drill Installation

    Looking to install a high-quality rack that doesn't require drilling?

    Drilling into your vehicle isn't always necessary. And if done improperly, this makes your 4Runner susceptible to leaks if you're not careful.

    If you want to install a strong roof rack but aren't sure you want to drill your own holes, here's an alternative option.

    The Prinsu 4Runner Full Rack is drill-free, attaching directly to your vehicle's factory mounting holes.

    Installation is simple, and Prinsu includes all of the assembly hardware you need to complete the job right the first time. The great thing about these racks is that they are easy to install, and you can remove them as needed.

    Carrying Capacity

    Don't worry about overloading your Prinsu rack. The Prinsu 4Runner rack supports up to 600-800 pounds (static load capacity) and 300-400 pounds (dynamic load capacity). As you can see, there's plenty of leverage for you to haul even your heaviest gear.

    prinsu roof rack on 4runner with roof top tent

    This rack is a reliable choice for anyone who has other roof rack mounted products, such as an overhead tent. This original Prinsu roof rack is built to withstand even the toughest weather conditions and securely support gear on tough terrain.

    Does the Prinsu Rack Add Extra Weight To Your Vehicle?

    When it comes to a roof rack, you don't have to worry as the product does not add excess weight to your vehicle. The Prinsu Roof Rack Full Non-Drill is a sleek alternative to bulkier roof racks on the market. These low profile racks only add about 1.75 in to the top of your vehicle and weigh less than 60 pounds total, so you don't have to worry about weighing your 4Runner down.

    Does the Prinsu rack generate less fuel consumption?

    Yes, it does! Because of its lightweight design, you aren't going to notice your tank drain as quickly as heavier racks.

    Wind Noise Reduction

    There's nothing worse than wind noise on a long road trip. Some racks don't have noise reducing edge trim or qualities and allow for excess noise. Prinsu designs its racks to reduce as much noise as possible, so you can enjoy your ride and listen to your tunes in peace.

    Modular Design

    So you have a sunroof. Does that prevent you from being able to have a roof rack?

    Not quite.

    This Prinsu product is a fully modular rack designed for customization, meaning you can arrange each cross bar however you like. This makes it easy for you to install the rack without blocking those warm sun rays.

    You can arrange your cross bars in any way that best suits your vehicle and the equipment you plan to haul; that's the beauty of Prinsu.

    Prinsu Accessories

    Enhancing your 4Runner's capabilities doesn't stop after you install a roof rack.

    What else is there?

    Prinsu has a long list of truck and SUV accessories that attach directly to your roof rack.

    Whether you need an extra crossbar, mounting hardware, or rack mounts, Prinsu has the product for you.

    Tie Down Rings

    You can never have too many options when it comes to hauling your gear or equipment in a safe manner. With Prinsu Tie Down Rings, you add an extra layer of security to your roof rack and provide a seamless way to tie down cargo and keep it from shifting while on the road. These mounting accessories are made from stainless steel and attach directly to the custom crossbars.

    Ridgeline Handles

    Prinsu ridgeline handles

    Have you ever had trouble retrieving cargo from your 4Runner roof? It's not always easy untying your equipment or reaching stacked items. Without proper leverage, accidents are bound to happen. That's why Prinsu offers Ridgeline Handles. These handles are easy to install and give you extra hand support so you can load and unload securely.

    Noise Reducing Edge Trim

    Tackle wind noise head-on with Prinsu's Noise Reducing Edge Trim. Simply install it to your roof rack and enjoy. Installation only takes a few minutes, and you are on your way with smooth sailing.

    MAXTRAX Mount

    If you're an adventure seeker, chances are you have a MAXTRAX. You can't always predict when you might get yourself in a bind, and that's why it's important to have a place to store your vehicle rescue device. Prinsu has a MAXTRAX Mount specifically designed to house this product on your vehicle's rack system, so you always have everything you need to get your 4Runner out of accidental messes.

    Quick Release Awning Mounts

    Don't forget an awning for those hot, sunny afternoons. Prinsu's Quick Release Awning Mounts allow you to install or remove your awning quickly. The entire process takes 60 seconds; you don't have to fuss with it. Each kit comes with two awning brackets and installation hardware.

    Prinsu Rear Window Accessory Panel

    The Prinsu Roof Rack for the 4Runner provides an excellent platform for a roof top tent. But, when a tent is mounted, you lose precious space for accessories. The Prinsu Rear Window Accessory Panel comes in clutch since it mounts to the side of your 4Runner and provides numerous solutions for mounting accessories.

    Prinsu Rear Window Side Panel

    What Are You Waiting For?

    As you can see, the Prinsu 4Runner Roof Rack Full Non Drill is everything you need in a rack system. It offers a full coverage storage space, is also aerodynamic, reduces wind noise, is lightweight, and is fully modular.

    When it comes to Prinsu racks, you can't go wrong--no matter your vehicle.

    Now's the perfect time to give your 4Runner a roof rack that's capable of delivering the support you need, regardless of your destination.

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