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  • The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Prinsu Rack Accessories

    by Ryan Horton August 28, 2023 3 min read

    Your Prinsu roof rack is the inspector gadget of rack systems.

    At first glance, all you see is a high-quality, USA made rack that has enough support to haul just about any outdoor gear and equipment.

    You notice the rack rails constructed from high-grade aluminum, a completely bolt-on assembly, and a black powder coat finish specifically designed to elevate your vehicle's aesthetic.

    But that's not all that Prinsu Racks are capable of...

    In fact, with the right accessories, your rack can become one of the greatest assets to your cargo hauls and outdoor adventures.

    Prinsu roof rack accessories on a Toyota Tacoma

    If you want to elevate your Prinsu rack, follow along to find out how.

    Key Takeaways

    • Prinsu racks have plenty of space for additional accessories.
    • Accessories help make your travel and storage needs more convenient.
    • Prinsu accessories can help prevent wind noise, haul outdoor gear, offer hand support, and even open bottles!

    What Can Prinsu Accessories Do?

    I think the better question is, what can't Prinsu accessories do? Sure, they can't get you from point A to point B any faster than your truck or SUV allows, but these accessories can change the way your rack system functions.

    Prinsu Roof Racks have plenty of storage capabilities and surface area to attach these accessories to. The key is to find an accessory that can make your life easier and more convenient.

    Many accessories are easily detachable, so if you don't need them all the time or don't want to keep them on your vehicle while they're not in use, you don't have to worry about struggling to remove them.

    Prinsu accessories come in all shapes, sizes, and functions, ranging from aesthetic wind deflection, light bar mounting, and much more!

    Top Prinsu Rack Accessories

    Mount for Light Bars - securely fastens your light bar directly to your roof rack. Hold your light bar regardless of the road's terrain. Shop the Prinsu Light Bar Mount.

    Prinsu roof rack with a light bar mounted using the Prinsu light bar mount

    Bottle Opener - this Prinsu accessory makes cracking open a cold one a breeze, regardless if you're camping in a remote location, tailgating, or pregaming before an event. Shop the Prinsu Bottle Opener.

    Prinsu Ridgeline handles with a light

    Ridgeline Handles - rack handles give you extra leverage while you access top cargo. If you struggle to maintain balance or feel secure while you load or unload, this accessory is for you. Shop the Prinsu Rideline Handles.

    Noise Reducing Trim - this trim fits your Prinsu wind deflector flawlessly, offering even more deflection and noise reduction. Shop the Prinsu Noise Reducing Edge Trim.

    Roof Top Tent Mounts - if you're considering purchasing a roof top tent for your Truck or SUV, you're going to want a convenient way to mount it. Prinsu has durable mounts that are designed to fit most tent models and brands. Shop the Prinsu Roof Top Tent Mounts.

    Additional Crossbar - sometimes, you need a support boost. That's where an extra crossbar comes in. Shop the Prinsu Additional Crossbar.

    Tie Down Rings - you can never have too many tie down options. If you find yourself running out of space on your rack system to secure your cargo, consider adding Prinsu's tie down rings. Shop the Prinsu Tie Down Rings.

    Prinsu Tie Down Rings mounted to the side of a Prinsu roof rack

    WaterPORT Mount - take your WaterPORT wherever you travel. With Prinsu's mount, you can have water in seconds, regardless of your destination. Shop the Prinsu WaterPORT Mount.

    Prinsu is Superior

    No matter what truck or SUV accessory you need, Prinsu is by far the best option for you to choose. All of their products exceed the industry standard, are built for longevity, and take your rack system to the next level.

    Whether you're looking for adjustable mounts for awnings or a cargo basket, Prinsu has you covered.

    Didn't see the product you're looking for on the list above? Check out all the leading accessories Prinsu offers: Prinsu Rack Accessories.

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