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  • Maximize Your Truck's Capacity with the Leitner Designs ACS FORGED Bed Rack System

    by Ryan Horton December 20, 2023 6 min read

    As a truck owner, equipping your vehicle with a bed rack system that can withstand heavy loads and diverse conditions is crucial. Not to mention, it is equally important to have a bed rack that maximizes functionality which in many cases is one of the primary purposes of a bed rack. Enter the Leitner Designs ACS FORGED, a bed rack engineered for exceptional performance and versatility. This article dives into what makes the ACS FORGED a preferred choice for payload enhancement and gear storage capabilities, covering its innovative engineering, compatibility with a range of trucks, and real-life applications — preparing you to make an informed decision on upgrading your off-road or overland rig.

    ACS FORGED Bed Rack on RAM Truck

    Key Takeaways

    • The ACS FORGED system by Leitner Designs is a versatile and modular truck bed rack system that’s compatible with a range of truck models and seamlessly integrates with Leitner Designs' full line of bed rack accessories.

    • Installation of the FORGED Active Cargo System requires basic hand tools and can be fully installed within a few hours providing a durable and secure cargo-carrying solution

    • It features monster carrying capabilities with a road dynamic weight capacity of 800 lbs. and a static weight capacity of 1400 lbs.

    • The ACS FORGED system allows for extensive customization with additional accessories like GearPods and GearPod XL offering users the ability to tailor the cargo system to their specific needs, whether for professional use or outdoor recreation.

    Exploring the ACS Forged by Leitner Designs

    The ACS FORGED, designed and crafted by Leitner Designs in the USA, is a high-performance truck bed rack system known for its modular design. It offers more than just superior construction – it can be paired with Leitner's bed rack accessories and a DECKED system to provide even greater versatility and storage capabilities. The ACS FORGED stands out as a unique product that showcases a commitment to quality.

    The Evolution of the ACS Forged

    The ACS FORGED was created after years of testing and success with the Active Cargo System bed rack and is an example of engineering excellence and modern technology. After all, Leitner is known for creating over-engineered and overbuilt products to carry your world. The ACS Classic rack was introduced in 2014 and took the industry by surprise. The ACS FORGED was introduced a handful of years later and built upon the legacy of the ACS Classic offering more versatility and a higher weight rating. The ACS Classic has since been phased out, but many appear on the road today. For those looking toward Leitner for their truck carrying and storage needs the ACS FORGED, Leitner's newest and greatest rack is the way to go.

    Key Features and Innovations

    The ACS FORGED, otherwise known as the Active Cargo System FORGED or ACS FORGED, is designed to be incredibly durable and functional due to its versatility. The ACS FORGED is a high-performance truck bed rack system that features the industry's only sliding rear load bar. This feature alone is a complete game changer and we cannot even begin to express the convenience of such a feature. This sliding load bar effectively gives you the ability to haul larger items without the need to remove the bed rack. Need to haul a dirt bike or fridge? No problem simply turn the load bar knobs and slide the load bar out of the way giving you full upright mobility.

    Leitner ACS FORGED Tundra

    Vehicle Compatibility and Installation

    The ACS FORGED system is popularly known for its expansive compatibility with different vehicles and ease of installation. If your rig has a truck bed then Leitner has a solution for you and if you have 3-4 hours of time you can have the rack installed and ready to go.

    Compatible Truck Models

    The ACS FORGED system is available for many common truck models such as the Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tundra, RAM trucks, Ford F-Series Trucks, and Chevy/GMC trucks. Leitner also offers their leading bed rack for some international model trucks such as the Toyota Hilux. Sorry Honda Ridgeline owners, Leitner Designs does not offer anything and has no plans to support the Honda Ridgeline.

    Installation Process

    The installation of the ACS FORGED system is straightforward and every rack will come with easy-to-follow instructions. If your truck has a bed rail (Tacoma, Gladiator, etc.) the ACS rack will likely be installed using the bed rail. If your truck does not have a bed rail the rack will come with clamps allowing you to install the rack directly to your bed rails. No drilling or cutting is required to install the Leitner ACS FORGED.

    Unmatched Durability and Performance

    The ACS FORGED system manufactured by Leitner Designs is a testament to durability and dependability. It has been tested extensively for quality of materials, firmness in mounting, and structural stability – all criteria that secure the maximum road dynamic weight capacity of 800 lbs safely while driving.

    This forged design prides itself on its strength. Guaranteeing it can endure even harsh environmental conditions or heavy usage without compromising safety standards or performance requirements.

    Road Dynamic Weight Capacity

    The ACS FORGED system is known for its impressive road dynamic weight capacity of 800 pounds, making it a great choice when carrying heavy cargo. This capability decreases to 400 pounds off-road but remains noteworthy nonetheless. Leitner Designs has conducted rigorous tests such as vibration table testing in order to guarantee these high standards for sustained use over time while still maintaining reliability during intense conditions. With all these factors combined into one comprehensive package, you can expect an outstanding performance with your hefty loads both on and off-road!

    Static Weight and Resistance

    The ACS FORGED bed rack system is a heavy-duty option with a strong static weight capacity of up to 1,400 pounds, meaning you can count on it when hauling around construction materials or other items that require additional support.

    Not only does the forged design offer superior strength, but also provides reliable performance no matter what your needs may be - whether that’s bringing in outdoor gear or transporting bulky supplies safely at any given time! With its impressive capability and long-lasting quality, the ACS FORGED bed rack system makes a great choice for anybody who wants their vehicle to perform optimally under heavier load conditions without issues.

    Put simply, this dynamic equipment allows users to take advantage of stress-free travel thanks to its robust structure – making it an ideal companion whenever one requires durable transportation solutions they can rely upon again and again.

    Accessorize and Customize Your Cargo Experience

    One of the greatest benefits of the ACS FORGED system is its flexibility. The ACS FORGED tonneau bed rack was created by Leitner Designs to offer the best of both worlds: cargo-carrying capability and the secure storage offered by a tonneau cover. The ACS Tonneau will work with T-Slot Rail Tonneau Covers like the ReTrax XR Series OR the Pace Edwards Explorer Series covers.

    Storage Options

    The ACS FORGED system provides a range of storage options that can be tailored to fit one’s individual needs. Some of our favorite products are the Leitner Designs GearPOD and GearPOD XL which are secure storage bins that bolt to the side of the Leitner ACS FORGED. They are heavy-duty and include a lockable design allowing you to keep your gear out of the elements and secure.

    In addition to GearPODs, Leitner also offers other seamless accessories such as GearBAGs allowing you to keep your items organized and easily accessible inside your GearPODs.

    Leitner Desings GearBAGs

    Customization Possibilities

    In addition to the FORGED ACS storage capabilities, Leitner also offers numerous other accessories for things like mounting a rooftop tent, Hi-Lift mounts, shovels/axes, awnings, and more. Leitner Designs bed rack accessories provide the means to customize your rack setup to fit your adventure.

    Real-World Applications

    We have relied on the ACS FORGED system by Leitner Designs in our many adventures. Whether we are heading out on a multi-week adventure and need to carry our rooftop tent to and from camp or whether we are just heading out for a day of fishing the ACS FORGED has served us well.

    Leitner Designs Overland

    The FORGED bed rack can also be a great tool for those needing to carry larger items such as lumber or those looking to keep their tools secure on the job site.


    The ACS FORGED by Leitner Designs is undoubtedly a revolution in the world of truck bed rack systems, with its tremendous carrying capacity, flexibility, and progressive features. Whether you’re transporting supplies for work or taking your outdoor adventures to new heights, this system can cater to all kinds of requirements while maximizing your vehicle’s storage space. With the FORGED engineering providing superior strength and reliability that cannot be beaten, choose an enhanced future for your truck with the ACS FORGED solution today.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What makes the ACS FORGED by Leitner Designs unique?

    The ACS FORGED by Leitner Designs is renowned for its powerful load-bearing capacity, unparalleled storage capabilities, and rear sliding load bar which cannot be found elsewhere.

    How has the ACS FORGED system evolved over time?

    The ACS FORGED system has been optimized for versatility, being suitable for multiple types of truck models and earning a 5.0-star rating from customers who have used it. Attesting to its superior quality and performance.

    What truck models is the ACS FORGED system compatible with?

    The ACS FORGED system is available for most trucks on the market including those from Toyota, Ford, RAM, Chevy, Nissan, Jeep, and GMC.

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