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  • Dirt King Performance Lower Control Arms - The Optimal Upgrade for your Tacoma

    by Ryan Horton February 15, 2024 7 min read

    Upgrading your Tacoma’s suspension with Dirt King lower control arms means better handling and performance on any terrain. This article cuts straight to the chase, evaluating how these lower control arms outperform stock lower control arms and contribute to your vehicle’s drivability and capability, especially off-road. Discover the features that set Dirt King apart and learn why they are ideal for your Tacoma in this focused guide.

    Key Takeaways

    • Dirt King Performance Lower Control Arms are engineered to deliver enhanced suspension performance, improve handling, and increase durability over stock Tacoma control arms through precision engineering and the use of high-quality materials.
    • The lower control arms are designed with innovative features such as heavy-duty Moog ball joints for reliable on-road tracking and are robust enough to endure demanding off-road conditions without compromising the vehicle’s structural integrity.
    • Installation of Dirt King lower control arms is simplified through a bolt-on design and compatibility with Toyota Tacoma models from 2005 to 2023, coming preassembled with detailed installation instructions for ease of use.
    Dirt King Lower Control Arms Tacoma

    Exploring Dirt King Lower Control Arms for Your Tacoma

    Picture your Tacoma eating whoops, handling with precision, and exceeding its stock performance. Ok, the eating whoops part might not be achievable with just lower control arms, but the others certainly are. That’s exactly what Dirt King's lower control arms bring to the table. These control arms are meticulously designed to improve vehicle handling and suspension performance, giving your ride a noticeable boost. But what makes them so special?

    Far from being just another aftermarket accessory, Dirt King control arms are a cut above the rest. They are a product of precision engineering and high-quality materials, tailored specifically for the Tacoma, ensuring a perfect fit and exceptional performance. These control arms boast features like a Moog ball joint, which enhances handling and performance, providing you with a superior driving experience. Moreover, their durability is second to none, thanks to their robust construction and features designed to enhance their long-term durability and serviceability.

    Importance of Upgrading the Lower Control Arms on your Tacoma

    You may be contemplating, “What’s the point in upgrading my Tacoma’s lower control arms?” Well, the answer lies in the limitations of the stock Tacoma lower control arms. Unfortunately, the stock control arms can be the most vulnerable suspension component, preventing your suspension system from achieving its full potential. By upgrading to a more durable option, you can better protect this vulnerable suspension component and enhance your vehicle’s performance.

    Opting for Dirt King lower control arms offers the following benefits:

    • Eradicates the weak aspect of stock control arms
    • Maximizes your suspension’s potential
    • Lifts your Tacoma’s performance
    • Offers superior durability
    • Improves handling
    • Provides a smoother ride

    The result? A transformed driving experience that you’ll feel every time you hit the road or trail.

    Feature and Design of Dirt King's Performance Lower Control Arms for the Toyota Tacoma

    Dirt King Performance Lower Control Arms are synonymous with innovation, revolutionizing your Tacoma’s suspension system. They are the epitome of performance enhancement for your vehicle, thoughtfully designed for maximum functionality. For Tacoma owners seeking an upgrade in performance, these lower control arms are the go-to solution.

    Upgrade your Tacoma suspension with Dirt King Performance Lower Control Arms for a superior driving experience and unmatched capability.

    Dirt King Tacoma Lower Arms Black Powder Coat

    Dirt King's Performance-Driven Design

    A key attraction of Dirt King’s control arms is their design, which is rooted in enhancing performance. For instance, they are engineered to provide improved ground clearance, a critical factor for off-road enthusiasts.

    But the performance-driven design of Dirt King control arms goes beyond just ground clearance. They are created with the goal of retaining on-road driving characteristics while drastically enhancing off-road capabilities. This balance ensures that regardless of where your adventures take you, your Tacoma is always ready to deliver an exceptional driving experience.

    Features that set the Dirt King Performance LCAs Apart

    Rather than simply being a replacement, Dirt King's lower control arms stand out with their innovative features that surpass what others offer. These include a robust construction that ensures longevity, a precision-fitted design that guarantees a perfect fit for enhanced performance, and materials chosen for their durability to withstand harsh conditions.

    These features make Dirt King’s lower control arms a top choice for Tacoma owners.

    Dirt King Tacoma Lower Control Arms

    Unmatched Durability and High-Quality Construction

    A distinguishing attribute of Dirt King’s lower control arms is their unparalleled durability. Thanks to their high-quality construction, these control arms are built to withstand the test of time and the harshest driving conditions.

    Heavy-Duty Boxed Steel Construction

    The hardiness of Dirt King’s lower control arms is rooted in their sturdy boxed steel construction, which is complemented by the addition of aluminum skid plates and a durable black powder coat. This type of construction is known for its high durability and resistance to deformation, making it perfect for components that undergo heavy use, such as lower control arms.

    What is more? Dirt King lower control arms Tacoma feature an internal ribbed design to maximize strength.

    Dit King Performance Lower Control Arms Tacoma Skid Plate

    Ultra Durable Design for Demanding Off Road Conditions

    In the realm of off-road driving, Dirt King’s lower control arms stand unrivaled. Their ultra-durable design ensures that they can withstand the most demanding off-road conditions, making them the perfect addition to your Tacoma.

    Constructed with corrosion-resistant steel, these lower control arms are:

    • Robust enough to endure high impact and stress without compromising their structural integrity
    • Able to withstand harsh environments
    • Provide enhanced performance and longevity, crucial for off-road conditions.

    Improved Suspension Geometry

    Choosing Dirt King’s performance control arms brings several advantages, including enhanced suspension geometry, better handling, increased stability, and an overall enhanced driving experience.

    Dirt King LCA Tacoma Installed

    Dirt King's Performance Control Arms Improve the Tacoma's Suspension Geometry

    Beyond their strength and durability, Dirt King’s control arms are engineered to refine your Tacoma’s suspension geometry. For instance, they utilize heavy-duty Moog ball joints which offer better on-road tracking.

    On top of that, Dirt King uses Delrin bushings for the inner pivots to balance articulation and durability, addressing the common flaws of vulcanized rubber bushings, poly bushings, and uniballs. This thoughtful design ensures that your Tacoma’s suspension works at its best, providing you with superior vehicle handling, without restricting certain aspects of performance.

    Benefits for Handling, stability, and Overall Driving Experience

    Switching to Dirt King’s lower control arms offers the following benefits:

    • Refines your Tacoma’s suspension geometry
    • Delivers perceptible improvements in handling, stability, and your overall driving experience
    • The internal ribbed design keeps crucial parts intact in the event of major contact, preventing you from being stranded on the trail

    Moreover, the sealed housing of the Moog ball joints helps to eliminate noise and extend the life span of the components, contributing to improved handling and stability. Whether you’re navigating a challenging off-road trail or simply cruising down the highway, Dirt King’s lower control arms ensure a smooth and comfortable ride, and the inclusion of OEM replacement coilovers further enhances performance. The recessed shock mounting design also adds to the overall durability and stability of the system.

    Installation and Compatibility

    With their bolt-on design, fitting Dirt King’s lower control arms to your Tacoma is a straightforward task. These control arms are compatible with all Toyota Tacoma models from 2005 to 2023 (2nd and 3rd Gen Tacomas), making them a versatile upgrade option for a wide range of Tacoma owners.

    Straightforward Installation Process

    A notable advantage of Dirt King’s lower control arms is the simplicity of their installation process. They come with comprehensive installation instructions, which include torque specifications for all nuts and bolts, making the process easy even for those who aren’t mechanically inclined.

    Moreover, the lower control arms come preassembled with bushings and ball joints, reducing the complexity of the installation process. With detailed instructions and preassembled parts, installing Dirt King’s lower control arms is as easy as it gets.

    Compatibility with the Toyota Tacoma

    Dirt King’s lower control arms are engineered to accommodate a broad spectrum of Tacoma models. Whether your Tacoma is 2WD or 4WD, you can be assured that these control arms will be a perfect fit.

    These control arms have the following features:

    • Maintain the stock track width
    • Compatible with the stock maximum tire size of 33 inches and a minimum rim size of 16 inches
    • Compatible with the factory sway bar on the Toyota Tacoma

    Please note that these control arms are not compatible with 5-lug versions of the Toyota Tacoma.


    In conclusion, upgrading to the Dirt King Performance Lower Control Arms can transform your Tacoma’s performance, durability, and handling. With their robust construction, innovative design, and compatibility with a wide range of Tacoma models, these control arms are a worthy investment for any Tacoma owner. So, if you’re ready to unlock your Tacoma’s full potential, consider Dirt King’s lower control arms. Your Tacoma will thank you!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I install Dirt King's lower control arms on my own?

    Yes, you can install Dirt King's lower control arms on your own as they come with comprehensive installation instructions and are preassembled, making the installation process straightforward for all skill levels. Please note you will need to remove your stock control arms which requires the removal of the shock.

    Are Dirt King's lower control arms durable?

    Yes, Dirt King's lower control arms are highly durable due to their heavy-duty boxed steel construction, making them resistant to deformation, and suitable for demanding off-road conditions.

    Will Dirt King's lower control arms fit my Tacoma?

    Yes, Dirt King's lower control arms will fit your Tacoma if it is a 6-lug version and is a 2nd or 3rd-gen Tacoma (2005-2023). They are not compatible with 5-lug versions.

    How do Dirt King's lower control arms improve my Tacoma's performance?

    Dirt King's lower control arms will significantly enhance your Tacoma's handling and suspension performance by incorporating features like delrin inner pivots and Moog ball joints, addressing common flaws and improving suspension geometry.

    Do Dirt King's lower control arms require any special maintenance?

    Dirt King's lower control arms have fully sealed Moog ball joints, which require less maintenance compared to uniball bearings. Regular checks and maintenance are still recommended for optimal performance.

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