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  • Ultimate Guide to C4 Fabrication Tacoma Upgrades: Quality Meets Functionality

    by Ryan Horton February 19, 2024 8 min read

    Are you looking to upgrade your Toyota Tacoma with high-quality, rugged aftermarket parts? C4 Fabrication offers a range of Tacoma-specific products designed to enhance durability and off-road performance. From high-quality front and rear bumpers to rock sliders and skid plates, each C4 Fabrication Tacoma component is meticulously crafted for optimal functionality. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the key upgrades that can transform your Tacoma into an off-road machine.

    Key Takeaways

    • C4 Fabrication specializes in high-quality Toyota upgrades, including bumpers, rock sliders, and skid plates, with all products made in Sturgis, SD by skilled fabricators.
    • Their extensive range of front and rear bumpers offers versatility, with the Overland, Hybrid, Rock Runner, and Lo-Pro Series front bumpers each providing unique benefits like added protection and accessory integration.
    • Beyond bumpers, C4 also excels in undercarriage protection with robust skid plates and accessories like the Oversized Tire Fitment Kit and Body Mount Relocation Kit.

    Overview of C4 Fabrication

    When it comes to Toyota Tacoma vehicles, C4 Fabrication is a name that stands out. Renowned for their high-quality products, they are changing the game one vehicle at a time. Their product offering includes Overland series front and rear bumpers, rock sliders, skid plates, and more.

    All C4 products are made with unmatched precision and expertise.

    Not only are their products top-notch, but they’re also manufactured right in the heartland of America, in Sturgis, SD, by some of the industry’s most talented fabricators. And the icing on the cake? All C4 products ship for free.

    This makes your shopping experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

    Top Tacoma Products from C4 Fabrication

    C4 Fabrication offers some of the best front and rear bumpers, skid plates, and rock sliders for the 2nd and 3rd gen Tacoma. Stay tuned for their C4 4th Gen Tacoma products which are coming soon. In the meantime, here are some of the most popular products every Tacoma owner should consider.

    C4 Tacoma Front Bumpers

    C4 Fabrication offers an extensive range of front bumper options for the 2nd and 3rd Gen Tacoma, each designed to provide a unique blend of protection and functionality.

    Whether you’re looking at the Overland Series, Hybrid Series, or Rock Runner Series, you’re sure to find a bumper that not only adds an aesthetic edge to your Tacoma but also provides the ability to add optional accessories like a winch and lights, enhancing your vehicle’s functionality.

    Let’s explore these options in more detail. Want to compare all Tacoma front bumpers? Check out our Tacoma front bumpers guide.

    C4 Overland Series Front Bumper

    When it comes to maximum protection, the C4 Overland Series Front Bumper is the gold standard. This bumper boasts a full-plate design that shields your Tacoma from any potential damage during your off-road adventures.

    This series offers multiple grill protection options, including no bull bar, mid-height bull bar, full-height bull bar with tube gussets, and full-height bull bar with headlight hoops.

    Regardless of the option you choose, the bumper will have protection in the most desired situations. For recovery purposes, the Overland Series bumper comes with a winch cradle that will fit most winches from 8k to 12k, and cutouts in the bumper provide easy access to winch controls. And if you’re looking for a way to add more lighting to your Tacoma, you’ll appreciate the included fog light pockets designed to fit Baja Designs Squadron lights.

    C4 Overland Series Front Bumper Tacoma

    C4 Hybrid Series Front Bumper

    For those who value a balance between weight and protection, the C4 Hybrid Series Front Bumper is a fantastic option. This bumper features a plate and tube hybrid design that saves on weight without compromising on protection.

    Constructed from quality materials, the bumper mounting plates are 1/4 inch steel and the main body is constructed out of 3/16 inch steel. The tubing is all 1 3/4 inch. You also get multiple grill protection options, such as no bull bar, mid-height bull bar, and full-height bull bar with tube gussets. D-ring tabs are also included and fully welded front and back.

    In addition, the C4 Hybrid Tacoma front bumpers come with a 30-inch single-row light bar cutout and a winch cradle that will accept most 8K-12K winches.

    C4 Hybrid Front Bumper Tacoma

    C4 Rock Runner Series Front Bumper

    If you’re looking for a bumper that provides maximum clearance while maintaining a low profile, the C4 Rock Runner Series Front Bumper is the one for you. The newest addition to the lineup, this bumper is designed to hug the body lines of your Tacoma, making it a perfect fit.

    The Rock Runner Series features:

    • 3-piece modular design that can be ordered with plate sides or tube sides, offering you the flexibility to customize to your liking.
    • Integrated winch mount designed to accept most 8K to 10K winches.
    • Frame support brackets that add an extra layer of security.

    C4 Rock Runner Series Front Bumper Tacoma

    C4 Lo-Pro Front Bumper

    For those who prefer a stock look but want to maximize functionality, the C4 Lo-Pro Front Bumper is a great choice. This isn’t a full-size bumper, but it packs a punch with its features.

    The Lo-Pro bumper comes standard with the ability to mount a 30-inch light bar and most 8K to 12K winches, providing you with ample lighting and recovery options. An optional mid-height bull bar is available for added protection, ensuring your vehicle is well-equipped to handle any off-road challenges.

    C4 Tacoma Rear Bumpers

    Now, we turn our attention to the rear. C4 Fabrication’s Tacoma rear bumpers offer robust protection, maximizing clearance and allowing you to mount accessories on the optional swing-out.

    Made in the U.S.A. with the highest quality materials, these rear bumpers are expertly crafted to ensure they can withstand even the toughest terrains. We’ll examine the Overland Series and Rock Runner Series more closely.

    C4 Overland Series Rear Bumper

    The C4 Overland Series Rear Bumpers is all about protection and clearance. This bumper provides the best of both, ensuring your vehicle can withstand the rigors of off-road adventures.

    The optional single swing arm allows for easy attachment of accessories such as gas cans, Hi-Lift Jacks, HAM antenna brackets, and more. Moreover, it comes with a hidden hitch, reverse light cutouts, and D-ring tabs that are fully welded to the frame mounts, offering unparalleled functionality.

    C4 Overland Series Rear Bumper Tacoma

    C4 Rock Runner Rear Bumper

    If you’re after a rear bumper that offers maximum clearance while maintaining a slim and low-profile design, look no further than the C4 Rock Runner.

    Available with tube sides (single or double) or plate sides, this bumper weighs between 80 and 88 lbs. depending on your chosen side options. Plus, it comes standard with a hidden hitch and reverse light cutouts, ensuring you’re ready for any off-road adventure that comes your way.

    C4 Rock Runner Rear Bumper Tacoma

    C4 Rock Sliders

    C4 Fabrication’s Tacoma offerings are not limited to bumpers. Their Tacoma rock sliders are another must-have for anyone looking to enhance their Tacoma. These bolt-on rock sliders provide maximum protection for the most exposed areas on your Tacoma, ensuring your vehicle can withstand even the roughest terrains.

    Constructed from a 3x2 inch rectangle tube and DOM tubing, these rock sliders are built to last. Plus, the removable step plates provide added traction when getting in and out of your Tacoma, enhancing both safety and convenience.

    C4 Rock Sliders Tacoma

    C4 Skid Plates

    While it often gets overlooked, we must also consider the protection of your Tacoma’s underside. C4 Fabrication offers a range of skid plates designed to provide maximum protection for the underside of your Tacoma.

    C4 offers a range of skid plates, including:

    • Full skid plate packages
    • Front skid plates
    • Rear skid plates
    • Fuel tank skid plates
    • Rear differential skid plates

    All C4 skid plates feature a bolt-on design, making installation a breeze with basic hand tools.

    Full Skid Plates - Engine, Transmission, and Transfer Case

    C4’s full skid plates for Tacoma come with three separate skid plates (engine, transmission, and transfer case) for maximum protection from rocks, ruts, and other hazards found on the trail.

    These skid plates are constructed from 3/16 inch CNC cut and formed steel, ensuring their durability. Plus, they include oil drain ports, allowing you to change your oil without the need to remove the skid plates - a feature that’s sure to be appreciated by any off-road enthusiast.

    C4 Full Skid Plates Tacoma

    Fuel Tank Skid Plate

    When it comes to venturing off the beaten path, protecting the fuel tank is often one of the most overlooked things. Thankfully, C4 Fabrication has got you covered with their Fuel Tank skid plate.

    This skid plate is constructed from 3/16 inch CNC cut and formed steel and is designed to protect your fuel tank from punctures and other trail damage that could end your day in a hurry.

    C4 Fuel Tank Skid Plate

    Rear Differential Skid Plates

    The rear differential is the lowest hanging point on your Tacoma, making it something that must be protected. C4 Fabrication’s Tacoma rear diff skid plate has got you covered.

    Constructed from 3/16 inch steel and weighing a mere 22 lbs., this skid plate provides robust protection without weighing your vehicle down. Best of all, it’s 100% bolt-on, making installation a breeze.

    C4 Diff Skid Plate Tacoma

    C4 Tacoma Accessories

    In addition, C4 Fabrication offers an impressive line of Tacoma accessories. From oversized tire fitment kits to front bumper frame support brackets, C4 has something to enhance your ride.

    Whether you’re looking to upgrade your Tacoma tires or need robust frame support for your C4 front bumper, C4 Fabrication’s range of accessories is sure to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

    Tacoma Oversized Tire Fitment Kit

    Wanting to mount 35 inch tires on your Tacoma but struggling with fitment? The C4 Tacoma Oversized Tire Fitment Kit is just what you need. This kit allows you to fit 35-inch tires on your Tacoma with a 3-inch lift.

    The kit includes inner high-clearance fender liners, a template for cutting your stock fenders, and a body mount relocation kit. Everything you need to safely and effectively upgrade to larger tires on your Tacoma.

    C4 Oversize Tire Fitment Kit Tacoma

    Tacoma Body Mount Relocation Kit

    The factory Tacoma body mount is not in an ideal spot, especially for those looking to run larger tires and wanting maximum clearance. Enter the C4 Fabrication’s Body Mount Relocation Kit.

    This kit replaces your stock body mount, allowing you to run larger tires without any rubbing. It’s a simple solution for a common problem, designed with the off-road enthusiast in mind.


    In summary, C4 Fabrication offers a wide range of high-quality, functional upgrades for your Tacoma. From front and rear bumpers to rock sliders, skid plates, and accessories, each product is designed with the off-road enthusiast in mind.

    So, whether you’re planning your next off-road adventure or simply looking to enhance the look and functionality of your Tacoma, C4 Fabrication has got you covered. With their products, quality truly does meet functionality, transforming your Tacoma into the ultimate off-road machine.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Where are C4 Fabrication products made?

    C4 Fabrication products are proudly made in Sturgis, SD by talented fabricators. They are all made in the USA.

    How do C4 skid plates attach to my Tacoma?

    C4 skid plates attach to your Tacoma with a bolt-on design, making them easy to install with basic hand tools. All necessary hardware is included with your purchase.

    Can the C4 Overland Series Front Bumper fit a winch?

    Yes, the C4 Overland Series Front Bumper can fit most winches 8k to 12k with cutouts for easy access to winch controls.

    How do you fit 35 inch tires on a Tacoma?

    The C4 Tacoma Oversized Tire Fitment Kit allows you to mount 35 inch tires on your Tacoma with a 3 inch lift.

    Does the C4 Rock Runner Rear Bumper come with a hitch?

    Yes, the C4 Rock Runner Rear Bumper comes with a hidden hitch as a standard feature.

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