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upTOP Overland Alpha Double Cab Roof Rack - Toyota Tacoma (2005-2021)

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upTOP Overland: UT-ALPHA-OP1
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      • Designed exclusively for the 2005+ double cab Toyota Tacoma.
      • Features upTOP’s signature grooveARMOR integrated into the side of the roof rack.
      • Pre-machined cutouts and placement points to enhance the functionality and versatility of the rack.
      • Each order includes (2) integrated grooveARMOR sides, (7) load bars, (1) fairing option, (4) Grab handles, and all required hardware to complete the installation.
      • Proudly designed and fabricated right here in the U.S.A.

      The Truck Brigade Team likes to give credit where credit is due. With that being said, the crew at upTOP Overland truly did an excellent job on the design of their Bravo Roof Rack. While the Bravo rack is easily one of the most versatile roof racks on the market at this time, upTOP decided to step it up a notch and has now released the upTOP Alpha Rack. As the name implies, this rack is considered the best of the best. It is longer, wider, and features more load bars than its sibling (the Bravo). In addition, it features some other goodies (discussed below) that will certainly enhance your experience.

      The crew at upTOP came together to engineer a rack that is capable of accommodating your lifestyle, whether you use your vehicle for trekking into the unknown, work purposes, or simply daily driving. To design such a well-rounded rack, they utilized high-quality materials while being mindful to keep weight to a minimum. The upTOP Alpha Double Cab Tacoma Rack features an all-aluminum construction and a stylish black powder-coat finish. The use of these materials ensure that your rack will provide you with many years of reliable use and remain looking great while doing so.

      Strength and weight weren’t the only thing the engineers over at upTOP Overland had in mind while designing the Alpha Roof Rack. They wanted to bring a product to the market that would set them apart from the competition, so their focus turned drastically to versatility. The Alpha Double Cab Tacoma Rack has a number of unique and functional features. This includes the integrated signature grooveARMOR sides, multiple cutouts (for scenePOD(s) and an ActionCam if you choose), and an abundance of placement points. The grooveARMOR sides add a stylish touch to the rack, enhancing the overall appearance, while the placement points act as a great option for securing cargo and gear. Another great feature that the Alpha Rack offers is the use of (4) Grab Handles. These upTOP Grab Handles are strategically placed to allow you convenient access to your valuables within seconds. The days of climbing tires and shimmying across the side of your vehicle to access your goods are over!

      The Alpha Double Cab 2005+ Toyota Tacoma Roof Rack from upTOP Overland works flawlessly with all of the accessories upTOP offers. Some great options that we recommend considering is the shadeBRKT (awning mount), TracMOUNT (traction board mount), JackBRKT (Hi-Lift mount), ROTO (RotoPax mount), and more. In addition, this roof rack is tent compatible right out of the box and compatible with certain kayak, bike, and ski racks.

      Every order will include (2) integrated grooveARMOR sides, (7) load bars, (1) front fairing (various options), and all the required hardware and fasteners needed to complete installation. There is a total of 5 front fairing options available. This includes 1.) No light cutout, 2.) Cutout accepting two Baja Designs S8 10” light bars, 3.) Cutout accepting one Baja Designs S8 30” light bar, 4.) Cutout accepting one Baja Designs S8 40” light bar, or 5.) Cutout accepting Extreme LED SX6 slim 38” light bar. Please note that the “Fresh Air” option allow you to fully open the sunroof. You can use the vent feature without this option.

      Note: This product is only compatible for the double cab version of the Toyota Tacoma.

      All upTOP products are built on an order by order basis. Due to this, upTOP will not accept returns. There is a 48 hour grace period from when the order is placed to cancel the order or make any desired changes to the order. For current lead times: CURRENT LEAD TIMES

        • Material: Aluminum
        • Finish: Black powder-coat
        • Load Rating: The structural integrity of the rack far exceeds the factory rated weight limit specified for your vehicle.

      1. Installation of the upTOP Overland Roof Rack can be done in the comfort of your driveway and does not require any drilling. The rack bolts into factory locations. All necessary parts will be included in your order. The expected install time of the roof rack is roughly 1-2 hours. If you run into any issues or have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our product experts. 

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