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RIGID Industries RDS-Series PRO Lights (Black Housing White Light)

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Rigid Industries: 882213
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      • The RDS-Series by RIGID Industries is an E-Series light featuring a gentle curve that offers both increased appearance and functionality.
      • Provides a wider range of visibility.
      • Improved output of up to 70% more raw lumens.
      • Black enamel coating, midnight optics, and black oxide hardware offer an enhanced look.
      • 50,000 hour lifespan.
      • Completely patented technology.
      • Full factory warranty; harness and switch included.

      The RDS-Series PRO from RIGID Industries takes the fantastic reputation from the E-Series and adds a gentle curve to the light. This curve not only provides an enhanced appearance for curved windshields and bumpers but also provides a wider view of LED light enabling you to see more.

      The RDS-Series also comes with enhanced branding and a blacked out circuit boards for a more refined and clean look. This paired with the black enamel coating, midnight optics and black oxide hardware mean that this light will perform and last. Take your offroad or overland rig to the next level and light up the night with the RIGID Industries RDS-Series PRO light today.

        • Size: 20", 30", 40", 50", 54"
        • Weight: Varies
        • Optics: Spot
        • Voltage Max: 36
        • AMP Draw: Varies
        • Raw Lumens: Varies

          RIGID Industries RDS-Series PRO Specifications
          Size Part
          Weight (lbs) Watts AMP
          Max Raw
          20" 872213 6 234 16.72 36 31680
          20" 882213 7 234 16.72 36 31680
          30" 873213 8 277 19.8 36 47520
          30" 883213 9 277 19.8 36 47520
          40" 874213 11 314 22.44 36 63360
          40" 884213 12 314 22.44 36 63360
          50" 875213 14 393 28.05 36 79200
          50" 885213 15 393 28.05 36 79200
          54" 876213 15 453 32.34 36 85538
          54" 886213 21 453 32.34 36 85538

      1. Installing the RDS-Series PRO lights by RIGID industries can be done in the comfort of your driveway or garage. Each purchase will include all the necessary components to successfully install your new light. If you are having any issues don't hesitate to reach out and talk with one of our product experts.

      2. RIGID Limited Lifetime Warranty:

        If RIGID determines, in its sole discretion, that your product is defective in material or workmanship, RIGID will honor your warranty claim. In some cases the product will replaced, depending on the specific timeframe of the purchase. If the product is repaired, all parts, labor, and return shipping may be covered by RIGID.

        Warranty Exceptions

        10 year limited warranty – All Radiance Product Line (Light Bars & Pods)
        3 year limited warranty – All Truck-Lite Headlights
        2 year limited warranty – All products with powder coat/finish wear (RIGID uses the highest quality materials available. Depending on environment, powder coat can fade). Additional 2 year limited warranty products include accessories, covers, mounting options, kits (excluding light, see limited lifetime warranty), and all other items that RIGID offers as part of a closeout or discontinued sale.
        1 year limited warranty – UWL (Under Water/Wake Flame) Series of lights, Interior Dome Lights, Halo Flashlights, flashlight accessories, Reflect housing, Reflect body, Reflect Clamp and ADAPT GPS Module.
        No warranty offered – Reflect Mirror

        RIGID, at its sole discretion, will determine the proper handling of all warranty claims. All warranties, expressed or implied, are void if our warranty claim department determines that there is sufficient evidence of one or more of the following:

        1 Negligence: Improper installation, improper use, etc.
        2 Abuse: Road hazards, Damage beyond the limits of "normal wear and tear."
        3 Unauthorized Repair: Repair service performed by an unauthorized service center.
        4 Seal Tampering: Removal of bezel or bezel screws will compromise the integrity of the water-tight seal.

        Without registering your purchase or having your original proof of purchase available, the RIGID Limited Lifetime Warranty could be voided. No RIGID Limited Lifetime Warranty is available for the Capture series of lights until a warranty registration is received from the end user and approved by RIGID.

        International customers please contact your internal sales contact if questions are not answered within the International Warranty Policy.

        All warranties are non-transferable. Warranty terms and policies are subject to change without notice. If you have any questions regarding RIGID’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, please contact
        (855) 760-5337

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