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Deadman Off-Road - Deadman & Bodybag (Bundle) V2

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Deadman Off-Road: OG-DM-V2
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      • The Deadman V2 kit includes the Deadman Earth Anchor & Deadman Bodybag; Free shipping on us!
      • More than just a ground anchor; Versatile design enables it to anchor to a tree, a rock, or the ground.
      • Features a minimum breaking strength (MBS) of nearly 80,000lbs when in basket config; Considered the strongest member of your recovery kit.
      • The Earth Anchor features an 18" tarp w/ a rip-stop polyester & 2" Class VII industrial sling webbing. The Carry Case is made from PVC vinyl to ensure durability.

      Quickly gaining popularity as one of the most essential parts of a vehicle recovery kit is The Deadman Earth Anchor. The Deadman is considered to be the world’s most versatile off-road recovery anchor and is capable of anchoring to just about anything Mother Nature throws your way. Regardless of where you are venturing, you can explore in confidence knowing that The Deadman has your back! When purchased, the Deadman V2 Kit includes both the Deadman Anchor and the Deadman Bodybag.

      The engineers behind the Deadman Earth Anchor understand that every recovery situation is unique and more times than not, conditions are unideal. It’s with this in mind that they designed this recovery piece to be so versatile. It’s been tested and proven time and time again by anchoring to trees, rocks, and simply in the ground. The Deadman V2 is constructed from American Made materials, all of which are industrial grade. The tarp in the center is 18oz vinyl with a rip-stop polyester skrim that’s both tough and malleable. The webbing is 2" Class VII industrial sling webbing (the same as what is used in industrial rigging and hoisting applications). Each line has a breaking strength of 19,600lbs in a straight pull configuration and 39,200lbs in a basket configuration. Because the Deadman uses two of these, when both lines are in use, it’s breaking strength doubles to minimum breaking strength (MBS) of nearly 80,000lb in a basket configuration. With stats like this, it’s safe to say that the Deadman will be the strongest and most reliable member of your recovery kit.

      As mentioned above, included in this kit will be the Deadman Bodybag (aka your carry case). This case is made from PVC vinyl and features a MOLLE system for attaching additional gear. It has been designed specifically to hold the Deadman Earth anchor and also has enough room to spare for your soft shackles & a pair of gloves. Strap it to your roll bars or simply throw it in your rig and you’re ready to get out and explore! Overall, this piece of recovery equipment weighs less than 5lbs, fits underneath a seat, and is a must have for those who enjoy trekking into the unknown.

      • Material: Features an 18” tarp w/ a rip-stop polyester & 2” Class VII industrial sling webbing.
      • Minimum Breaking Strength: Nearly 80,000lbs. when in a basket configuration.

    1. The Deadman Off-Road Earth Anchor is extremely versatile and very easy to use. Included with your Deadman V2 Kit will be the Deadman Earth Anchor and the Deadman Body Bag. We recommend considering additional recovery essentials that we offer from Deadman Off-road to ensure that you have everything needed for your next journey. Contact us with any questions you may have.

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