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Cali Raised - 43" Amber/White Dual Function LED Light Bar

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Cali Raised: CRSRL0007-NO
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      • 43" Straight Light Bar featuring both amber and clear lenses with a combo beam pattern. 
      • Ability to control amber and white lights independently of each other with the amber lens being a flood beam pattern and the clear lens a spot beam pattern. 
      • Built for adventure with an extruded aluminum construction, 10W CREE LED's, a 50,000 hour lifespan, and a durable polycarbonate lens.
      • To further ensure longevity this light bar is also equipped with integrated thermal management and a GORE pressure equalizing vent.

      Cali Raised LED is way more than the name suggests; offering beyond LED’s with items such as Roof Racks, Rock Sliders, Bed Racks, Skid Plates and other accessories to ensure your rig is ready for those places that are still left uncharted. With the core focus to make adventure come to life and never settling for a good enough, Cali Raised LED provides gear you can depend on when going into the unknown. Built to last, incredibly lightweight, durable construction, and low maintenance are just a few of the ways that set Cali Raised LED above the rest.

      Cali Raised LED takes offroad lighting to the next step with the 43"  Amber/White Dual Function LED Light Bar. This 43" light bar comes equipped with amber flood beam lenses on the outside and clear spot beam lenses in the middle, allowing for a complete combo beam light bar on your rig. The light bar does not come with a wire harness but does have the necessary wires should you want independent control of the different lighting on your 43" Dual Function Light Bar. With a 50,000 hour lifespan, 10W Cree LED's, and a 28,000 Lumen output; the Cali Raised Dual Function LED Light Bar is the choice for those looking to shed a little light on the trail ahead.

      If you are looking to keep the path ahead in sight, the Cali Raised 43" Amber/White Dual Function LED Light Bar will do more than just get the job done. Do not hesitate to chat in or give us a call should you have any questions! 

      Please look at the picture below to determine which switch is the correct one for your vehicle. Then click the appropriate drop down up top.  


        • Material: Aluminum housing with polycarbonate lense
        • Finish: Black
        • P Rating: IP 68
        • Watts: 240
        • LED's: 24 10W CREE LED's
        • Lumens: 28,000 

      1. Installation of the Cali Raised LED 43" Dual Function LED Light Bar is very straight forward. This light bar comes with standard mounting brackets that can be used to mount your light bar in a variety of locations. Be aware that the wiring will not reach down to the engine bay if installed on the roof. This will also not come with a wiring harness. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to give us a call!

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        Cali Raised LED warrants that all of our products will be free from defects in workmanship and materials.  If you believe that your light is defective due to workmanship or material failure you will need to return the light back to Cali Raised LED for inspection.  After inspection, we will verify that the issue was not caused by unauthorized repair, disassembly, negligence or other abuse not covered by our warranty.

        If a defect is found to be due to materials or workmanship Cali Raised LED will honor your warranty claim. In some cases your light may be replaced with a new light due to time frame of purchase etc. Cali Raised LED is not liable for any charges, expenses or costs associated with the Customer relating to installation, removal or repair of Cali Raised LED products. 

        Exceptions to this Warranty:

        Powder Coating on Products: Cali Raised LED uses the highest quality materials available and depending on location, environment and exposure, powder coat can fade.

         All warranties apply only to the original Customer and are non-transferable. The terms, processes and policies in our warranty are subject to change without notice.


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