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Shocks & Coilovers

Shocks & Coilovers


When going off the beaten path and down a trail less traveled, maintaining contact with the ground is essential to maintain grip, traction, and keep your adventure moving. This is where quality shocks come into play. Shocks push your tires back down as they encounter uneven terrain to keep them where they need to be, in contact with the ground. In addition, shocks play the crucial role of maintaining a comfortable ride. When your ride begins to suffer the typical culprit will be old shocks. For those looking to take their suspensions performance up a notch a significant upgrade would be coilovers. Coilovers provide a much more responsive shock which excels the most when in an off-road environment. As an authorized Dirt King dealer, we are proud to provide legendary free shipping, a best price guarantee, and of course a full factory warranty! Call us to find the Shocks & Coilovers that fit your journey.

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